Amalfi Coast of Italy: description, attractions and reviews

There are many beautiful countries on our planet. To them, undoubtedly, belongs and solar Italy. Magnificent natural landscapes, majestic mountains and volcanoes, a myriad of monuments of history, culture, architecture - all this attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

But there is indeed a heavenly place in this southern country. The slopes of the mountains here cover orange groves, colorful houses of local residents with large cozy terraces are captivated by their originality, and shady narrow streets lead to an unusually clean and blue sea. Someone may think that this can not be in our time. But they are wrong. Such a place does exist - it is the Amalfi Coast in Italy, located 90 kilometers from Naples and 300 kilometers from Rome.

The Amalfi Coast is surrounded by steep mountain cliffs. Their height does not exceed seven hundred meters. From here you can admire the amazing views that conquer at first sight. Numerous shops and churches, villas and palaces are carved out of the rock. They "swim" on each other, rushing up, from the very edge of the sea. All buildings are surrounded by gardens and terraces, narrow streets are covered with pebbles. Olives, grapes, lemons fill the air with unusual exquisite aromas.

Climatic conditions

The climate on the coast is Mediterranean, with a warm enough winter (+ 13-17 ° C) and a very hot summer - + 28-30 ° C. In May, you can already swim, the beach season usually starts from the end of May.

Where should I go, what to see on the coast?

If you are lucky enough to come to the Amalfi Coast of Italy, be sure to visit Amalfi, take a ferry ride here. In Atrantri, look at the ancient Benedictine monastery of Saints Judith and Curicko.

Do not forget to walk along the Path of the Gods. This is an ancient road connecting coastal villages. To get to her, it is necessary to get into Amalfi by bus to Agerola. He will bring you to the place where the path begins. A fascinating walk takes just over two hours.

Enter the stalactite caves, located in the tiny town of Praiano, near Positano. If you rest in August, then on the 15th, visit Positano. On this day there is a celebration dedicated to the patroness of the city - the Black Madonna.

Italy is very popular with Russian tourists today. Amalfi Coast (tours can be bought in almost every travel agency in our country) guarantees you a great quality stay both in the family and in the company of friends. We will get acquainted with the resorts of the coast in details.

Coastal resorts

A trip along the Amalfi coast in Italy will give you great pleasure. According to tourists' reviews, it is not only amazingly beautiful, but also a very romantic place. Cute little town-resorts are completely different and distinctive. They are attractive in their own way, picturesque are their coves and mountainous steep cliffs, which seem to touch the tops of clouds.

Amalfi Coast of Italy: Majori

In this city, located sixty kilometers from Naples, there are the best beaches on the coast. Majori is famous for its famous medieval towers and stone buildings.

The ancient temple of Santa Maria a Mare (XII century.) Is the main attraction of the city. Its roof is decorated with multi-colored tiles of majolica, which gives the structure a special appeal. On the nearby hill (Pontecje) you will see the majestic castle of St. Nicholas.


Russian guides, on the Amalfi Coast of Italy conducting excursions, always note that Sorrento is the most famous and visited resort. There will feel comfortable resting, who want to combine beach holidays with entertainment and sightseeing.

Indeed, this small town, symbolized by a lemon, is created by nature for recreation. Here, the Amalfi Coast of Italy is particularly beautiful. This town was liked to visit Stendhal and Goethe, Mendelssohn and Rossini, Dickens and Caruso. Attracts Sorrento and the Italians. Residents of this sunny country are happy to spend their vacation or weekend here.


A small and very beautiful city of fishermen. The air of Chetara is saturated with salty wind and freedom. In addition, the town is famous for its untouched nature and clean beach. Here there is peace and tranquility.

Pride of the inhabitants of the city is the church of St. Peter. This saint is the patron of Chetar. The church is crowned with a magnificent dome of majolica (12th century).


This city, which gave the name of the entire coast, is at the foot of the rocks. For this reason, you can get into it only by sea or through the mountains by a dizzying streamer. Here you will enjoy hikers - on steep paths you can walk for hours, visiting picturesque sights.

