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Farrah Fawcett: a popular movie actress, a sex symbol of America of the seventies

Farrah Fawcett - American actress, Hollywood star, was born on February 2, 1947 in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas. The girl was artistic, had a flexible plastic body and magnificent curly hair color of ripe wheat.

Carier start

As a teenager Farra Fawcett was invited to Los Angeles, the preparatory center for acting, and after a while the girl began to star in episodic roles with famous directors and perform on the podium as a model.

The actress gained international fame after having played a major role in the television series Charlie's Angels, launched in 1976. Her character, Jill Monroe, who just graduated from the police academy, was hired by a private detective agency Charlie Tausend.

Three agents

Jill, Sabrina Duncan (in her role as Keith Jackson) and Kelly Garrett (Jacqueline Smith) made up the three detectives thrown by Thousand to uncover the most complex crimes. Girls faced with insoluble problems, and then they put into play the main female weapon - sexual attraction. That did not delay to affect the results.

After the release of the film on the television screen, Fosett's popularity just went off scale, she was not given a passage in the street, fans were on duty at the house. The famous Farah poster in a red swimsuit was sold in the amount of twelve million copies.

Farrah Fawcett became a sex symbol of America in the seventies and continued to be successful in film and television. In 1995, the actress made a real sensation, appearing on the cover of the magazine "Playboy".

"Who is the head in this house"

Sacks of letters from readers of the magazine for men did not confuse the movie star, and she continued to withdraw. In the same 1995, Fawcett played the title role in the family melodrama "Who's in the House of the Host" directed by James Orr. Her character, a single woman named Sandy Archer, does not like a soul in her eleven-year-old son named Ben.

Sandi tries to find herself a husband, and the son does not like any of the candidates. When Jack Sturges appears (played by Chevy Chase), the boy announces him a real war.

«Racing" Cannonball "»

A 1981 film, starring Fawcett, was directed by director Hal Nydam. In the center of the story, adventurer JJ MacLeur (in his role as the inimitable Burt Reynolds), who decided to win the race "New Jersey - California" by ambulance. In the course of the action, Pamela Glover (Farra Fawcett), nicknamed Beauty, joins him.

Main roles

In 1986, the actress starred in the highly dramatic drama "extreme measures", directed by director Robert Young. The picture tells of a housewife named Marjorie, who for a long time terrorizes a sex maniac. She finally manages to lure him into a trap. The police decided not to involve the police, and the company thinks about how to deal with the annoying pursuer.


Another major role for Fawcett is the image of Margaret Burke-White, the first woman who was admitted to the acting front during the Second World War as a journalist and photographer.

The film is called "Margaret Burke-White." The film was directed by Laurence Schiller in 1989.


During her career, the actress starred in more than forty films. Below is a sample list of films with her participation.

  • "I dream of Ginny" (1969), the character of Cindy.
  • "Charlie's Angels" (1976), the role of Jill Monroe.
  • "Spin City" (2001), the character - Judge Claire Simons.
  • "Ellie McBeal" (1999), the character of Robbie Jones.
  • "Defender" (2002), the role of Mary Gressler.
  • "Mayra Breckinridge" (1970), the role of Mary Pringle.
  • "Logan's Flight" (1976), the character of Holly.
  • "Someone killed her husband" (1978), the role of Jenny Moore.
  • "Murder in Texas" (1981), character John Robinson.
  • "Between Two Women" (1986), the role of Vel Petton.
  • "Extreme measures" (1986), the character of the Majorzhi.
  • "Poor rich little girl" (1987), the role of Barbara Hatton.
  • "See you in the morning" (1989), character Joe Livingston.
  • "Margaret Burke-White" (1989), the role of Margaret.
  • "Spare wife" (1994), the character of Pearl.
  • "Children of Ashes" (1995), the role of Nora Maxwell.
  • "Who's the master of the house" (1995), the character of Sandy Archer.
  • "The Apostle" (1997), the role of Jesse Dewey.
  • "Crumb" (2000), the character of Lily Mallone.
  • "Hollywood Wives" (2003), the role of Lisa Romano.
  • "Shashlyk" (2003), the character of Mrs. Crowley.

Farrah Fawcett, whose films always look with interest, could still be removed, but her creative path was interrupted due to illness.

The actress died of cancer in a clinic in the city of Santa Monica June 25, 2009.

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