The best press for garlic: review, types, producers and reviews

If you want to cook a dish that includes garlic, you can not do without a chopper. To use a grater it is inconvenient, and manually to cut long. It is much more effective to use a special press for garlic.

Chesnokodavka - a necessary kitchen accessory

Garlic press is a small device for quick chopping garlic. This functional and practical thing is indispensable in every home. Special strong construction ensures high-quality cutting of garlic cloves. Most presses can also be used to grind other products.

To date, many manufacturers of kitchen utensils produce garlic acid of different types. All of them are made of high-quality materials: durable plastic, aluminum or stainless steel. Modern models are characterized by unusual design and bright colors.

Press for garlic can be produced as a separate device, and complete with other kitchen shredders.

Variety of garlic cakes

In the minds of most people, garlic press is associated with a well-known traditional option. Modern innovative technologies allow us to modify the design of this device. In the past year, an ordinary press for garlic has replaced technological innovations with renovation solutions.

Lever press

This is the most common version of garlic. The press operates on the principle of a lever. In the bowl, peeled garlic is placed and pressed down with a stove. There is a squeezing of the teeth, as a result of which they turn into a finely chopped mass. Inside the bowl is a peel, and through the holes comes the chopped garlic.

The qualitative lever press should correspond to such parameters:

  1. No gaps between the edges of the plate and the walls of the bowl. If the size of the plate is smaller, during the squeezing process, garlic can come out of the bowl. As a result, it will be necessary to re-grind the surviving particles.
  2. Convenience of use. Handles of the press must fit in the palm of your hand.
  3. The design should not have sharp corners and edges. It is important that during the squeezing press does not injure the hand.
  4. Efficiency. The press should cut garlic easily and quickly.

The best lever-type garlic manufacturers are produced by 3 firms: NPOA (Russia), KuchenProfi (Germany) and Tescoma (Czech Republic).

Chesnokodavki with silicone and rubber handles

Well-known manufacturers produce garlic presses in different colors. This solution allows you to choose a bright and stylish model that fits the color of the kitchen.

Such garbage produced by the Swiss company Bodum. She released a collection of presses Bistro. Their body is made of stainless steel, and the handles are covered with silicone. This design solution not only gives the product a modern look, but also facilitates the extrusion process. Thanks to silicone inserts, the brush tends to be less stressed.

A similar model is produced by the American company Dom Company. Chesnokodavki this brand have large handles anatomically shaped with rubber pads. A capacious cup holds several teeth.

Multifunctional press for garlic

On sale there are universal garlic, which allows you to perform more complex kitchen tasks. They are radically different from the traditional lever press. So, the German manufacturer AdHoc has created the tool with the function of cutting. Such a press can be used for grinding spices, greens, nuts. A miniature mill perfectly cuts garlic to small pieces.

No less original press was released by the famous Danish company Eva Solo. A stainless steel appliance comes complete with a glass beaker. It can be used as a container for crushed foods or whole garlic cloves. The garlic itself has large volume handles that resemble the crab's claws.

The special design of the bowl and cutting knife allows maximum preservation of the aroma of grinding products.

Round press

A completely different modification of the garlic was presented by the German company AdHoc. The ALOI garlic press consists of 3 parts: a "stamping" part, a container with a metal cutting net and a transparent plastic bulb. Chesnokodavka has the form of a cylinder.

A feature of this shredder is the method of cutting. Garlic through a press of this type is not squeezed out, but cut into small cubes.

In the upper tank you can store uncooked chives of garlic.

Press "petal"

It is a plate with small holes in the center. It has a curved shape, thanks to which it is convenient to grind garlic.

The extrusion process is practically non-wasteful. It is necessary to put a clove of garlic on any hard surface (for example, a plate or a cutting board) and press it with a press.

The advantage of this shredder is its compact size. The device is easy to wash and dry.

Press "petal" is released by English company Joseph & Joseph. A similar chopper was developed by the German firm Leifheit. The device is made of stainless steel and plastic and has the shape of a circle.

Plastic Press

A good press for garlic was invented by the Spanish manufacturer Ibili. The shredder of the new sample is made in the form of a garlic head.

The grinding process is as follows:

  1. The container is filled with several teeth.
  2. The container is closed by a lid, which rotates alternately forwards and backwards. The longer you spin, the finer the garlic is.

The press from Ibili is easy to use and maintain.


Each hostess carefully chooses a press for garlic. Most reviews refer to the traditional models of this device. In the opinion of women, IKEA garliclet is of excellent quality. It flawlessly grinds several teeth simultaneously.

Many chose a press with a removable container for washing. These garlic-cakes are much more convenient to use.

Some chose presses with an unusual design. Reviews about each model are different. In most cases, buyers purchased non-standard garlic products because of their original performance.

Not everyone liked the petal shredder. Skip the garlic through a press of this type not everyone can.

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