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How to pass 109 level? "Planet of Gems" can puzzle

Players wonder: how to pass 109 level? "Planet of Gems" - not the most difficult game in the genre "three in a row." Below, in detail, we will consider the methodology for overcoming complexities at this level.

A game

"Planet of Gems" - a bright representative of the genre "three in a row" with elements of construction. The creators have made a certain highlight - provided for the choice of characters. It is possible to knock out bonuses and pump totems.

The game is distributed as a mobile application.

Often people are looking for an answer to the question, how to pass 109 level. "Planet of Gemstones" is a game in which difficulty can cause a small number of moves - in this case there are only five. So think carefully all carefully. In the game there are bonuses collected from lines of the same color, if more than three gems are lined up in a row. The principle of the action of this simple explosive device is simple - it arranges a total "externinatus" for all the stones of the same color on the field, thus generating a bunch of combinations (they also fall into the releasing cells and, in the case of alignment, are removed).

We pass level 109

In the game "Planet of the Gems", each move can become decisive. The level is also difficult due to the fact that in the penultimate line there are totemic stones and block the way to the last. The tactics of passage are as follows:

  • From the green pebbles on the right a yellow bomb is created;
  • Blast the bomb by moving it to the right;
  • In the sixth row, combine the combination with yellow gems;
  • In the fifth row, purple and blue gems need to be reversed, a purple bomb is produced;
  • Blow it up by moving to the right side and waiting for the completion of all combinations.

If a little incomprehensible, then below - screenshots of the passage.

If you follow the strict instructions, you can reach heights in the game "Planet of the Gems" - 109 level for 3 stars.


It would seem, very mediocre and unpretentious in its functional game, and won the hearts of millions. Than? Yes, everything is the same - simple and colorful.

You do not need to strain your brains to bring out the ideal tactics of passing the entire game in five minutes. It's enough just to sit in a minibus or lecture and poke your finger at the screen, moving the colored stones to the right and left.

Puzzles are simple - you just need to beat out bonuses and use totems.

Difficulties arise rarely, as in this case. Many wondered how to pass 109 level. The "Planet of Gems" at this stage allocates only five moves. Not so much freedom of action in comparison with other rounds. And this is logical, because with the growth of the stages the complexity of the game grows.

But it's worth to get a little patience and trace the elementary patterns to understand how to overcome all the difficulties at this step. In the end, this is not an RPG-style rpg where it is necessary to solve complex issues, to fight against superior in strength and number of bosses, each of which threatens to trample or break the protagonist.

This is just a simple simple "three in a row," which exists dozens or hundreds. Everything is interesting. First of all - the ability to kill time on a long trip, traffic jam, boring lecture, in the office during a break or in the absence of workload. And also in anticipation, while the beloved girl will dress up, make up and make a haircut before going out for a walk. In particular, you can and think about how to pass 109 level. "Planet of Gems" does not take much time in any case.

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