Hotel President 4 * (Mallorca, Spain): photo, reviews

Every man, at least once, must go abroad on vacation. The legal rest for many falls for the summer, so people go to the sea resort. And a very popular option is Spain. That is Mallorca. This resort has a huge number of excellent hotels. And one of those is President 4 *. Majorca annually hosts tens of thousands of tourists, and many decide to stop right here. Well, therefore, it is necessary to tell in more detail about what the hotel offers to its guests.


In a very good location the hotel HSM President 4 * is located. Mallorca is the largest island in Spain by area. There is a picturesque and beautiful village called Puerto de Alcudia. It is located in the northern part of the island. Here is the hotel. It is only 15 meters from the beach. The hotel accepts guests from May to October.

Not far from the building is a picturesque forest, and literally a couple of hundred meters - a small bay. The center of the village can be reached within 10 minutes. To Palma (a major tourist center and the main port of the Balearic Islands) to go about an hour. The airport is far away - 70 kilometers from the village. But the planes do not interfere with their ups and downs.

There is a bus stop next to the hotel, so you can go almost anywhere.


Now, in more detail about what services are offered in President 4 * (Mallorca). Wi-Fi in public areas is free, and for the Internet in the room you need to pay extra. In the hotel building there is an office with a fax and a copier, and even a dry cleaning and car rental. True, there are no car parks on the territory of the complex.

The registration desk is open 24 hours a day, so the check in can take place not at 14:00, as by the rules, but earlier. But this must be agreed. The administration will meet the guests if by the time they arrive, the room will be freed from previous guests, and the staff will have time to prepare it and put it in order.

If people are going somewhere for the whole day (for an excursion, for example), they can come to the reception the day before and order lunches with them. By the way, the staff owns not only Spanish, but also German and English. It is worthwhile to take a phrase book with you to better explain, if there are problems with languages.


The main occupation of people staying at a resort in Spain is beach rest and swimming in the sea. However, in President 4 * (Mallorca) there are several other ways to brighten up your leisure time. Naturally, there is an outdoor swimming pool and a sun terrace next. Lovers of an active lifestyle will love the presence of a tennis court, as well as the opportunity to play mini-football. A 5-minute walk from the hotel is the golf course. And here, near the pool, in the evening there are various entertainment programs.

There is also a billiard room, table tennis, an opportunity to play volleyball, and rent a bicycle. Those who like can dive, however, this is for an additional fee.

Back in HSM President 4 * (Mallorca) there is a separate SPA-center. Many people like to spend their free time here. SPA has a gym, massage room, sauna, steam room, hammam and jacuzzi. Also, customers have the opportunity to do aerobics. Immediately there are contrast and therapeutic souls.


The President 4 * (Spain, Mallorca) has a bar and a restaurant. In the last institution, guests are served by the "buffet" system. Also periodically hold themed dinners and culinary shows.

Variety is, and it really is. Every day several types of meat, fish, seafood, squid, mussels. Breakfast is also hearty and tasty. There are hot dishes - these are pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon, scrambled eggs, jams, cereals, various pastries and meat cuts. In the morning they even serve champagne, which, in principle, is the norm for these places.

Also the restaurant serves a variety of fresh fruits, original desserts, French fries, spaghetti, juices, wine, ice cream. In the bar you can order any cocktail, but tourists recommend sangria. It is a drink made from wine, to which sugar is added, pieces of fruit and berries, as well as a little bit of mineral water, spices and brandy.

Standard double rooms

President Majorca 4 * (Spain, Mallorca) has apartments of different categories. However, each of them should be told in more detail.

The most budgetary option (and, accordingly, the most in demand) are the two-local standards, the area of which is 22 square meters. M. Inside there are two single beds, which are tightly tied to each other, so it seems as if it is one bed. The interior is pleasant, the floor is parquet, inside there is nothing superfluous. There is a balcony, a plasma TV, a powerful air-conditioner, a dressing room. Naturally, the room has a sanitary unit with a bathroom, toilet and cosmetic accessories. Also in the room there is a refrigerator, a hairdryer and a telephone with a safe.

7 days with breakfast will cost two guests about 42 000 rubles. If you order the service "all inclusive", then you have to pay about 63 thousand rubles. This is a more advantageous option. The restaurant and bar serves good, quality food and drinks. And besides, few people want to search the hot sun in the neighborhood of the cafe, where you could have a snack. And so everything is close.

Improved options

The HSM President 4 * (Mallorca, Alcudia) has even more expensive 2-bed apartments. Conditions - all the same, only with a furnished balcony guests have an amazing view of the sea. For this you need to overpay. Week for two with the service "all inclusive" will cost about 70 000 rubles.

And there are apartments for 2 adults and one child up to 12 years old. In style they resemble numbers of the very first category. But inside there are three single beds. This option with the "all inclusive" service will cost 80 000 rubles a week.

And of course, there are economy rooms for three adults. Their price is 90 000 rubles.

