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The mysteries of nature: the unexplored and incredible world around us

At first glance it seems that the modern world has been sufficiently studied. After all, scientific and technological progress has reached such a level that scientists have certainly uncovered all the secrets. But this is far from the case.

There are mysteries of nature today, unusual, wrapped in superstitions and scientific hypotheses that can not be explained.

Let's touch the most amazing of them, lifting the veil of secrecy.

Mystical "Crooked Forest"

This pine forest, located near the Polish town of Griffin, has more than 400 hundred trees, the curved trunks of which, all as one, are directed in one direction. Rising above the ground, they bend in an arc in the north direction, and then, straightening, stretch up to 15 m. Nature's riddles do not end there. The forest has another oddity - it does not hear any sounds. Grasshoppers do not chatter, birds do not sing. Complete silence.

Over the reasons for this phenomenon, scientists have been fighting for over 80 years. Some believe that the trunks were bent due to temperature changes and strong winds. Others suggest that it is the fault of the wood parasites that undermine the trees. Still others blame everything negative energy, which changes the direction of growth of pine trees.

Local residents joke, explaining this by the fact that the trees are specially turned towards the north, so that no one gets lost in the forest.

And Krivoy Les himself sullenly sullen, not revealing its secrets to anyone.

Valley of wandering stones

There are mysteries of nature in every corner of the globe. In the state of California (USA) there is one unusual plain, located on the site of a dried up ancient lake. In fact, it is a desert without water and vegetation, on the surface of which stones are scattered. Here in them all and business. It turns out that these stones move on a completely flat terrain, overcoming 15-20 cm per day, which is reflected in the name of the area - the Valley of wandering stones.

Scientists are trying to explain these mysteries of nature by seismic activity, strong winds or rains. But in the valley there is practically no precipitation, and stones, some specimens weighing about 500 kg, can hardly be shifted by the wind.

But the indigenous people are sure that the stones are moved by evil demons.

Ink lake

In the vicinity of the city of Sidi Bel (Algeria) there is an unusual natural lake. Mysteries of nature (photos show them in all its glory) are amazing in this area. The lake is filled not with water, but with real ink, so there are no plants and fish in it.

Over this phenomenon scientists have fought for a long time and yet found out the reason. It's all about the rivers that flow into the lake. One of them has dissolved iron salts in huge quantities, and the other, flowing through peat bogs, contains organic compounds. Their waters, merging in the lake basin, enter into a chemical reaction, as a result of which real ink is formed.

The opinions of the local residents were divided on this score. Some are sure that these are devilish tricks, and they call the lake "Devil's Eye", while others benefit and are jokingly called "The Inkwell".

We have a long time to face something supernatural, surprising and even mystical. Mysteries, mysteries of nature are inexhaustible, and each of them would like to be solved.

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