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If the ovary hurts

If a woman has an ovary, it means that the sex glands have become inflamed . This inflammatory process usually begins in the organs next to each other. Then, in the absence of treatment or untimely contact with a doctor, it can spread directly to the ovary. Inflammation of the sex glands can be either bilateral or unilateral. If the ovary hurts, it is quite possible that the inflammatory process affected the uterine tubes.

Why do the sex glands become inflamed? First, it can happen because of the inflammatory process in the neighboring organs. Secondly, due to hypothermia. Sometimes a woman, sitting in the cold or bathing with unheated water, does not even think about what such light-headedness can lead to. Thirdly, non-observance of the simplest rules of personal hygiene can cause inflammation of the ovaries.

The ovary also hurts if the woman is sick with diabetes, obesity, after an abortion. The pain in this body can lead to problems with the adrenal glands, thyroid gland, pituitary gland, hypothalamus, immune system. Constant nervous tension, neuroses, depression, stress, irregular and inadequate nutrition - all this also leads to diseases of the sexual glands, one of the symptoms of which will be pain in these female organs.

How does the ovary ache? Can this pain be distinguished from signs of other gynecological diseases? At an early stage, if the ovary hurts, it is difficult to correctly diagnose ovarian inflammation. Therefore, it is so easy to miss the onset of the disease so as not to allow it to develop into an oncological disease. The first signs of the inflammatory process in the ovary include an increase in the abdomen and aching, drawing pains in its bottom. It increases because the fluid that accumulates inside can not go outside without medication. If one sexual gland is inflamed, there may be an asymmetry in the appearance of the abdomen. Often, such pain can be accompanied by insomnia, decreased immunity and performance, irritability and other signs of mental and physical overwork. Other signs of the inflammatory process in the appendages are discharge, malfunction in the menstrual cycle, discomfort during sex, increased body temperature. If you do not go to the doctor, the disease becomes chronic. Do not self-medicate.

When a woman hurts an ovary, the gynecologist prescribes treatment after a thorough examination. Only a qualified doctor can, after palpating, examining smears from the surface of the mucosa and other diagnostic methods, prescribe those medicines and those physiotherapeutic procedures that will help to defeat this insidious inflammation of the ovaries, sometimes resulting in cancer of the female organs.

If a woman has an ovary, this is an excuse for the gynecologist to suspect polycystosis. Ovarian cyst is an extremely serious disease, so treatment should be complete and timely. Along with the medicamental effect, it is possible to practice folk methods of treatment.

If there are pains in the abdomen during pregnancy, this is not an excuse to get upset. Bearing a child is a special time in a woman's life. According to doctors, during this period the ovaries should not bother the pregnant woman, as they "turn off" as if. In this case, the main thing that such pain was not before conception. Pain in the ovaries testifies to the presence of problems that can damage the future child, therefore, the inflammatory process in these organs should be cured before the onset of pregnancy.

If you have an ovary, do not in any way ignore this sign of the approaching disease. Urgently go to the doctor!

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