Junior Suite

Apartments of this category in HSM President 4 * (Spain, Mallorca, Alcudia) are more spacious than all the above. Their area is 30 square meters. Inside there are two single beds and one sofa bed. The room for two adults and one child is calculated.

Such apartments are divided into zones. There is a bedroom and a living room, which are separated by a sliding interior door-coupe. There is also a balcony and a bathroom. All that was listed before, is also available to people who stayed in the junior suite. 95 000 rubles - this is the price of these apartments with the all-inclusive service for 7 days.

There is another room for three adults. Inside, everything is the same. And from the balcony you can see the enchanting seascape. However, for three adult guests apartments will cost more. With the same conditions, you will have to pay about 110,000 rubles.

By the way, you can book a room with the cancellation service. However, it will be more expensive. The plus is that if you change plans for cancellation of your reservation, you will not be charged a fine, as it would be in a normal situation. However, if everything goes well, overpay will still have to - for the cancellation service. So it's better to plan a trip as carefully as possible.

About the hotel stay

The HMS President Hotel 4 * (Mallorca) is allowed to stay with children of any age. If the baby is not two years old, a baby cot will be put specially for him in the room and it will be free of charge. Need an extra bed for someone older? Then you will have to pay 50% of the total cost of living for this service. But in the event that the child is younger than 12. Do the guests have an older child? Or did they just bring a third older guest? In these cases it will be necessary to pay 85% of the total cost of living per person.

If an extra bed or cot is needed, you must inform the accommodation facility in advance. The administration should send its answer to the guests.

By the way, in the SPA-center, which the Hotel President 4 * (Mallorca) has, only people over 16 years old are admitted. And with it you need to grab a bathing cap and slippers.

Even at check-in, guests must present an identity card and a credit card, the details of which were indicated during the processing of the remote booking. The hotel accepts only two options - the "Master Card" and "Visa".

About the hotel

HSM President Hotel 4 * (Mallorca) reviews gets a variety. But most of them are positive. The first thing tourists tell about the location. The hotel is located successfully - in a quiet location from where you can reach the city center by bus, which takes guests directly from the hotel. True, we must remember that during the siesta they do not go.

If the trip is scheduled at the height of the season (that is, for the summer), you need to be prepared for the fact that the beach will have to borrow sunbeds from the very morning. You can, of course, spread a towel and lie down like that. But take note of this fact.

The beach is small, but clean, the entrance to the sea is comfortable, sandy. Still there is clear water, dirty it does not happen even after the storm. And all because the beach is protected by the bay that surrounds it. Because there are no waves here. The only disadvantage of the beach is the lack of a shower. But the hotel is a minute away from the sea, so you can live with this shortcoming.

About the personnel

An important for many tourists who want to come here is how well the staff working in President 4 * (Mallorca) are trained. Reviews allow you to understand this.

Clean well, regularly change the towels. It is provided for two large per person, and as many small ones for hands and feet. Dressing gowns here too give out, but for them it is necessary to make a deposit of 10 euros at the reception. The same applies to beach towels. Issue immediately - you do not have to wait. Shampoos, body lotion, soap, gels - all this is in every bathroom, stocks are replenished regularly.

Waiters in restaurants work quickly, the service is good, decent, the same can be said about the bar. However, in the heat of the season, it is still, as they say, "hands are not enough." But even this is tolerable. If you want more space in every sense of the word, you should go here in May. Or, even better, in October. The good climate here is good, you can swim in the sea with comfort even in these months.

What else is worth knowing?

People who leave the hotel HSM President 4 * (Mallorca) reviews, often give good advice or indicate what should be paid attention to other tourists who are going here.

So, it is worth knowing that the restaurant has a self-service in terms of drinks. There are big vessels with beer, sangria, wine and other things. If a person did not order "all inclusive", then any drink costs 3 euros. But, as observant visitors assure, no one controls who poured what and what, so they write out an account for 3 y. E. Per person. If "all inclusive", then you can drink everything and in any quantity.

It is worth noting that for very young children in the restaurant there is no food. It is necessary to take this into account to people who decided to go here with the kids. We'll have to look for some solution, or another hotel.

There is one downside - at dinner do not offer tea and coffee. This is unusual for people who come from Russia. After all, we have, it can be said, traditional drinks. And in the restaurant for dinner you have to wash down cakes, cakes, buns and other tasty sweets with water or juices. You can try to take a hot tea with you.

Who should go

And finally, a couple of words about who the hotel is designed for President Majorca 4 * (Spain, Mallorca). If you believe the reviews and descriptions, then this is a hotel for young people, single tourists and those who want to spend their long-awaited vacation in a quiet place. Compared with other noisy resorts, where dozens come, or even hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, here it is really quite quiet.

Russian, by the way, here a little that plays into the hands of people who want to relax from their homes and everything that is there. The main contingent - visitors from Germany and the Poles.

In general, if you want to spend your time enjoying sea rest and good food, you should go here.

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