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How to get rid of panic attacks once and for all. The medicine for panic attacks

Everyone probably knows the well-known phrase Renata Litvinova: "How terrible it is to live ...". And this is in some ways true, what only it is worth to look at the news and find out what is happening in the world! Therefore, frequent attacks on the psychiatrist and psychotherapist are panic attacks, which are increasingly beginning to visit the Russians (today almost 5% of Russians suffer from this). In this article I want to understand how you can cope with this kind of problem.

What it is?

So, before you figure out how to get rid of panic attacks, you should first decide on the concepts and understand what it is. Panic attack (in medicine - episodic paroxysmal anxiety) is an uncontrollable, unexplained and completely unexpected attack of fear that occurs for no apparent reason and is always accompanied by a sharp deterioration in the general condition of a person.

About the patient

It is noteworthy that even the recollection of an attack already causes the patient to worry. In fact, this is such a small death, because often some channels of perception of information and communication with the outside world are closed, and the person himself needs to try to cope with this situation. At this time, the patient experiences a rather strange sensation, as if his body and mind are separated, and this becomes even worse. At the same time, a person absolutely can not react to the treatment of people, he does not hear them and thinks only that death is inevitable.

About the process

Panic attacks can last from five minutes to a day. As for the repetitions, this question is individual for everyone. Someone can attack several times a day, someone - once a week or even a month. However, it should be said that with each new attack the frequency will progress, the duration of the attacks will be more and more intense. It is necessary to give a few words and fears. So, they are completely different, but most people are afraid to die, look bad in the eyes of others or go insane. Another interesting fact is that there are no two completely identical fears in the world. An example is the fear of the metro: someone is afraid of terrorist attacks that may happen there, someone is choking, and some are just crowds. However, the most important is that most often a panic attack occurs for no apparent reason, as it were "out of thin air", when the body draws its forces from its mind reserves.

What to do?

Of course, people suffering from such mental disorders want to learn how to get rid of panic attacks forever. What do I need to do? According to the opinion of physicians, the ideal option is still a combination of psychotherapy (working with a specialist) and taking certain medications. Only a complex of measures will help to achieve success and get rid of seizures. In this case, the tablet will be a kind of lifebuoy for the patient, who will always be at the person's fingertips and will be able to "save" him in a difficult moment (this also includes self-hypnosis, which also helps fight the attack). Work with a specialist can identify the causes of panic attacks and cope with this unpleasant disorder.

Medication Methods

It is worth mentioning that in medical practice there is a cure for panic attacks. So, the patient can pick up something from the category of tranquilizers, i.e., drugs that relieve excessive anxiety. However, only a physician can prescribe and prescribe this remedy. It should be remembered that it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol and smoking during treatment with these medications, you also need to specify whether it is possible to drive a car. It is important to recall that you should strictly follow the dosage, otherwise you can severely damage your own body. The minus of these drugs is that they are akin to the drug and can cause addiction.


Those who do not want to take a synthetic medicine for panic attacks can be offered to be treated with herbs and folk methods. First of all, you can practice the intake of valerian - two tablets under the tongue - which has a calming effect. The same principle is followed by chamomile, melissa, sweet clover, birch leaves and motherwort. What else can you advise people who are interested in how to get rid of panic attacks with folk remedies? It must be remembered that the herbs can be brewed in the desired dosage and taken not only as a medicine, but also as a preventive agent. However, you always need to tell your doctor about the methods you take to combat the problem. At the same time, you can also buy drugs in the pharmacy, which are similar in principle to the action with tranquilizers, but they are dispensed without a prescription:

  • "Normoxan" - a drug that contains all the same valerian.
  • "Grandaxin" - a very weak tranquilizer, which does not cause a person's state of drowsiness.
  • "Persen", "Novopassit", etc. - are simply sedatives.

Besides the use of medicines. You can resort to the help of some exercises and activities. Let us consider them in more detail.

