What should be the kettle for the induction cooker?

Science is constantly moving forward. This applies to absolutely all spheres of human life. A major breakthrough in the field of kitchen appliances has recently been induction cookers. In these unusual devices, the discovery of the English scientist Michael Faraday, made by him in the first half of the 19th century, found application. New technology was to the liking of modern housewives. But there was one question that aroused little concern. It turns out that for these plates you need special dishes that will have certain properties. This should be discussed in more detail. To begin with, you can figure out what the kettle should be for an induction cooker. After all, it is clear that not every sample is suitable for it.

Design Features

The principle of operation of equipment of a new type is based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. Many people have heard about him in the secondary school. The bottom line is that as a result of a change in the magnetic flux in an enclosed circuit, an electric current appears, which, transformed into an electromagnetic field, creates an induction current. Under its influence, the electrons of the material from which the dishes are made start their movement, which is accompanied by the release of a large amount of heat. With its help, the surface heats up. It becomes clear that a kettle for an induction cooker should be somehow special.

Of course, enameled or ordinary metal dishes here will not work. From it you can immediately refuse. A model of a new type will be required. Any kettle for an induction cooker differs from the rest with its bottom. It is thicker and has special ferromagnetic properties. What does it mean? It turns out that inside it is a special magnetic disk. It is it that produces the very flows that then causes the movement of the electrons. From the bottom, all other surfaces are gradually and evenly heated. In the rest the kettle has a usual design. It can also be made of stainless steel, glass or aluminum. The main feature is the ferromagnetic bottom.

Positive properties

A kettle for an induction cooker is an excellent option for a modern kitchen. He has many such positive qualities, which can not be ignored when choosing dishes. Among them is the most basic:

  1. Ergonomics. Such kettles are very convenient to handle. They are easy and pleasant to use.
  2. Saves time. In practice, it is proved that the water in the tank with such a bottom boils twice as fast.
  3. Saving energy. All created heat goes directly to heating the contents of the kettle, unlike conventional equipment, where some of the energy simply goes into the environment.
  4. Such dishes can be used for all types of plates. In any case, heating starts from the bottom, directly transferring heat to the product.

All this makes it possible to see the obvious advantage of such models, which a good hostess will definitely notice. Probably, that's why now such equipment is appearing in many houses. It not only facilitates work, but also gives pleasure and allows not to forget about a healthy diet.

How to choose the right saucepan?

But kitchen utensils are not limited to a teapot. In a similar way, pans for induction cookers are also arranged.

They also have a built-in magnetic disk that creates the conditions for heating, transferring heat from the bottom inside the dishes. Such products are easy to recognize. They differ from others by a more massive bottom. Its thickness can be from 2 to 6 millimeters. This is due to unique design features. The bottom of pots, working on induction, usually consists of several layers:

  1. Outside, there is a metal that has ferromagnetic properties, which directs the heat inside the dishes.
  2. The next layer consists of an aluminum alloy. Possessing high thermal conductivity, it keeps heat inside the product. Due to this, food in such a saucepan remains hot for a long time.
  3. The inner layer is a non-stick coating of any type. It can be ceramics or other material. Sometimes manufacturers simplify models, excluding this layer. Its role is performed by aluminum. This significantly affects the quality of the product and its operating conditions.

It is very easy to distinguish pots for induction cookers from other specimens. At them on the bottom from the outside party usually there is a special stamp in the form of a twisted spiral. This indicates the principle of operation and determines the application conditions.

"Fragile" products

The kettle for the induction cooker is a special demand of customers. At first glance it seems that this material can not be combined with the unique features of the new technology. In fact, everything is very simple.

A small disc is inserted into the bottom of the kettle, which, when in contact with the induction hob, begins to produce the heat necessary for heating the water. The body of such a device is made of heat-resistant glass. In some cases, the handle or lid is made of plastic. On the spout there is a special sieve in the form of a metal spiral. The process of heating passes quickly and very clearly. Some manufacturers went further in their research. For example, experts of the Danish company Fissman have developed a unique composition of a special coating. It is applied by spraying to the bottom of an ordinary kettle made of heat-resistant glass. After this, the updated utensils can be used to heat water on the induction cooker.

Instruments with sound signal

To this day, a kettle with a whistle is very popular. For induction cookers, manufacturers also make such models.

Most often these are stainless steel products, on top of which a multi-colored enamel coating can be applied. Most designs use a flip-flop whistle. It is very convenient and helps not to lose the necessary details while working. Many people like to use a beep to alert you. It reminds the hostess of the end of the process and prevents the possibility of complete boiling of the liquid, which can lead to damage to the dishes and its irretrievable loss. In principle, these kettles outwardly do not differ from those models that were used before. Their only feature is the thickened bottom and built-in magnetic disk. All this allows us to take a fresh look at not only the process of heating the liquid, but also the brewing of tea in general. Among the most famous manufacturers of such products are Wellember, Polaris, Peterhof, Goldenberg and Maibach. All their products are of high quality and worthy of the best praise.

Owners opinions

Everyone who has an induction cooker is forced to carefully select kitchen utensils. This is due to the peculiarities of the design and the unique principle of operation of the equipment. Then, the prospective owner must determine which trademark he will consider. Only after this, you can proceed with the selection of the sample. Take, for example, a kettle for an induction cooker. Feedback from those who use it in everyday life, confirm the quality and all the benefits claimed by the manufacturers.

Happy owners are happy with their choice. Many of them, as a positive characteristic, note the fact that during the boiling process, the handle practically does not heat up. This is convenient and eliminates the need for special gloves or tackers. The heating itself takes literally a few minutes. In conditions of a modern rhythm of life, this is especially important. Such devices usually have a sufficiently long shelf life, which in itself can not but rejoice. In addition to the design features, customers note an excellent design that can seamlessly fit into the interior of any style kitchen.

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