Preparation "Regecin": reviews and indications for use

Everyone dreams to look beautiful. This applies to both women and men. What are the first things you pay attention to when meeting or just meeting? Of course, on the face. Well-groomed, sick skin leaves an unpleasant impression of its owner. In addition, sometimes by the number and location of acne, pimples and other imperfections, you can determine what a person is sick. Not everyone wants to disclose such information about themselves.

In order for this to happen, you need to look after the skin of your face. A wide range of cosmetics can be found in any store. Any manufacturer of creams, gels, foams and other means for problem skin promises a quick effect. But, unfortunately, not everyone is able to keep his word. How to choose really what you need? First, it should be noted that any redness on the skin indicates the presence of any disease that must be treated. Any medicine, including creams, gels, is best bought in pharmacies. One of the drugs used in the fight against acne is the gel "Regecin". Feedback from those who already use it, indicate its effectiveness.

This drug belongs to the category of care products for problem skin. The active substance, which is part of the gel, is zinc hyaluronate. Potassium sorbate, zinc chloride, sodium hydroxide, sodium hyaluronate, carbopol, purified water - these substances, as auxiliary, are also included in the gel "Regecine". The instruction is attached to each package. It can give a more detailed answer about the qualitative and quantitative composition.

What is the purpose of the medicine "Regecin"? Reviews posted on various sites will help you figure it out. The main active substance of the gel has a pronounced regenerating and antimicrobial effect. It stimulates angiogenesis and helps maintain the elasticity and normal tone of the skin.

If you are worried about light, moderate or vulgar acne, perioral or atopic dermatitis, microbial eczema, you should definitely use the Regecin gel. Reviews of numerous fans of this drug suggest that it works, and quickly enough. Before applying this gel, you should consult a doctor. The specialist will help determine the diagnosis and will prescribe the correct treatment. With an average or severe degree of disease, the gel is used as part of complex therapy, along with other drugs.

The gel is used mainly for the treatment of acne on the face skin, but if necessary, it can be applied to other areas of the body (shoulders, décolleté area and so on). People suffering from skin problems are happy to use the gel "Regecine". Reviews say that it gives a positive effect with regular application. This means that using it from time to time, you can not wait for a good result.

As a rule, the visible effect is achieved after two months of continuous use. Many people are interested in the drug "Regecin". Reviews about it can be found different, but mostly positive. The gel does not dry the skin, and the tightening effect does not last long. The drug is quickly absorbed and leaves no traces on the skin. This advantageously distinguishes it from many similar ointments and creams.

Among other effects can be identified the ability of the gel to heal small wounds. A few days later, the wound is markedly reduced. Complete healing usually occurs on the fourth day.

Buy medicines only in pharmacies. Always check the expiry date. Never do self-medication. If you have any questions or problems with your health, ask your doctor for help.

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