Furnace for pig iron for long-life burning: reviews and review of producers

Today, in dachas and in country cottages, an iron-fired furnace for the home is increasingly installed. These devices are given preference due to their low cost and ease of use, as well as their effectiveness. It is especially advisable to choose a cast iron oven if the heating of the room is not permanent. What are the features of these designs and which brand to give preference to?

How do the furnaces work?

First of all, it should be noted that cast iron as the main material for the production of kilns was not chosen by chance. First, it is characterized by high resistance to temperature changes. Secondly, after heating, this metal cools down for a long time, so the room warms up evenly and for a long time. Thirdly, cast iron is resistant to corrosion and chemical attack.

Cast - iron stoves-long-burning fireplaces are characterized by high efficiency, since not only wood is burned during burning of the device, but also pyrolysis gas obtained as a result of this process. It consists of hydrogen, methane and carbon oxides, and to get it, you need a minimum of oxygen in the combustion chamber. As a result, firewood does not burn, but smolder, so the equipment works much more. Pyrolysis gas is burned in a separate furnace, which is located above the combustion chamber. The combustion chamber itself is equipped with a bottom in the form of a grate, and beneath it is an ash pan. It is a small box where ash and combustion waste accumulate.

Features of appearance

The cast iron furnace for the house can have a different design, while the operating principles of most models are the same. Some of them may have a transparent fire door made of refractory glass. Thanks to this fireplace not only gives heat, but also allows you to enjoy the game of flame in the oven. In some appliances that operate on a convection heating method, there is a hob flat surface for cooking food. And some models and at all resemble old burzhujki, the truth, differing greater productivity.

"Pros and cons"

The cast-iron stove has a number of positive properties, which is often noted in customer reviews:

  1. Low cost: to buy such an oven costs two or even three times cheaper in comparison with other heaters. In addition, the buyer receives a fully ready-to-use device that does not require complex installation.
  2. Advantageous heating: wood is the cheapest type of fuel, which is also absolutely safe for health, including, and at combustion. On the other hand, a cast iron furnace can be heated with pellets, coal and waste from the woodworking industry.
  3. Ease of operation. Due to the lack of an electronic control system, the cast iron oven does not break due to temperature differences or due to the combustion of any part.

Selection rules

Choosing cast-iron stoves, fireplaces, you need to proceed from several rules, as manufacturers offer a very wide choice of models. Accordingly, before making a choice, you need to decide for yourself:

  1. Will the furnace be the only heating device in the house.
  2. How long do you expect?
  3. What will be the maximum power of the device.
  4. Features of the device design.

In addition, a good stove as a source of house heating should meet the following requirements:

  • Work in a smoldering mode, which is ensured by the tightness of the furnace door;
  • Accumulate heat through heat-accumulating stone;
  • The furnace design can work non-stop during a cold period of time.

Which model to choose?

Modern cast iron stoves fireplaces reviews from buyers get very flattering due to excellent technical characteristics and quality. The most important plus of any device, according to most users, is the ease of installation, since such models can be installed in any room. Such devices on the market are represented by many and different brands, for example, the Russian production of "Meta". The cost of products vary from 12 000 to 18 000 rubles. These welded structures are characterized by simple design, all elements are covered with special heat-resistant paint, the doors are sealed and equipped with special heat-resistant glass.

Foreign production has earned more positive opinions, because it is made of higher quality materials, which, accordingly, cost more. It is the high price that at times discourages buyers from purchasing such a device. But, on the other hand, this product has a warranty for 5 years, the furnaces are made of cast iron, and the assembly is extremely simple. Many models have the function of afterburning of the released gases. The cost of overseas furnaces from cast iron is close to 60,000 rubles. Consider the most popular cast-iron stoves fireplaces, reviews about which are found most often.

Guca (Serbia)

This industrial plant has been operating for 55 years and has become popular all over the world thanks to the production of cast-iron stoves-fireplaces. Over the years, the company has created a huge number of furnaces that deserve many good reviews. The products of the brand are different:

  • Efficiency and safety of heating of premises, high efficiency of units;
  • Optimal ratio of affordable price and high quality;
  • A wide range of models for any price range;
  • Length of service life;
  • Stylish and aesthetic appearance;
  • Economy of heating.

The cast iron oven for the Guca brand house called Arina attracts attention with a simple design, so the buyers' feedback on it is only positive. In the line "Arina" the brand offers to evaluate a wide range of models with unchanged dimensions of the furnace and with different heights and decorative elements. For this furnace, fuel is needed in the form of firewood. Firm cast-iron molding of products of this brand attracts attention with its diversity and interesting design. Heating units are able to operate in three combustion modes, while in the minimum mode, combustion is provided for 8 hours. The average cost of models is about 30 000 rubles.

"Edil Kamin" (Italy)

Cast-iron stoves, long-burning Italian fireplaces, attract attention with an elegant appearance, which is explained by the love of the inhabitants of this country to a beautiful interior. The company "Edil Kamin" offers products of high quality, which is characterized by:

  • Thoughtful design;
  • The presence of a balanced supply of air to the furnace,
  • Secondary afterburning system;
  • Advanced scheme of aerodynamics of combustion products removal;
  • Accuracy and stability of the work of mechanics.

Buyers note that for the design of country houses such original and luxurious fireplaces will be an excellent solution. In addition to furnaces for stoves and fireplaces, the brand also offers a wide choice of facing for fireplaces. In the model range there are about 200 basic models, made in different styles - from minimalism to modernity. These models belong to the premium class, and the cost they have is appropriate - from 150,000 rubles per device.