The symbol of the city is the magnificent cathedral of St. Andrew (IX century). In its architecture, the Norman and Arabian styles intertwined. The portal of the Cathedral "Paradise Yard" (XIII c.), Made of bronze, is also exceptionally beautiful. It's nice to stroll along the Lungomare waterfront.

Amazed tourists and the Museum of Paper Della Map. He reminds guests that the old paper factories in our time work in Amalfi. Interested in travelers and excursion to the Arsenals of the Republic, and visiting the amazing church of San Salvatore de Birecto, where the doji rest.


The Amalfi coast of Italy is attractive for tourists because the cities here are very close to each other. Therefore, if you want, you can move from the resort to the resort without spending a lot of time.

On the sand and pebble beaches of this resort you can perfectly relax in the shade of orange groves. From Amalfi, you can get here in five minutes.
To the sights of this town you should include a well-preserved Roman villa with magnificent mosaics, the basilica of the patron saint of the city of Saint Trophimena (XII century), the Museum of Roman amphorae and antiquaries, the magnificent Annunziata Belltower.

Italy, Positano (Amalfi Coast)

This picturesque resort lurked in the gorge of the mountains, hiding from the sea winds. Many tourists believe that Positano is lost in a different time. Between the cute, decorated with majolica houses, painted in different colors, the streets are so narrow that it is impossible to move around by car.

The main attraction of the city is the Romanesque church of Santa Maria (XII century). It contains the icon of the Black Madonna, recognized as a miracle-working one. This picturesque resort attracts many filmmakers from all over the world. More than thirty films have already been shot here.

Lovers of noisy parties can have fun here in the disco bar, which is located directly on the beach or in a bright and original dance club.
Especially picturesque is Montepurtuzo - a quarter of the city centered around the fountain of Vecchia. On both sides it is framed by a cave and a niche, over which the patroness of Montepertuso is depicted. Nearby is Mount Gambera (510 m).


Very close to Positano is a tiny town of Praiano, which crosses numerous paths and intricate stairs. This resort is extremely popular with diving enthusiasts. Here is the famous center of La Boa.

Lovers of ancient architecture will be interested in the churches of St. Luke and St. Gennaro (XII century.), Especially their observation platforms, which offer stunning views of the coast. On the rocky ledge stands the Torre-a-Mare tower, the history of which dates back to the Middle Ages. A narrow winding path leads to it.


Another colorful town, which literally hung over the bright turquoise waters of the sea. Wagner and Grieg loved to rest here. This is an ideal place for honeymooners - wedding tuples are very often found on the streets of this city.

Villa Rufolo (XIII c.) Became the site of the annual music festival. The most important treasure of this town is carefully kept in the Cathedral of St. Panteleimon - a capsule with the blood of a saint. It is baked, but once a year the blood becomes liquid.

The central boulevard of the city smoothly passes into the terrace of Richard Wagner. It is not at all surprising that the charming sounds of his music are played here performed by local musicians.


And at the end of our little trip we will visit the pulsing heart of the coast - beautiful Salerno, which is famous for its very beautiful promenade, historical center and medical school (operating) of the late Middle Ages. Be sure to check the archaeological museum and Pinakothek, on the territory of the Abbey of San Benedetto. And in the castle Areki you can see preserved to this day the medieval water supply.

Reviews of tourists

Amalfi Coast of Italy, reviews of which are really only enthusiastic, is a magnificent nature, comfortable living conditions, excellent service. Here, comfortably rest and fans of night entertainment, and fans of a quiet pastime. Many good words deserve the organizers of resorts from families with children. Recreation of small tourists thought over here to the smallest detail. And cognitive excursions are interesting not only for adults, but also for children of adolescence.

Most tourists note that these small resorts delight their own identity. Bright little towns with very narrow streets seem unusual to Russians. Many people note the goodwill of the local population. If you speak a little Italian, you will be told in detail how to get to the sights of interest. And of course, the bulk of positive feedback refers to beautifully equipped and well-kept beaches.

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