Kuzminsky forest park: one of the largest green massifs in Moscow

Kuzminsky Forest Park is one of the largest green oases of the capital. The park of culture and rest is created on the site of an old manor complex. What is the history of this place, can it be interesting and fun to spend time today?

The Manor of Kuzminki

Today Kuzminki is a district of Moscow, a few centuries ago this area was still considered a "province". It is believed that the modern geographical name originated on behalf of Kuzma, the owner of the mill on the Goledianka River. The river still curls through the park today, sometimes it is also called Churilikha or Ponomarka. The first official mention of the estate of Kuzminki dates from the beginning of the eighteenth century. At that time the owner of the estate was G. Stroganov. Later the estate moved to the Golitsyn family. The new owners of the estate did not spare the Kuzminsky forest park. A large green garden is improved, a cascade of 4 ponds appears here. The park itself is designed in the French style, 12 comfortable walking paths are laid on its territory, which are connected together in the center, like the rays of the sun. In the middle of the nineteenth century the Golitsyns cast cast iron gates on their own Ural factory, which are installed on the territory of the manor before the beginning of the lime avenue.

The modern history of the park of culture and rest

In 1917 the manor and the park of Kuzminki were nationalized. Initially, the building of the main house was transferred to the Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine. In 1918, in the southeastern part of the forest park, the Military Chemical Landfill was opened. On its territory, hazardous wastes were disposed of (by burial in the soil) and chemical weapons tests were conducted. Since 1937, work began on cleaning and degassing the land in the Kuzminsky forest park. In 2001, EMERCOM of Russia conducted a study of the soils of the former test site. Large metal objects in the upper layers of the soil were not found, while experts do not deny the probability of contamination of the soil with arsenic. For this reason, visitors to Kuzminsky Park are not recommended to eat any mushrooms and berries collected in the recreation area. In 1977 the park of Kuzminki was officially opened. Since then, this green zone is a favorite place for recreation for many residents of the surrounding areas.

Nature of Kuzminki Park

Kuzminsky forest area occupies a total area of 1189 hectares. The territory of 375 hectares is a park of culture and leisure, landscaped and open to visitors. The Moscow part of the recreation zone enters the historical natural zone of Kuzminki-Lublino. Most of the park is a forest. Various trees of trees grow here. The most notable are plantings of pine, birch and black alder. Despite its proximity to civilization, the Kuzminsky forest park boasts an impressive diversity of fauna. Here live squirrels, foxes, hedgehogs, rabbits, moles. In the ponds are found various species of fish and amphibians. During a walk through the forest park you can hear the voices of a wide variety of birds. Here live: owl-owl, king, small flycatcher, chizh, zhelna and many other species.

Interesting places of interest

To my great regret, the main manor house has not survived until today and today in its place is a building built in 1930. Look at the center of the ancient estate from tourists will not work, as today the area is closed for reconstruction and surrounded by a high fence. Perhaps, very soon for a visit will be opened the outbuildings of the manor house and a "new" building built in its place. But everyone can look at the Temple of the Blachernaia Icon of the Mother of God, a house on a dam, a horse yard, a music pavilion, a kitchen, ancient grottoes and some other interesting objects. It is difficult to believe that after passing very little from the metro station "Kuzminki" you can visit many historical museums, located in close proximity to each other. On the territory of the park there are expositions devoted to Russian manor life, Golitsyn estate, crews, literature.

Recreation and entertainment for every taste

In the summertime Kuzminsky forest park becomes a venue for various festivals. In the recreation area there are cafes, tents with snacks and drinks, souvenirs. A real highlight of the park is the ship-cafe "Melnik Kuzma" floating on the water surface of the Upper Pond. In the warmer months, boats and catamarans are also offered for rent. For young visitors an amusement park was opened. On the territory of the recreation area there are playgrounds. On weekends and holidays, animation programs and cognitive excursions, music concerts are held. In 2005, Kuzminsky Park became the official residence of Father Frost.

How to get to Kuzminsky Park?

The recreation area was immediately extended to several residential neighborhoods and administrative districts. The main entrance to the territory of the park is from the side of Kuzminskaya street, once there was a legendary lime avenue. For the convenience of visitors, the entrance gate is also available in several parts of the recreation area. Which side is most convenient to go to Kuzminsky forest park, how to get here? From the metro station "Ryazansky Prospekt" you can get on the bus number 29 or by route taxi No. 429 to the stop "Museum of Paustovsky". From the metro station "Kuzminki" you can get on the route number 471 to the stop "Cast-iron gate", or walk for about 10 minutes.

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