Catching the rotan in the winter: I'll sit,

Usually, many anglers begin winter fishing in shallow water reservoirs, but it is dangerous to catch it, although the result is worth it. Catching rotan in winter is very exciting. In the crucian ponds, the rotans are fattened to very large sizes. For a beginner fisherman - a trophy about the size of a palm is considered a good catch. But there are such reservoirs, where large specimens live. Rotan activity is manifested in the early days of freezing. Catching rotan in the winter is grateful, as almost always come across large fish. Winter fishing rotan small size is problematic. Experienced fishermen already know where to catch it. He often lives in the same places. In the first days of winter, rotans always adhere to the shoreline with dense vegetation, which they use as an ambush, because rotan is a predatory fish.

As soon as the thickness of the ice cover reaches a few centimeters, this fish gathers in a flock and concentrates on a deep open space, but along the shore there is only a trifle.

When catching rotan, keep in mind that this fish is not afraid of the noise of the ice block. So, you can not be afraid to frighten off the prey, and drill a dozen holes at once, and then check them. If there is a flock of fish under the holes, it will not take long to wait for the bug. Experienced fishermen argue that the more holes are made, the richer your catch will be. So do not be lazy, because it's worth it. They are drilled every three to four centimeters, since the rotan in winter is not particularly mobile, is lazy. There is an opinion that the rotan is easy to catch. But there is a difference between the caught small thing or the bigger fish. Large specimens of fish are harder to catch than to get, for example, a box of perches.

Each catching fish has its own peculiarities, not every fisherman knows how to catch rotan in the winter. First, as already mentioned above, you need to do a lot of dozens of holes. Second, tackle. The best tackle is a large mormyshka or a vertical baubles. He sees a big bait from afar, if we take a small mormyshk - the rotan simply will not pay attention to it. The color of the spoon-bait should be the color of brass or copper. Spoon-baiters for catching this fish are equipped with large hooks, can also be used with soldered double hooks, but they are also used for catching larger individuals. Such hooks behave better when cutting. After long experiments, fishermen came to a common opinion that it is most effective to hook a suitable bait on a hook than to use a brilliant spoon-bait. The bait can be anything, but you need to remember that this fish is a predator. Ideal for a piece of meat, chicken skin. The bait should be changed every half hour.

Bait is needed if you want to catch large specimens of this fish. Many fishermen use natural blood, but still the best bait for rotan is finely chopped meat, and it is even better to pass it through a meat grinder. Believe me, for such a lure rotans react just instantly. Catching rotan in the winter requires competent complementary feeding. But you need to feed somewhere the day before catching.

When the rotan bites, it seems to be pinched, so to say it tries the bait. His poklev resembles the biting of a small brush. When he grabs the bite, a quick and sharp blow occurs, which is felt by the hand. It is necessary to cut the lightning fast, the main thing is not to miss. Fishing in winter is very exciting and interesting. Rotan is a delicacy. It contains very few small bones. The meat is tender, white and very juicy, without the smell of silt. It is simply a pleasure to clean it, scales are removed with one easy movement. And, fried rotan - it's just delicious! However, it should be remembered that the rotan, and not only it, but all the fish, it is necessary to catch exclusively in ecologically clean reservoirs.

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