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A simple answer in the examples, or How to record a movie from disk to disk

Despite the trend of crowding out optical media from the storage market with compact flash drives, people still use DVD players. The functionality of some of them is somewhat limited, and in particular does not have a USB-connector. As a rule, people save their family photos and video archives, and also replenish their film library by means of CDs or DVDs, in order to subsequently reproduce multimedia material on their TV screens. However, for many users the question of how to record a movie from disk to disk, still requires clarification. Because it is not uncommon for cases when the process of storing data on a magnetic basis of a compact seems to have been correctly implemented, and in the end nothing is reproduced on DVD-equipment. Let's look at the basic methods of recording and briefly touch upon the problematic sources of unreadable discs.

How to burn a movie from disk to disk: standard Windows tools

It should be taken into account the fact that all the information presented in the article is, first of all, relevant for the seventh version of the OS. But the illuminated principles and techniques of recording can also be applied in other popular systems from Microsoft.

Integrated recording tool

If you need to transfer data from a hard drive to a blank disc, nothing is easier! Follow the instructions - and you will definitely succeed.

  1. In Windows Explorer, find the file you want to store on the optical media.
  2. After selecting the object you are looking for, use the right mouse button to bring up the context menu and go to the "Send" item.
  3. Select "Physical drive" from the drop-down list.

Great features and specialized software

Before you burn a movie to a DVD, you should consider the size of the save object and its properties. Standard OS tools can not achieve guaranteed quality of burning (meaning "scarcity" of the functionality of the embedded application). In order to be sure that your disk will be written correctly and will be universally readable, a number of settings must be made. Unbelievably effective in achieving favorable recording results is the Nero program, with which you are guaranteed to get the desired result - a universal "understanding" on the part of information-reading devices.

Nero aggregator

The above software with particular ease resolves the issue of how to record a movie from disk to disk. For a novice user, just one module is enough - Nero express. The main window of the program provides an opportunity to choose the format of the disk, as well as to determine the direction of the subsequent actions. In the context of the given question, the user should choose the option label "Copy disk". The intelligently intelligible interface Nero will guide you from the beginning to the final stage of the recording. You only need to press the confirmation button several times and select the copy option. That is, specify the source drive in the first check-box (from which the data is read) and the drive to which the recording will be made. If you have a question about how to burn a movie from disk to disk, and the configuration of your PC has only one physical device to work with optical media, the answer is waiting for you in the next paragraph.

No man is an island!

Of course, the operation of transferring data from disk to disk involves the use of several drives. But this is only partly true. In Nero there is an optional feature - writing to the clipboard. That is, in the first stage the program reads the data from the disk into the operational area of the HDD, then the drive tray leaves to insert a clean compact. There is also the option of saving a copy in the image format (to the hard drive), which greatly simplifies the further process of copying to other optical media. However, to play a duplicate on your computer, you will need to install additional software, for example, DAEMON Tools.

A modern alternative to mobile infinity

You can store movies on an external hard disk. First, it is convenient in all respects, and secondly, you can not imagine a more reliable and at the same time accessible method of archiving data. Modern TVs have in their communication arsenal special connectors for connecting external storage devices. Of course, almost any PC "friendly" will accept an external drive. However, some modifications, so to speak, additional disk space devices may require the installation of certain drivers. It should be noted that today the information can be placed on "cloud" storage servers. But in this case there are some limitations.

Summing up

As you can see, the simple question of how to throw a movie on a disc can have many variants of the final resolution. Everything depends, first of all, on your needs and desires. Nevertheless, to your attention the promised list of the main reasons for which the recorded disc is not played on any device:

  • Inappropriate drive type;
  • Lack of appropriate codecs;
  • The name (marker) of the compact contains Cyrillic symbols;
  • Damage to the protective coating of the disc.

Today it is absolutely not a problem to find absolutely free software solutions in order to duplicate information in one or another format. Quality copies to you!

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