The best orthopedic pillow for cervical osteochondrosis: reviews of specialists and buyers

In a dream, a person spends the third part of his life. And on its quality depends well during the day. In order not to have headaches and stiffness in the neck muscles in the morning, it is necessary to choose the right accessories for sleep. Especially important is the orthopedic pillow for cervical osteochondrosis. Feedback from those who used this product, indicate an effective reduction in pain and prevention of seizures. Orthopedic pillow does not treat osteochondrosis, but it is an essential auxiliary. The main thing is to choose it correctly.

Features of cervical osteochondrosis

Disease of the spine in this department is very dangerous, as it can cause malfunctions in the functioning of many body systems and even disruptions in the work of the brain.

This is because the vertebrae on the neck are very close, and the muscles are rather weak. And even a small load can lead to the displacement and squeezing of nerves and vessels. Therefore, an orthopedic pillow for the cervical part is so important. Indeed, it is with an incorrect position of the body in the dream that the displacement of the vertebrae can occur . And in a complex of measures aimed at treating this disease, it is very important to provide maximum relaxation of muscles during rest.

How to sleep properly

When resting, muscles of the neck, shoulders and back must be relaxed. It is necessary to provide the spine with quality support in a dream, especially for the cervical department. Incorrect position of the head during rest promotes curvature of vertebrae, deterioration of sleep quality and exacerbation of osteochondrosis. What are the rules that must be followed so as not to feel broken and tired in the mornings?

- The bed should be stiff and even, you can not sleep on cots and shells.

- A mattress is better to choose elastic, but not soft, which will repeat the anatomical curves of the body. It is not recommended to use feather duvets for sleeping.

- Best for rest is a pillow with orthopedic effect.

Pose for rest with osteochondrosis

It is very important and in what position the person sleeps. All doctors recommend that patients with osteochondrosis only posture on their sides or on their backs. And in these provisions there are special recommendations. For example, when a person lies on his back, stretching his legs, he can not completely relax. And in the prone position on the side, you need to choose the right pillow. The best posture for a normal rest is the embryo posture. At the same time, the shoulder rests on the mattress, and a small pillow should be placed under the head.

Do not recommend doctors to sleep on the stomach, especially those who have problems with the cervical spine. After all, in this position the neck is tense, the risk of displacement of vertebrae is great. Therefore, it is best to sleep on your back or side, and a special orthopedic pillow will help to relax normally. With cervical osteochondrosis, reviews of doctors and patients indicate the disappearance of pain and improvement in the quality of sleep.

What should be the pillow

From the quality of this accessory for sleep depends not only healthy rest, but also well-being, and mood during the day. And people who already have problems with the spine, need an orthopedic pillow. Cervical osteochondrosis is an ailment that affects more and more people and prevents them from getting a normal sleep. But the right pillow, according to doctors, improves the quality of sleep. When choosing this accessory, you need to pay attention to such features:

- It should be small, and the width should correspond to the size of the shoulders.

- Filler doctors recommend choosing an elastic so that it does not crumble under the weight of the head.

- At least one hard roller should have an orthopedic pillow with cervical osteochondrosis. The doctors' comments point out that it is best to have it rectangular, with two ridges along the edges and a depression in the middle for the head. Although some prefer to advise their patients a crescent shaped crescent.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to individual characteristics. If the pillow causes discomfort and is uncomfortable on it, it is better to abandon it.

What are orthopedic pillows

With cervical osteochondrosis, it is recommended to use only two types of sleep accessories:

- A crescent shaped cushion will gently support the neck when sleeping on the back. It should not be very rigid, but it keeps the form well. This is a fairly common pillow orthopedic. The photo on the packaging shows how you can use it during sleep, long trip or while sitting in a chair for a long time. This form effectively helps the muscles of the neck to relax.

