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How to change the code on the suitcase: the sequence of actions

On modern suitcases and bags, there is almost always an element such as a combination lock. This is a fairly convenient invention, which allows you to protect the contents from many troubles. However, before using the innovation, you need to install the code. At first it seems that this is a rather complicated procedure, but in reality it is not so. Therefore, do not make a problem from how to change the code on the suitcase or install it for the first time. Of course, you can leave the factory combination of 000, but it is unlikely to be a good solution

Types of locks

There are such varieties:

- built-in, i.e., is located directly on the suitcase. In it lightning runners are fixed and fixed. Usually the lock is located on the side of the bag.

- hinged. Fastens on runners of lightnings and reliably fixes them. It does not allow you to move the "ears" and move about.

How to change the code for the first time on a suitcase

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Set the numbers to 000. Usually this factory combination is used for factory locks. The suitcase is open.
  2. At the lock you need to find a secret button. It can be pressed with a stick from a handle or toothpick.
  3. The key should remain in the drowned state.
  4. Select the desired code with the help of rotating wheels. It is desirable to establish a combination of numbers that is difficult to forget.
  5. Click on the open button, usually it's called "PUSH". The secret key must return to its original position.
  6. The code is set. The lock snaps into place. It establishes a random combination of numbers.
  7. To open the bag, you need to set the selected combination.

Before you change the code on the suitcase next time, you will need to install the selected combination, rather than 000. All the actions will need to be repeated first.

How to open a lock without a secret button

There is another configuration of code constructions. They do not have a secret button, but a special lock is installed.

The action plan is similar to the previous section:

  1. Put the lock on 000.
  2. Then slide the latch. Usually it moves to the side or down to the stop.
  3. Set the selected combination, while the latch should be held in the shifted state.
  4. Release the latch so that it returns to its original position.
  5. The new code is installed.

Before you change the code on the suitcase next time, you will need to install the selected combination, rather than 000. All the actions will need to be repeated first.

On hinged and built-in locks, combinations are set according to the same principle. Only in the second case, instead of the "PUSH" key, the lock buckle is lowered.

How to open the combination lock

In life, there are different troubles. For example, if the owner forgot the lock code on the suitcase, then this can be a problem. What to do in this case? There are several ways out of this unpleasant situation.

  • Selection method. It takes several hours to sort through all possible numerical combinations on a three-digit lock. This is a rather long, but effective and safe way for a suitcase. After such an opening, the lock can be used further.
  • Before you sort through all the numbers in a row, you can try the following method: hold the key or the lock and rotate the wheels until they stop. Well, if the slots are large and the details of the mechanism are visible, then it will be easier to choose a combination.
  • From the padlock it is easy to get rid of, it is enough to bite the bowls with wire cutters.

No more wisdom is in how to put the code on the suitcase. This is a fairly simple procedure that will take several minutes. The most important thing is to choose a combination that will not be forgotten. You can write it on a piece of paper or in your daily journal. As a cipher, you can use a fragment of the phone number or date of birth.

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