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Natural childbirth in the water: advantages and disadvantages

The birth of a child is always a great joy for both new parents and their relatives, and, of course, for doctors. There are many different techniques for carrying out labor. It can be a cesarean section with epidural or general anesthesia, natural vertical or horizontal labor. Also recently, it has become popular to apply one more technique. It is about this and will be discussed in this article. You will learn what birth in the water is, you can get acquainted with the pros and cons of this manipulation. An obligatory reservation will be the conditions for using such a method of the child's birth.

Childbirth in the water

Every year in Moscow, more and more people want to try this method of delivery. It is worth noting that most of these women have already given birth once. They want to compare the sensations and find out which technique is better.

Childbirth in the water (in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation) is conducted by two methods. The first of them is that the future mother is on land until the cervix is fully opened. The essence of the second method is that the mother is in the water throughout the fights and attempts.

Conditions for this manipulation

Childbirth in the water in the hospital can be carried out only if there are certain conditions and there are no contraindications to the parturient woman.

A woman should be absolutely healthy, not having infections and various problems with blood vessels and heart. Also during pregnancy there should be no complications or threats. The temperature of the liquid must be in the range of 36 to 37 degrees.

It should be noted that water should change every two hours. Otherwise, bacteria can multiply and, consequently, infect the mother and fetus.

A direct contraindication to this procedure is a cesarean section.

Natural childbirth in the water: advantages and disadvantages

Like any other manipulation, this procedure has its pros and cons. If you want to give birth at home in the water (or use such services in a medical institution), then you should first carefully study the pros and cons. Only after this it is possible to make a decision.

Pros of natural childbirth in water

Childbirth in water reviews have in most cases positive. Doctors also note that this is, rather, the whim of the future mother and the opportunity to pay tribute to fashion. However, experts do not deny the merits of this procedure. Let's try to understand them in detail and find out what is so good in the water in the water.

Reduced pain

It's no secret that the process of giving birth to a child is rather painful. It is worth noting that most of the unpleasant sensations are observed during labor.

Water helps the expectant mother to relax. A man immersed in a liquid does not feel the mass of his body. It is because of the decrease in terrestrial attraction and the blunting of the feeling of pain. It is worth noting that theoretically, the birth would have been even easier in salt water. However, such a method is not yet practiced by physicians.

Increase of elasticity of tissues

After a long stay in the liquid, the human body is filled with water. In this regard, there is an increase in the elasticity of the skin.

Statistics show that with the generic process carried out in the water, the frequency of ruptures of the soft tissues and muscles of the expectant mother is significantly reduced.

Facilitating the passage of the fetus through the birth canal

Water in the process of childbirth can be a kind of lubricant. If a woman has had an early discharge of amniotic fluid, the baby will be difficult to move along the birth canal. In this case, delivery at immersion in the liquid will be very useful.

Water will create a sliding effect, and the baby can quickly walk the laid path and appear.

Plus for the child

In the process of birth, the baby experiences tremendous stress on the brain, the visual and respiratory system. Water in this case will be a kind of preparatory stage for the child. Throughout the term of the crumb was in the womb of this fluid. A familiar environment will reduce stress and facilitate the process of entering the human world.

Disadvantages of delivery in water

Childbirth in the water also has its drawbacks. They must always be remembered. So, in some cases, there can be a serious threat to the life of the mother and child. We'll figure out what can be bad birth in the water.

Lack of practice

The main drawback of this process is the lack of practice in people whose responsibilities include assisting women in childbirth. Most maternity hospitals try to adhere to classical methods of delivery. The appearance of a child in water can be called a curiosity, despite the fact that this method was described a few decades ago.

Due to the lack of skills of doctors and midwives, the process can be carried out incorrectly or with violation of sanitary conditions.

Possibility of infection

As already mentioned above, during the stay in the water of the future mother, the liquid must be replaced every two hours. Some women can give birth for a very long time. If the water has not been replaced by all the rules, then there is the possibility of infection.

It is exactly two hours before the bacteria begin to develop in the water. It can be staphylococcus or streptococcus. Also a very frequent guest in this kind of liquid is E. coli. All these microorganisms do not pose a great danger to the mother in childbirth. However, fetal infection can lead to irreparable complications.

Problems with the mother's vessels

During childbirth, a woman loses a large amount of blood. This happens at the birth of a child's place. That is why it is so important to remove the newly mum from the water before the placenta retreats. Otherwise, water molecules can enter the smallest vessels and form a thrombus in them.

Such a complication can be completely invisible at first, but in the future it can become a serious threat to the life of a woman.

The occurrence of complications in the process of childbirth

Sometimes during attempts, complications may occur. Most often this is a placenta detachment, tearing of the perineum and internal organs, improper position of the baby, cord cuffing and others. Thus the doctor needs to supervise process of passage of the kid on patrimonial ways. It is rather difficult to make in water.

Also, in the process of delivery, surgical intervention may be necessary. In such urgent moments, all actions must be carried out very quickly. Any delay can lead to completely unexpected consequences. When a woman in labor is in the water, it is very difficult to act quickly. This is an undoubted disadvantage of such manipulation.

The likelihood of fluid entering the respiratory tract of a newborn

When the baby is born, the first thing he does is start breathing. The lungs open and start working. When in the water there is a possibility that the liquid will enter the respiratory tract of the baby. In this case, there is a serious threat to the life of crumbs. In the absence of qualified help, everything can end very badly.

Lack of timely assistance

Since childbirth in the water in the hospital is not very common, some women decide to stay at home the entire process of labor. It is worth noting that this is rather risky. If there is no competent doctor and obstetrician near to you, then everything can end rather badly. When complications arise, it is not always possible to quickly reach a medical facility.


Childbirth in the water has recently become very fashionable. However, you always need to consider your capabilities. If you are not sure of your strengths and desires, then you should abandon such experiments. Trust trusted professionals who will do everything right.

If you doubt, then it makes sense to consult a gynecologist, leading your pregnancy. The doctor will tell you in detail about this manipulation and give his recommendations. Suit responsibly to the choice of how to give birth to your baby.

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