Warming the timber house from the inside: how to make the room warmer?

When finishing the premises, do not forget that any room in a residential building needs to be made warmer. Is it possible to reduce the cost of this process by carrying out the insulation of the timber house?

We think that all the inhabitants of our country know perfectly well how unpredictable and insidious the Russian climate can be. Incredible heat in the summer, pleasant heat in the spring and piercing cold in the winter have a special effect on how the insulation of the timber house will be carried out. Considering the ever increasing cost of energy resources, this is important not only from the point of view of one's own comfort, but also from the point of view of minimizing costs that can go across all reasonable limits.

The difficulty of warming the living quarters is also the fact that almost all the materials for this are extremely expensive, while the desire to save a few, not at the expense of quality, is for every builder. Can I use inexpensive and affordable materials for a really high-quality and reliable insulation of housing? It turns out that you can.

Experts of repair and construction say that for this purpose, the usual drywall, which has always been of quite democratic value and good performance, is perfect. When the insulation of the timber house is carried out , it is the latter factor that is sometimes crucial.

In order to insulate the walls, make a frame of plasterboard and fill the space between it and the wall with a heater. Before you start, carefully inspect the wall. If the room is damp and there is a fungus on the wall, it must be carefully scraped, several times treated with fungicidal compound and apply a special waterproofing putty mixture.

If there are no special industrial means, the builders are advised to do so: the site affected by the fungus is carefully scraped, dried, and then smeared with synthetic motor oil. Of course, it is better to use normal industrial fungicidal compounds, but for lack of the best you can use such a folk recipe. After that, you can continue to warm the walls of the timber house.

Surface to dry well, and for work use moisture resistant gypsum board. When constructing a frame between the guide profile and the surface, a special foamed tape must be laid. It will not allow the cold to transfer from the walls, making the insulation of the timber house more reliable. The frame is installed at a distance from the wall to 10 cm. For thermal insulation, mineral wool or polystyrene is used. Mineral wool, in addition to thermal insulation, will help to protect the room from extraneous sounds.

The cut pieces of material are inserted into the frame. For greater reliability, they can be glued to the wall. To prevent condensation from accumulating between the plasterboard and the wall, put a vapor barrier film on the insulation . It will not allow moisture to penetrate into the structure and thereby prevent the development of mold.

As you can see, the technology of thermal insulation of the timber house is not distinguished by some other extreme difficulties!

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