Tires Vilensky: purpose and rules of use

Many studies have been devoted to the problem of dysplasia. Orthopedists believe that the treatment must begin immediately with the birth of the baby. Only in this case it is possible to achieve full recovery. The corrected dislocation and fully preserved functions of the joint - that's what doctors are trying to achieve.

There are external signs on which it is possible to suspect a dysplasia in a newborn, but the final diagnosis is put only after the passage of ultrasound. What symptoms should I look for if there are such suspicions? Examining the child, the presence of the symptom of slipping and hip withdrawal is revealed. Asymmetry of the gluteal folds, shortening of the legs can also indicate changes in the hip joint.

As already mentioned, treatment must begin immediately. The baby is swaddled with loose legs, and also uses spacers. When the pre-prehensile hips are appointed Vilensky tires. The telescopic spacer is made of aluminum, and the material on the cuffs is made of genuine leather. The device is intended for permanent wearing. Orthopedist recommends tires with such indications:

  • dysplasia;
  • Hip dislocation;
  • Deformation of its neck;
  • Changes in the position of the femoral head.

Tires Vilensky come in three sizes:

  • Small - for infants up to three to four months;
  • Middle tire - designed for children from four months to a year;
  • A large one that children are worn over the year.

Spacers are worn for half a year, after the dislocation is removed . The tires of Vilenskiy are removed only after the complete development of the hip is complete. In the treatment, the correct ratio of the femoral head to the cavity is achieved. It is necessary that the movements in the joint of the infant, which bears the curative spacer, are preserved.

For dysplasia, Pavlik's stirrups or Vilensky's stirrups are assigned, the photo of the latter is presented in the article. The patient should be examined once a week, until the dislocation is corrected. This is checked as follows: the folds between the thigh and the buttocks should be symmetrical. After correcting the dislocation, make a control photograph. Also, the doctor applies a method of manual examination of dysplasia.

The orthopedist shows his parents how to put on Vilensky tires. To do this, put the child on a hard surface. Then, spread his legs and put them in straps, lock and lace up. The doctor will tell you what level is preferable for the spacer. Parents need to constantly monitor this. Tires allow the child to move, and therefore have no side effects. The baby can develop normally.

In addition, they perform therapeutic gymnastics, electric muscle stimulation, massage; At the same time, the child is wearing a diverting tire. If within two months you can not fix the hamstring, you need to combine the procedures with other methods. For example, impose a functional gypsum bandage. In some cases, Ilizarov's apparatus is used . With severe damage to the head of the hip, dystrophic processes may occur. In this case, after an X-ray examination, dysplasia is promptly eliminated.

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