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How to choose a tent-tent to give

For summer residents, who want to equip their plot with maximum convenience, it is definitely worth to buy a tent-dacha for a dacha or a tent-tent. Such structures are not very expensive, and the benefits of them on a sunny or rainy day can be huge. What should I consider when choosing such equipment?

When buying, it is first of all necessary to decide on the cases in which the construction will be used. Very convenient, for example, can be a tent-tent for giving a hinged type. Such a design is distinguished by an unusual simplicity of installation and can be used not only in the countryside, but also in nature - by the river or in the forest. You can also choose a tent-gazebo for a dacha, which is more spacious. It should be installed in the country, if there are a lot of people at the same time. Such structures can be equipped with windows, doors and even partitions.

There is one more type of tent-tent for dacha - a model for events. It is very large in size and can be very useful for holding any celebration, say, an anniversary or a wedding. However, these structures are quite expensive. Therefore, for daily use it will be more expedient to install a stationary gazebo. It will cost about the same amount as a large awning tent for a dacha, but it will last, of course, much longer.

Currently, similar designs are produced using a variety of materials. From what exactly the model is executed, it will depend on which unfavorable factors it will protect. Tents, gazebos, tents for cottages can be used as a barrier to rain or sunlight or as universal models.

Often, polyester is used to make such structures. This material perfectly protects the inner space of the arbor from mosquitoes, sun and wind. There is such a tent-tent for giving is quite inexpensive. If the owners need a structure to protect against rain, it is worth buying a model of polyethylene. I do not miss this material perfectly. However, on a hot day in a gazebo or under a hinged tent of this type, a greenhouse effect occurs , and consequently, it will be uncomfortable to rest here.

The most convenient are the structures made of PVC fabric. They excellently protect the interior from both precipitation and sunlight. A similar tent-tent for a dacha will be quite expensive. But despite this, such models are considered at the moment the most popular.

When buying a tarpaulin or gazebo for a dacha, you should also look at the structure of the frame. In conventional attachments, this part is lightweight and not very reliable. In the tent-gazebos can be used and stronger, and therefore, and a heavy frame. Very beautiful and durable, for example, forged models. But, of course, it would be expensive to cost such a gazebo. In any case, when buying a tent-tent should pay attention to the strength and stability of the frame. It depends on how reliable the equipment will withstand the wind.

In our time, it's easy to buy a tent-tent for cheap. Such models are quite popular and easy to assemble. However, more expensive equipment, of course, will be more reliable, and comfortable, and durable.

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