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How to cook a pearl barley - surprisingly tasty and useful porridge

Strangely enough, cooking porridge porridge is not respected now, is it because many? Not knowing how to cook it, consider it tasteless and suitable only for feeding the fish. In fact, this is not the case, pearl barley is very tasty and healthy, its properties were already known in Russia, by the way, at that time it was very popular.

Beneficial features

Pearl barley is produced from barley. Perlovka is very tasty and satisfying porridge. Fiber, contained in barley, has a beneficial effect on the body and helps reduce inflammation that occurs in the stomach and intestines. Another pearl bar contains elements such as polysaccharide and glucan, which reduce blood sugar.

Perlovka perfectly satiates the body and is a dietary product that contains calcium, vitamin A, phosphorus, B vitamins, as well as iodine, lysine, silicic acid and many other elements that support our body in form and give it youth and freshness.

Making porridge

How to cook a delicious pearl barley ? Very simple. There are two ways. One - fast, and the second - long, in both cases the porridge turns out tasty and friable.

How to cook a pearl bar in the second way? To begin with, the croup is washed and soaked in cold water for an hour at 3, it turns out, you need to take a glass of porridge, for example, and pour it with water to cover the rump a little.

Next, you need to drain the water and rinse the porridge several times. Put it in a pan with a thick bottom (the thicker, the better) and pour again with cold water, but twice as much as the porridge (for example, if you took a glass of pearl barley, add 2 cups of water to it). Next, put the pan on a large fire and wait for the boiling, then add a piece of butter, do not forget to salt and leave to languish on a small fire under the lid.

Now you know how to cook a pearl barley. After the porridge has slightly poured, the water, respectively, evaporated and the groats need additional liquid, it is necessary to pour a fourth of the original volume (in this case a quarter of the glass).

Now the liquid again must boil, we reduce the fire to an average and leave it to languish for an hour. After the specified time has passed, the gruel should be tasted, you can salt it and (if necessary) leave it to be cooked. In general, if the croup is not previously soaked, it can be cooked for two hours.

Next, consider the option how to prepare a pearl bar in a fast way, a similar method implies a reduction in heat treatment by about half.

So, we take the right amount of cereals (in our case a glass) and fill it with a double volume of water, it is not necessary to soak in this case. Once the porridge boils on high heat, the water must be drained and added clean in the same amount.

Porridge in the new water should again boil, now you can enter the oil and salt, and leave to languish to the full.

This, in fact, is the fastest way to prepare a pearl barley at home.

Naturally, modern technical devices will save time when preparing pearl barley, for example, you can use a multivark or microwave oven, but some like pearl porridge that is cooked in a saucepan, as in childhood.

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