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Law of Attraction Or Our Energy Essence

Slightly crumpled when I finished speaking on the phone, I hastily left my office, tastefully furnished with carefully polished, luxurious furniture of the 1920s. I had a great desire to find out who was shouting so furiously at the whole office, turning to a squeal. In front of me is a completely comical picture. Although, rather, the tragedy is comical, since it was only ridiculous to me and that, not for long. In the line-up, the lawyers who were built-some of the best and most well-paid in the country-stood childly with their heads down, guiltily listening to the lamentations of our elderly but extremely energetic boss. This was my third day at the company, where I went to work as a volunteer to gain experience, while still a student.

Puzzled by what I saw, I returned to my office, lost in thought. A few minutes later my boss, as if nothing had happened, cheerfully opened the door. Seeing my bewilderment in his eyes, he jokingly said: "Oh, do not pay attention. Next time, if I scream - just come and hug me in a friendly way and I'll stop ... ". A few days later, before the eyes of the stunned workers, who stood with their habitually drooping heads, listening to the next critical instructions of our boss, I approached him, smiling with all my heart, heavily embraced him by the shoulders. He was so dumbfounded that he even stopped screaming. He thanked me courteously for his kindness and courage, but asked me not to do it again. Jokes in the office about what happened happened for a long time.

For a long time I could not understand why all these lawyers of the highest rank, real virtuosos of their business, who in two counters beat their even fiercest and clever opponents, so obediently and unperturbedly maintained such an unacceptable treatment of their boss by them. Over time, I realized that all employees of the company share a common feature: everyone was afraid of the same things: losing work, prestige, reputation, financial stability, uncertainty, change .....

Life without Coincidence or the Law of Attraction

Over time, as with various literature I slowly began to discover the laws of the universe, I suddenly realized that the fact that absolutely different people gathered in the same company from different parts of the world with the same fears and attitudes is not a strange coincidence , But a completely predictable pattern. Although, is it legitimate that, for example, water freezes at a temperature below 0 ° C? This is more a law than a law. Law of Attraction.

This law was widely publicized and became a worldwide phenomenon after the film Ronda Berne The Secret. Although few people know that Ronda was inspired to create this film by visiting the seminars of the famous couple Esther and Jeri Hicks, who since 1986 went around the world, simply and easily explaining to everyone about this important Law, changing the lives of thousands of people for the better. In turn, Jeri Hicks took his inspiration from a series of books by Jane Roberts, printed in the 70's.

Over the past few years, the Law of Attraction has attempted to give so many explanations, rules and exceptions that it is probably more confusing than clearing the situation. I see that the truth must be simple and indisputable, as, for example, the law of gravity.

Man, and everything around us is energy. Energy radiating waves, whose frequency is determined by the thoughts that we think daily. A person, worried, for example, for his financial stability, will emit waves of frequency A, and therefore people will come across in his life, situations will unfold in unison with his frequency. If you tuned in to 101.1 FM, you simply can not hear the transmission at 108.9 AM.

You can check everything very easily. Analyze your life, family, work, friends. Take, for example, your friends. Real friends close to your heart. Is there someone in your environment who is DIFFERENTLY different from you? For example, you are poor, but your friend is just fabulously rich? Or your friend considers himself to be an extremely unhappy person, and you thrive in all areas of your life and enjoy life immensely. Is there at least one? But, probably, the most difficult to follow this law with the couple. If your spouse is not ideal, you need a lot of courage to see that they are your mirror image. Do not take it literally. It may be completely different from you, the opposite to you, but the KIND of similarity lies in identical views on life, common values and beliefs that can be especially clearly seen in conflict situations. All that you so tirelessly require of her / him, in fact, nothing more than an attempt to fill this gap in yourself.


Make a simple experiment. A week just watch what kind of people surround you - at home, at work, on the way to work and from it, to the situation in the shops, and everywhere where there are people. Write down the most memorable moments and the main leitmotif of their behavior. Then analyze whether you have similar attitudes and tendencies.

Do not be discouraged if people and situations in your life are not the most optimal thing that you would wish for yourself. The simple exercises that I write about in my blog are a kind of device that helps you knowingly and surely "switch" your life to the wave you want in a fairly short time.

One of the most pleasant, easy and extremely effective exercises is Daily Gratitude.

Why and How Does Daily Gratitude Work?

Dr. Robert Emons of the University of California, through numerous interviews and experiments, proved that the people who lead the daily 'Acknowledgment Journal' in which they listed all the things for which they are grateful for destiny, in the majority became prosperous, creative, physically healthy and financially- Successful people.

The legendary doctor Masaru Emoto, through an unprecedented experiment, proved the unique power of human gratitude. With the help of special filming, Dr Emoto proved that the forms of crystals of frozen water differ significantly from each other, depending on what energy a person sent to water. INSERT THE PICTURE. Our bodies are 70% -80% water. What kind of internal energy would you prefer to form in your body?

Vibrations of love and gratitude are the most powerful that a person can radiate. As with the bracelet that I wrote about in my blog, writing daily things in my diary for which you are thankful, you concentrate on what you like, thereby inviting more and more positive events into your life. Writing positive moments, you 'switch' your life wave to higher frequencies. Very soon, if you practice daily, you will notice how your life will start to change miraculously: people who brought conflict and strife into their souls will slowly and painlessly leave your life, and many desired events, one by one, will begin to be performed by themselves , Without much effort on your part. In the beginning, you even think that this is a coincidence.

And What If Positive Moments Are Quite Small?

You must have come across an interesting phenomenon that when you buy some desired thing, you start to notice it at every step with other people ?! And it's not that everyone suddenly decided to buy what you bought yourself, but that you just focused on this thing. So with daily gratitude. With practice, in your life will appear more and more events, things, people for which you will be grateful. It's just a matter of concentrating on what you want.

Thanksgiving Diary

I started to write such a diary about 3 years ago. In the beginning, I found about 5 positive things a day. Over time, I started to write about 10 each day, then 12, then 15. Now I write about 25! In my blog, I open the Thanksgiving Diary, where from time to time I will write down 1-2 gratitudes. Please join , write your positive aspects of life. Here are some good reasons to convince you:

1. Separated gratitude increases in strength several times.

2. It brings great joy and comfort to the lives of other people who read your positive aspects. A few months ago I told my friend about such a diary and he began to send out his daily gratitude to a narrow circle of friends. His friends were so enthusiastic that they told their friends about it, and their friends. To date, the circle on which his daily morning gratitude circulates is about 90 people!

3. At the same time, there was another pleasant side effect. Since my friend began to write down his gratitude, his income has increased several times and now amounts to more than 100,000.00 a year!

What's next?

Try at least 21 one day and see how even in this short time your life will already begin to transform in a miraculous way! Be sure to share with me your results! Good luck!


If this article helped you to look more positively at the world and your life, please share with me, writing a review and tell about my blog to your friends and relatives. Thank you!!!!

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