Harvia (Finland)

Heating furnaces of Finnish cast iron received a lot of good reviews, as the brand is considered the recognized leader in the production of heating technology. Furnaces became popular due to the fact that the manufacturer adheres to the traditions and creates models taking into account the trends of their time. The range of "Harvia" offers a wide range of models that attract attention with stylish design and innovative technologies in the field of space heating. This manufacturer offers several models:

  1. "Harvia 20 SL". This heater is ideally suited as a cast iron stove in a bath. The model has adjustable legs, so it can be put even on an inclined floor. The kit includes a glass door, which can be opened in different directions.
  2. "Harvia 20 Boiler" - a device that allows you to quickly and permanently heat the room, ensuring its uniform heating. This model can be connected to the chimney, which makes the installation process much easier.
  3. "Harvia 20 SL Boiler" - a design that also works on wood. Its main difference is the presence of a bulky boiler, which heats water. Included in the kit are a chimney made of steel, pipes and a fire protection system.
  4. "Harvia 20 DUO" is a combined model that can be used both as a cast-iron stove-fireplace for dacha, and as a heating element in a sauna or sauna. This approach allows you to create a dry indoor air, a stay in which will be comfortable.
  5. "Harvia 20 PRO" - this oven, which is ideal for installation in a bath with high temperatures. The model is characterized by high performance and heating speed. If necessary, it can be supplemented with a tank for heating water.

Harvia electric furnaces cost over 100,000 rubles, but their firewood analogs, depending on the model, can be purchased for 35,000 rubles (Harvia 20 SL Boiler), and for 19,000 rubles (a wood stove HARVIA M3).

«Meta» (Russia)

Furnaces-fireplaces of Russian production attract attention at an affordable price, and also manufacture on the basis of German technologies. In this case, each furnace - cast iron for a house or steel for a bath - is made in accordance with the requirements of Russian climatic conditions. For example, for the villa ideal model "Meta Metafire", produced on the basis of sheet steel and chamotte. Thanks to the first material, a rigid frame is created, and chamotte promotes heat accumulation. Each furnace is additionally equipped with glass of high degree of heat resistance produced in Japan. The very design of this stove-fireplace differs by the complexity and thoughtfulness of each detail, with its help it is possible to make the heating process efficient and economical. The models cost from 30 000 rubles.

"Hephaestus" (Russia)

Cast iron stoves "Hephaestus" are high quality models that will appeal to both amateurs and professionals, who are well versed in the peculiarities of the Russian bath in general and the steam bath in particular. Models are created in the Moscow region on the basis of heat-resistant cast iron. Products of Russian production are always popular among buyers, besides, it is characterized by affordable value, which is noted in numerous reviews. The distinctive features of the products of this Russian brand include:

  1. The large thickness of the walls is up to 60 mm, which are additionally equipped with vertical stiffeners. Due to this thickness, the device better accumulates heat, allowing you to economize fuel, while the steamer warms up faster and better.
  2. Cast iron is resistant to corrosion, does not form scale, even with prolonged exposure to fire.
  3. Separate elements of a cast iron furnace are assembled quickly according to the "groove in groove" principle.
  4. Cast iron is characterized by ecological safety, therefore harmful substances will not accumulate in the bath.

The cast iron bath furnace "Hephaestus" attracts attention with design features: trapezoid shape, function of afterburning, special convection channels located outside the furnace and facilitating rapid transfer of heat to the steam room. In the kit this furnace is equipped with a starting element of a chimney made of cast iron, so a reliable and durable protection will be created at the site where the maximum heat load will occur.

Features of products "Hephaestus"

The Russian-made cast-iron bath furnace will last long and reliably, showing a high efficiency. The unique Hephaestus stove is protected by the RF patent and has no analogues in the world in terms of design features that allow to increase the useful heating area. The presence of a flame arrester facilitates the movement of flue gases along the walls of the stove, while they will be heated, so the stove will retain heat for a long time. The unique design of the stove also contributes to the rapid heating of the steam room, in which the heat will be retained for a very long time.

As for the cladding, the wood furnaces "Hephaestus" can be finished with natural stone, for example, with coil or soapstone. This cladding serves as a protection against infrared radiation, which comes from a heated oven, while it conducts heat and creates an excellent atmosphere in the bath. Such finishing allows not only to transform the interior of a bath or a sauna, but also to bring in it curative properties. Thermal radiation from talcochlorite is soft, so human immunity becomes higher, the pressure stabilizes, and well-being improves. Depending on the size of the model and their technical features, the cost of the units varies from 25 000 to 210 000 rubles.

Furnaces "Bavaria" (Russia)

These stove-fireplaces are manufactured with modern equipment and received a lot of good reviews thanks to the optimal price-quality ratio. Thanks to the large area of the glazing, it is possible to observe the burning process, which is distinguished by its beauty. The glass is made of a material resistant to soot. The furnace is faced with chamotte slabs, so it is impossible to burn out, and the fireplace oven can be used for quite some time. These furnaces are capable of operating in two modes - open combustion and in economical mode. A wide range of models is a guarantee that each consumer will find a device that suits him at a price and quality. The cheapest model of the furnace "Bavaria" costs from 19 000 rubles.


Buying a long-life combustion furnace for a dacha, country house or bath, consider the load that will be on the device, as well as its technical characteristics. Due to the fact that modern manufacturers offer this product of good quality in different price segments, everyone will be able to choose a model in accordance with taste, needs and financial capabilities.

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