Interesting places in Russia for traveling

With the onset of summer, more and more people are thinking about where to spend the next vacation. And, strangely enough, many tourists refuse to travel abroad and remain to rest in our country. In this article we will tell you about the most interesting places in Russia for traveling, and also describe in detail their features.

Lake Baikal

If you decide to spend a holiday on the shore of one of the greatest lakes, these impressions will remain in your memory for life. Baikal stretched over the surface of our planet for 600 km along the steppe, forest, taiga, mountain and marshy zones. And each natural landscape is unique, it is distinguished by its special vegetation, character and even climate. Since the most interesting places in Russia invariably attract a lot of tourists, a lot of tourist bases and hotels are located on the shores of the lake. However, until now many tourists prefer to travel independently - with spending the night in tents, bonfires and songs with a guitar.

Other travelers choose a waterway, along which they travel by boats or boats. The most popular season for visiting the lake is summer, but in other seasons the folk path does not grow here. Tourists all year round are ready to admire the natural beauties, inspect architectural monuments, visit museums in the open air, swim in the springs, fish and even hunt. Therefore, if you are looking for inspiration, unforgettable impressions and beautiful pictures, then safely go on vacation here.


Speaking about the most beautiful and interesting places in Russia, we can not fail to mention the system of lakes on the border of the Tver and Novgorod regions. Lovers of natural beauty are attracted by the sources of the Volga and the Western Dvina, the state nature preserve "Troeruchitsa" and numerous natural monuments. Believers come here to visit the famous Nilova Desert (a monastery of the 16th century) on the island of Stolbny and Ignach Cross. Those who are interested in history, attract landlord estates, churches, peasant houses and places of historical events. Many tourists come to Seliger to simply relax from city life and enjoy hunting or fishing.

In this area is very developed water sports tourism, and you can easily become a member of the yacht club or ride a kayak. Unskilled tourists will be happy to provide everything necessary on the spot. For example, you can rent a bicycle, fishing tackle , boat and secluded on one of the islands.

Interesting places in Russia for traveling: Arkaim

Discovered by archeologists in the 80s of the 20th century, the ancient settlement became incredibly popular among people with an unconventional way of thinking. Followers of esoteric teachings and astrology this place is called magical and come here to be recharged with powerful energy. Tourists who do not believe in miracles come to Arkaim to get acquainted with the culture of ancient civilization and simply spend a good time in nature. In the reserve, which is located on the territory of the Ural landmark, you can see the site of ancient settlement, burial ground, farming grounds and earthen ramparts.

Not far from this place is a museum, which is worth a visit, to learn the history and interesting facts about Arkaim. Also you will be interested to visit the Ethnographic Museum "Cossack Manor", where you can understand the basics of ancient crafts in one of the master classes.

Interesting places in Russia for children. Great Ustyug

If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this fairy tale and make a real gift to your baby, then visit Father Frost's homeland. You will find the fiefdom of the hero of children's fairy tales ten kilometers from the city, on the bank of the Sukhona River, in a pine forest. In the cold season, you will be waiting for a lot of entertainment, starting from sledding, ending with participation in interesting competitions. In the warm season, Santa Claus also does not give boredom to his guests and offers to participate in a fun summer program. On the territory of the estate there are comfortable cottages, a swimming pool, a sauna, a restaurant, a billiard room and a fireplace room. The necessary equipment (skis, skates, fishing rods or air mattresses) you can get at the box office, which works on the territory of the manor. If you plan to visit here in winter, then it is possible that you will become a participant of one of the many cultural events with a New Year theme.

Kungur Cave

Talking about interesting places in Russia for travel, we can not fail to mention the most beautiful place created by nature itself. At the very base of the Ice Mountain there is a six-kilometer cave, famous for its clean air and numerous lakes. Tourists are happy to use the services of a guide who can conduct both a general sightseeing tour and an individual excursion. For adults and children, there are organized thematic shows on the topic of finding treasure or meeting the New Year, as well as guided tours with elements of a laser show. And for the most romantic young people the administration offers the service "Wedding in a cave". A huge impression on travelers is made by the cleanest lakes, numerous grottoes, stalactites and stalagmites. In the territory of this unique nature reserve you will get a lot of impressions that will stay with you for a long time.

gold ring

If you want to see interesting places in Russia, then use the route developed for tourists back in Soviet times. There are many excursion programs on the Golden Ring, starting from a visit to the classical eight of ancient Russian cities and ending with an extended itinerary. The trip itself can take from two to ten days, during which you are guaranteed to get a lot of impressions. If you use the services of a travel agency, then you do not have to worry about where to find accommodation or what restaurant to visit. All your free time you will be busy with sightseeing, visiting museums and buying souvenirs.

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