- But most often patients with cervical osteochondrosis choose a rectangular pillow. It can sleep on your back and on your side. Such a pillow should have a recess in the middle for the head and rigid rollers along the edges. It is only necessary to correctly choose its height. For this purpose, the width of the shoulder is measured. The average person is 10-12 centimeters.

How to understand that the pillow is selected correctly

Doctors recommend trying to lie on it before buying. But this is not always possible. And often it happens that people complain that the pillow did not help them, it is uncomfortable to sleep on it, the pain did not go away, it just got worse. Indeed, this happens, and to choose a pillow that is really suitable for a particular person, you need to try many options. Some even buy a few pieces and change as needed. For example, it is desirable to have one pillow for sleeping on your back, the other for sleeping on your side. In this case the shoulders should remain on the mattress, and the roller - to support only the neck, contributing to its complete relaxation. How to understand that the pillow is chosen correctly?

- During sleep a person does not put a hand under the pillow.

- After rest on such a pillow, I do not want to use the usual pillow, a strong sleep, and after awakening a person feels rested.

- If the neck and the stove hurt after sleep, then the pillow is low, and the mattress is too hard.

- Headaches in the morning or at night indicate that this accessory for sleep is too high.

Fillers for orthopedic pillows

1. Buckwheat husk is a natural product. A cushion with such filling will not only repeat the shape of the head well, but also produce a massaging effect.

2. Latex is a hypoallergenic material with antiseptic properties. Such orthopedic pillows for cervical osteochondrosis are the most common, as they are elastic and well-shaped.

3. Another material popular for orthopedic pillows is polyurethane. It well passes air and easily acquires the form of a body, quickly then recovering.

4. Memory cushions can be made of expensive durable foam or cheaper viscoctaec. They remember the shape of the body, which allows to support the head well and relax the neck. This is the most comfortable pillow orthopedic. The photo on the packaging shows how it takes the form of the body, and after a while it's straightened out.

5. It is less popular while pillows with a cooling gel. Not everyone can get used to this effect. Although they not only support the head, but also contribute to skin rejuvenation and a more comfortable sleep.

Which pillow to choose

In the shops there are many different models. In addition, what to choose a pillow is necessary, focusing on the individual characteristics of the body, most consumers do not know anything about them. And they differ in form, material and price. Many who have already used such an accessory for sleep, believe that buying a pillow cheaper than three thousand is to throw money away. Really quality products cost from 3,500 to 10,000 rubles and more. And Russian pillows are cheaper, but not less effective. Many doctors recommend using products of the company "Axon" or those that are produced by the methods of Valentine Dikul. Pillows of different shapes and fillings of any manufacturer can be conditionally classified as follows:

- "Mediflex" - a convex elastic cushion, filled with small latex springs, ideally taking the shape of the body.

- "Sissel" - cushions with a memory effect. They have different shapes, but mostly with one or two rollers.

- Pillows "TOP" are especially popular among doctors and patients. They can be with a memory effect or with a ribbed surface, straight or with two rollers and a recess for the head. This is the best orthopedic pillow for cervical osteochondrosis.

Feedback about different models

Usually people after a while using such a pillow, note that the sleep became more strong and comfortable, passed headaches.

They can no longer sleep on the ordinary and do not understand how they did it before. And doctors who observe patients with osteochondrosis, noticed that the condition quickly improves if the patient has acquired an orthopedic pillow. After all, with this disease is very important is the prevention and correct position of the neck in a dream. Therefore, an orthopedic pillow in osteochondrosis is not a luxury, but a necessity. True, some people note the inconvenience of the most common models. But this can be explained by the fact that it is necessary to select such an accessory for sleep strictly individually, and not on the advice of acquaintances or sellers. Therefore, the best orthopedic pillow is the one on which it is comfortable to sleep.

What else do users say about such products? Many are confused by the special care for these pillows. Most of them can not be washed and whipped, and also subjected to severe deformations. And in the rest of such pillows - this is the best prevention of pain in the back and neck.

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