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Riddles about insects: large and small, beautiful and frightening

They fly or creep, can sting or be sweet and charming. These are insects. Even a karapuz knows them. Therefore, riddles about insects will certainly attract the attention of children of all ages.

Mysteries about the butterfly and the dragonfly

Butterflies are the most beautiful of all insects. They admire everything. Therefore, it is logical to start riddles about insects with those answers in which they are exactly.

1. Amazing flower,

Nobody could break it.

As soon as they approach him,

He immediately breaks into the sky.

2. In the summer I saw a flower

With patterns magical.

But only to break it could not,

The petals turned out to be wings.

The next riddles about insects are the dragonfly and the moth.

1. A mini helicopter circling above the pond.

He is painted in blue in blue.

Its flight is very smooth,

And the wings are transparent to light.

2. He is like a little butterfly.

Its color is like a cornflower field.

Flashes quickly and mysteriously.

And attracts the bright light of simple ...

Riddle of beetles

They are also quite a few among insects. There are cute, like a ladybug, or disgusting like a cockroach. Therefore, riddles about insects - a ladybird, firefly and cockroach - are pleasing with their diversity.

1. There lives on a flower a red insect,

In the black points on the back of the shirt.

On the stem creeps very quickly and dexterously,

And it's called God ...

2. Very small bug

At night, a bright light lit.

For others he is like a flashlight

The path will indicate a light ball.

3. He is a redhead, like the redest horse.

With horns, just not a ram.

If the house is discovered,

Immediately tapping it presses him.

Riddles about bees, wasps and hornets

Mysteries about bees or bees can be very similar. Only bees have one distinctive feature: they make honey. Therefore, first there are riddles about bees.

1. She put on a striped dress

And flew to the flowers.

For a long time they collected nectar from them,

To make honey in the hive more.

2. It's like a little motor noise.

There are wings, and therefore flies.

The first never attacks,

But the offender painfully stings.

The next mystery about the striped relative of bees is a bumblebee.

He is like a bee, hairy and striped.

That's just the voice will be drowned.

From the flower to the flower flies simply,

Buzzing to everyone: "Have a tasty nectar drink!"

The next four puzzles about wasps, which seem very similar to hardworking bees, but still differ from them.

1. To us a fashionista flew winged,

Her dress is yellow with black and striped.

Although the growth is very small,

But if it bites, it will be bad.

2. Who is spinning and twisting in front of us?

A striped dress, but with a long mustache.

The waist is thin, though it loves the sweet.

And she will never get any honey.

3. It looks like a tiger a little bit,

A mustache is also black stripes.

Still there is a sting and flies to heaven,

Always smells sweet dangerous ...

4. She has bee strips,

But the waist is thinner every two.

Honey does not give and yet all the flowers

Pollinates quickly: one or two times.

Riddles about ants

These insects are difficult to imagine singly, there will always be one or more nearby. Their house is familiar to all children. Therefore, riddles about the ants will definitely be solved.

1. Although the sprouts are too small,

No one will blame the guys for this.

They can carry everything in the house,

From this their strong men call.

2. In the clearing near the stump

Bustle all day, running around.

The petty people are very working,

The whole day he takes care of supplies.

3. A thin black brook spread over the grass,

It is composed of black dots on the wonder of children.

From the house crawl without a burden, but carry home

Who is a leaf, who is a straw, so that the house is big.

4. My work in the labor collective

In the thick needles of old fir trees.

The log is dragged along the hills and ravines,

For our house, such a lot is necessary.

Once behind the next mystery about the ant, you can find the answer to the one in which he is the word "anthill".

This house can hide even in the grassy grass.

From needles and leaves it is built small.

Only in it there live many very tiny tenants,

To have everything in the house, everyone is ready to work long.

Mysteries about flies and mosquitoes

They are not liked by adults and children. They painfully bite and spread diseases. Insects that no one likes: flies.

1. Shaggy legs, the same abdomen.

It turns and climbs in the eyes or ears.

He wants to eat our jam,

To drive her away does not have the patience.

It buzzes and buzzes right above the ear.

And all this is just harmful ...

2. A little while the sun will rise,

She's already buzzing over her ear.

We do not sleep longer,

On his face sits the usual ...

3. With wings, but not a bird.

There is a trunk, but not an elephant.

She certainly sits on her nose,

Drive her away once a million.

And one more riddle about the fly:

Little Walker

He took off to the ceiling.

On the glass creeps,

From the ceiling will not fall.

As autumn comes,

She bites everyone.

The next two riddles about mosquitoes.

1. Spout it like a sharp knitting needle.

As the night comes, he can not sleep.

He wants to get drunk blood very much,

It's late autumn that can stop this hunger.

2. In the spring we have a guest with a hungry belly

Arrived and loudly ringing above the ear.

Nectar of flowers he does not want to drink,

To drink blood, your nose sharpen.

Mysteries about the grasshopper

1. This maestro wears a green coat.

He plays in the field, the same green.

The violinist is the best on this glade,

And best of all he jumps over flowers.

2. There is a spring in the clearing,

She is hiding a green back.

Jumps quickly in length, in height.

Later, music will reveal beauty.

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