Method 1. "Slow breathing"

Still how to get rid of panic attacks? Methods of struggle are different. One of them, which has met all expectations and perfectly helps even in the most difficult situations, is breath control. There are a few fairly easy to master techniques. The first of them is slow breathing. It is applicable even in a public place and takes very little time. Its essence is this: when a person feels the approach of an attack, he needs to reduce the number of breaths-exhalations to 8-10 per minute. However, for the first time it is not so easy to do, the exercise requires preliminary preparation and even training. What you need to do in order to master this technique, what is the procedure?

  1. Well concentrate on your breathing, feel it.
  2. You need to learn to breathe the diaphragm, not the belly: for this you need to put your hand on the stomach area and with inspiration-exhalation to control that these muscles come into motion.
  3. Try to hold your breath for about 10 seconds. Do not get too much air, everything should look natural.
  4. Exhalation should be made at the expense of three, before inhaling again count to three and then inhale. It would be good to breathe at such a rate for at least a minute (in this case, and the account itself can help cope with the attack).
  5. If, after these manipulations, fear does not recede, you need to repeat everything again, holding your breath for 10 seconds.

Exercising about 5-6 times a day, you can learn to fully control your breathing and help yourself at the time of approaching an attack without any medications. However, this is only one of the methods that tell how to get rid of panic attacks. And there are others.

Method 2. "Paper package"

Many people must have paid attention to such a moment in Hollywood films, when a person in a difficult situation breathes into a paper bag and at the same time quickly calms down. So - this is he trying to cope with a panic attack. But how to get rid of seizures with this method, what is its principle? Everything is extremely simple: you need to limit the flow of oxygen and increase the flow of carbon dioxide (which comes out on exhalation from the lungs). Fear is not worth it: the lungs will get enough air for their normal functioning. Plus method: does not require preliminary training, like the previous one. Cons: it is impossible to apply anywhere, especially in the public (who would want to show everyone their mental disorders?) What is the algorithm of action in this case?

  1. Sensing the approach of a panic attack, you need to quickly prepare a paper bag - so that its neck snug against the nose and lips and let air pass as little as possible.
  2. In the package you need to breathe slowly and evenly, until the panic recedes.
  3. If you do not have a package at hand, you can breathe in the palm of your hand, folding it with a so-called "cup."

Well, how to get rid of panic attacks by this method, we dismantled, we will add only that it is better to always carry a spare paper bag with you. However, in public you can breathe in the "cup", referring then to the fact that it just made the head spin, and it became a bit uncomfortable.

Method 3. Distraction

Another very effective way how to get rid of panic attacks and fear is to distract yourself in the moments of their approach. How can this be done?

  1. Wear a bright rubber band on your arm. When a person feels that the attack is approaching, it is necessary to pull her out with force and slap herself on her arm. Sharp pain can distract a person, so it will be easier to cope with the attack.
  2. Считалочка. Many people are helped simply by something to consider at the time of approaching the attack. For this you can recalculate cars, trees and even people. It's worth saying that this is a great way to get rid of panic attacks in the metro or other public place.
  3. Fantasies. So, doctors recommend trying to imagine yourself in a different, quiet and peaceful place, where there is no fuss and cares. Mentally transferred to there, you can more safely experience a panic attack or even strangle it in the bud.
  4. Thoughts. Those who can easily look at themselves from outside, doctors advise to control everything that happens at the moment of approaching a panic attack. It is necessary to consider symptoms, describe them as if for themselves, watching everything from the side. It helps to survive a complicated fiction, because you are, as it were, an observer, not a participant.

Preventive measures

Telling how to get rid of panic attacks without pills, it is worth mentioning that it is also good to prevent this disorder. You can take a variety of soothing herbal infusions and decoctions from the discharge of the above described, it is also good to first master various breathing techniques and try them on yourself in moments of tranquility. And, of course, you need to see a doctor for help. Disorders of the psyche are very serious, and it's not easy to cope with them alone, and sometimes it's impossible. But you do not need to be ashamed of your illness. It is better to collect will in a fist and together with the doctor to try to solve the arisen problem.

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