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Decorative marble chips

Marble rubble has long been used in many areas, not only construction, but also landscape design. This material is made from the corresponding rock. It should be noted that this type of crushed stone is often used in finishing works. The main feature of this material is that it is safe and environmentally friendly.

In addition, the marble ornamental crushed stone is produced quite different in size. This indicator can be from 2.5 to 70 millimeters in diameter. Each of the fractions is applied in a certain area. For example, in landscape design, when decorating buildings and even when building houses.

Strength of material

The resistance index of any material can be determined by mechanical action on it, or more precisely when crushing and squeezing. The strength of marble chips is 20 MPa. The trial batch of material is placed in the cylinder, and then into the shelf drum. Only after this rubble is assigned a stamp. The material can be:

  1. High-strength. This is the rubble of mark M 1200 - M 1400. From the total mass the material of weak rocks is less than 5%.
  2. Lasting. Marble rubble of weak rocks in this case should be exactly 5% of the total weight.
  3. Medium strength. In this material, crushed rock of weak rocks does not exceed 10%.
  4. Weak strength. In this case, the content of rubble of weak rocks in the material is 10-15%.
  5. Very weak strength. This category includes material M 200. In this case, rubble of weak rocks in the product is more than 15%.

Frost resistance

This indicator of the material is determined indoors. Decorative marble chips are placed in a solution of sodium sulfate, and then dried. There is material that can last for 15 years. However, there is more durable marble chips. Its service life is up to 400 years.

Usually, a material with an average or low frost resistance index is chosen for decoration. If marble chips are used to create roads, experts recommend choosing the brand F 50 or F300.

Main applications

For a long time already many private businessmen have found a way of manufacturing of an original paving slab. In this case, marble chips are used as a filler. In addition, the material can be painted in almost any color. Thanks to this property of stone, you can significantly increase the assortment of tiles. In addition, this method allows only to strengthen the decorative effect.

The latest technology allows the use of marble chips for the manufacture of monolithic stone surfaces. From this material are obtained good worktops, monuments and slabs for the floor. When creating such products, all kinds of hardeners, dyes and plasticizers are added to the main component.

After manufacturing, the monolithic surfaces undergo a grinding procedure. As a result, it seems that the products are made of natural marble. It should be noted that such surfaces are resistant to many external influences, they are strong and safe. Crushed marble white turns into an original and decorative product, which by properties are not inferior to the stone.

Use in Design

Recently, designers are increasingly using this material in the design of premises. And it's no accident. You can make many beautiful things from such rubble:

  1. From marble rubble you can create a unique mosaic floor.
  2. This material is ideal for interior decoration of premises.
  3. Crushed stone is often used to create unique facades of buildings.
  4. In addition, the material is used in the design of personal and garden plots.

In the arrangement of garden plots, also use colored marble gravel. This material allows you to identify a recreation area, paths, alpine hills, to shade decorative plants, create original paths and decorate the flower bed.

Where else can you use this material

After special sanitary treatment, marble chips can be used as a filler for terrariums and aquariums. Also this material can be used as one of the components of the filtration system of wells and treatment facilities. In addition, marble chips allows to create an ideal drainage in a flower pot, as well as in a flower bed. This material does not allow moisture to stagnate. As a result, plants feel more comfortable.

Can I make my own

Today, many shops sell marble chips in bags, but its cost is quite high. Therefore, many are interested in whether this material can be made at home. Create a decorative gravel of marble is not so difficult. To begin with, wash the fine fraction stone, and then place it in the unit for further staining. If the volume is small, then you can use an ordinary concrete mixer. Before use, the unit should be washed.

A dye must be added to the fine fraction stone. It is worth remembering: the more saturated the shade, the deeper the tone of the finished material will turn out. After that you can start the installation. Staining marble chips is carried out for 20-60 minutes.

The finished material should be poured out and spread evenly over a clean surface so that it can dry out.

Little tricks

With this method of staining, it should be remembered that the concrete mixer loaded to the top hardly hardly distributes the dye. Therefore, it is better not to fill the tank completely. Optimal volume - less than half. To decorative rubble has served more than five years, it is worth using a quality dye.


A variety of shades of marble chips makes it possible to turn a dull homestead land into a bright and pleasant recreation area. After all, this material is ideal not only for creating original tracks, but also for decorating flower beds. Thanks to such material on the ground, you can create very beautiful pictures. In addition, you can make colored decorative rubble yourself.

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