Falseness is what? Value, correct spelling and interpretation

Falseness is not a very pleasant word, but it is a fascinating object of study. Man has always chased the present. And he does not care what exactly is meant, the main thing is authenticity! And now, exposing and spoiling the word, we will partially satisfy the person's thirst for true experience.


Falsity is, above all, an inaccuracy in the performance of a musical work or in singing. The reader can always remember his friends who, without hearing and voice, try to sing, and he will get a visual idea of what is the discrepancy between the ideal and the real. This is the first meaning of the word. We move further.

Falseness is insincerity, unnaturalness, pretense, hypocrisy. You can, as an example, remember sycophants at least from school times, even from work. Some make compliments to teachers, others - the bosses. Smart people feel falsity for a mile, and those who prefer, even if deceptive, adore honest indifference, take such attitude at face value.

Falsehood is deception or fraud. For example, when a jeweler tries to sell glass at the price of a diamond. Remember, at one time the popular film "Shirley-Myrli" (1995). It had a similar episode.


It is impossible, as always, to dispense with analogous words when it comes to the interpretation of a particular concept. Let's not deceive the reader's expectations and this time:

  • duplicity;
  • Duplicity;
  • Dexterity:
  • artificiality;
  • Kryvodshie;
  • hypocrisy;
  • fraud;
  • Unnaturalness;
  • Discrepancy;
  • Inaccuracy;
  • Cheating.

Yes, what to say, deception has many masks, and it is advisable to know all of them, so that each time you recognize it unmistakably. But it's best to rely on a flair. Usually, if a person is not a fool, then he knows when they drive him by the nose. But the most interesting thing is that you can execute almost any deception and do not falsify, otherwise great criminals would not exist in nature.

"Falsch", "lutshe", "superfluous"

Clearly aware that many readers we have now lost, because they saw the subtitle and blinded, because in it no word is correctly written. But be courageous, your suffering will be rewarded. We have a task - to answer the question, "false" or "false", how right? Even from a small preface that precedes the answer, it is already clear which form of the word is correct, is not it?

Why do such kinds of phrases arise that mutilate, taking away from them the legal letters? The ingenious reader probably already understood what the reason is. Of course, this is the Almighty Internet, access to which is open to everyone, even those who speak Russian at school "3". But when a schoolboy writes with mistakes, it can still be understood and forgiven, but sometimes adults give out pearls: "heartily", "better", "superfluous".

And you can immediately establish the source of this kind of errors - this is the principle of "how it is heard, and it is written". After the collapse of the Soviet Union, mass literacy seemed to back up. It is no longer a shame to write in your native language with errors, arguing that: "I'm not a philologist" and "We're not on the exam." For our part, we will do everything to make the reader firmly remember: "falsity" or "falseness" is only the first option, and this is without alternative!

Why is missing notes - is it bad?

For an ordinary citizen, whose work is not singing, falsehood is not such a sin, perhaps even relatives, children, friends listen to him. What can you do, Sergei Efimovich loves to sing, and he certainly needs the audience, and once a year you can and be patient.

Another thing, when a professional performer is false, it is clear that he is threatened with losing his job if he continues irresponsible every time "giving a cock". But worse than that, it hurts the listener's aesthetic feelings. If singing is so-so, then the enjoyment of art slips away, putting the latter in general into question. It turns out that falseness is quite scary and quite insecure.

Museum of "Counterfeit Art" in the film "Track 60"

But sometimes fakes can serve a good service to the originals. For example, impersonate them and vice versa. Putano, right? In the movie there was a museum in which they sold real masterpieces of painting, but they were given out for forgery of the lowest posiba, and since collectors are not really interested in art, but only vanity and the name of the artist, they believed.

The reader is not like that, he is interested in the question, how is "false" written? We assure him that the word is written with a soft sign on the end. The rest of the letters are "bugged". But if you read more books, then questions about the correct spelling will disappear with time, we give the floor. And one more question after: what kind of word is "false"? Of course, female. The last in the course of our narrative, we think, it turned out.

So, the formalities are almost finished.

The positive side of falsehood as a phenomenon

Of course, the pessimist will say that in our world there is not enough present, but a lot of artificial, forged. But if there was no darkness, how could we appreciate the light? Quite the same, if there were only one beauty around, people would want an ugliness for contrast or a sense of protest.

Therefore, after we learned how to write "falsity", it is worth looking at the phenomenon from the side of its necessity. And it's not even the inevitability of evil in the world, but the fact that if a person has never been deceived, he will not value honesty.

If a person knew only a kind attitude, he would not appreciate it. True, if a man or woman faced only hypocrisy, then for mercy they will see something terrible, dark and vile. In general, the falsity and synonyms of it allow a person to truly appreciate the noble, true and true. True, there are more and more copies every day, but there is nothing to be done, the era of postmodernity.

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