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The shape of the breasts. Conditions and impact

Despite the fact that the structure of the body is identical for all women, some of its parts have their own individual characteristics, for example, the chest. The shape and size of this subject of women's pride have worried men since ancient times. Incidentally, the shape of the breast has national characteristics. Europeans are most often hemispherical, African - pear-shaped, in Asia, often there are women who have a conical chest. Connoisseurs of this part of the body never came to a common opinion what to consider as an ideal.

How do women's breasts change?

In a youth of problems with a breast almost does not happen. Only hereditary factors and the girl's genotype affect the shape of the breasts. To prevent the lowering of the breast will allow proper posture and a straight back. And regular physical exercises will support its appearance.

Diet and shape of the breasts

Probably, many of us faced such problem, as loss of the form of a breast at growing thin. You can not order the body to lose weight exactly in the places where you need it. One of the first "blows away" the chest. This is logical, because it consists partly of adipose tissue. Some drop out diets, so as not to say goodbye to beautiful forms forever. But if you lose weight unintentionally, the shape of the breasts can be restored. It is only necessary to gain lost weight.

Hormonal background and the shape of the breasts

One of the important factors affecting the size of the female breast is the level of hormones in the body. It can vary with the approach of the menstrual cycle, with the intake of hormonal tablets for contraception, with the onset of menopause. At such times, the breast can increase, swell, and then fall off.

Pregnancy, feeding and the shape of the breasts

Photos of pregnant and lactating mothers are almost always distinguished by one feature - women's chests and large breasts. The organism of the future mother is preparing for the birth of a baby, so the size of the breast is significantly increased. When lactation is completed, the breast may not return to its previous form. This depends in part on the skin condition and hereditary characteristics. But often it happens that the old forms are lost forever.

Time and shape of the breasts

But the most terrible enemy of a woman is time. With age, a sufficient amount of collagen fibers ceases to be produced in the body. Namely, at their expense, the elasticity of muscles and skin is maintained. The first suffer face and chest. Fighting this problem with improvised methods is useless. Creams may give temporary elasticity to the skin, but they can not lift the sagging chest. Physical exercises have a small effect, since the breast is not a muscle, it can not be inflated. An effective method in such cases is an operation. Nowadays, in clinics of plastic surgery, doctors make any correction. You can increase or decrease the breast, give it the shape that you like. The operation will take into account your height, weight, physique, age. If your breasts are sagged and lost their former attractiveness - not everything is lost!

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