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Where to celebrate a birthday in Chelyabinsk? Review, interesting ideas and feedback

One of the most famous cities of the Urals is Chelyabinsk. It is one of the ten largest cities in Russia. It was founded as a guard fortress on the path of nomads and conquerors in the middle of the 18th century.

Once there lived only Cossacks and passed through the stage of a convict. But by the end of the 19th century this city became the most famous place of commerce in the Russian Empire. Here you could buy almost everything. Today the city is the largest metropolis and is considered the capital of the Southern Urals. There is where to go and what to see.

And how do people spend their leisure time in the city? Where to celebrate a birthday in Chelyabinsk? What program is offered by numerous entertainment facilities? Where to celebrate the birthday of a child in Chelyabinsk? Focusing on the reviews of Chelyabinsk residents and guests of the city, we will consider different options.

Is a birthday a sad holiday?

We all love holidays very much. Among the most loved, of course, is the birthday. But sometimes, especially with the number of years lived, a person does not experience this joy. After all, whatever one may say, every year we become older. How to make the most important day of the year bring only joy and pleasure? If you decide to celebrate your holiday in Chelyabinsk, then you will not have to be sad. Let's consider the most popular places where to celebrate a birthday in Chelyabinsk and adults, and children.

The best institutions of the city for the celebration of the birthday

  1. "Portal -74". In the age of developed computer technologies it is not enough just to go to an ordinary cafe, you want something fantastic, not ordinary. What about a fantastic show in which you yourself can participate? Fight with friends in the labyrinth with colorful effects using laser weapons will be interesting not only to children, but also to adults. Here you will definitely forget about the number of years spent, and the friendly staff of the laser arena will make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. If after the "battle" you want a snack or just sit, enjoying the company of family and friends, then there are special tables. You will be offered drinks and a variety of snacks, because after the game so want to refresh yourself.
  2. Leisure and entertainment center "Demoplex". If your choice falls on this institution, you are incredibly lucky. A cozy cinema with soft sofas, karaoke, game gamers. Birthday will be fun, and memorable for years to come.
  3. Restaurant "Malibu". To celebrate a birthday in the tropics or on a yacht, it's not necessary to go somewhere, you just have to come to the above-mentioned institution. Here very often come the stars of the Russian stage and cinema. Lianas, the sound of water, the evil piranhas in the aquarium, the hall of a round shape, separate booths - you still choose where to celebrate your birthday in Chelyabinsk? Perhaps the decisive arguments in favor of the restaurant "Malibu" will be: a 20% discount for the birthday party and an unparalleled cooking of dishes on fire and grilling.
  4. Want to celebrate your birthday unusually - choose a quest. What it is? A game in which each player has a role and a specific task. The plot you choose yourself. It can be Ancient Egypt or a magnificent Venice, Wild West or an underground casino. Whatever you choose, be bored and sad just will not.

Where to celebrate the birthday of a child in Chelyabinsk

  1. Children's playroom "Magic Forest". Fun, jokes, experienced animators are all that your child and his friends need. This holiday will turn favorite cartoon characters and funny clowns to children's birthday in Chelyabinsk.
  2. Where to note that adults too can drink a cup of tea or coffee at a time when their favorite child with friends have fun in the company of animators? We offer you a restaurant "Bukhara". Both children and adults here will be interesting and comfortable. You can get here by any means of transport, and this is one of the best options where celebrating a birthday in Chelyabinsk is inexpensive.
  3. Another idea for the celebration is the Children's Center "Akvababy". Bring your favorite child here, and his birthday will be just fabulous. Various games and exciting adventures led by professional animators. An additional bonus - pay for two hours of renting a room, and a third is free.

Where to celebrate birthday in Chelyabinsk: cheap

In the city there is a whole network of cafes and entertainment centers with a very intriguing name "Shura-mury". These institutions are very popular with residents and visitors. It is tasty and inexpensive to eat, have fun with friends and family - it's all possible here.

Institutions of Chelyabinsk, which provide discounts for the birthday

In the city there are cafes and restaurants, where various discounts for birthday are offered. The most popular among them:

  • Cafe-bar "Eggplant". The highlight of this establishment is the Indian Hall. Discount for birthday people here is 15%, you can also bring your own alcohol and fruit.
  • The Esmeralda Restaurant. Here you will get discounts not only on your birthday, but also a week before that date and the same amount of time after it. Saxophone, guitar, violin, accordion - the variety of musical instruments played by musicians in the restaurant will pleasantly surprise you.
  • The restaurant complex "Meliot". This includes several institutions in which you can celebrate any significant event. Bright halls, live music, experienced hosts will make your holiday unforgettable. In addition, the birthday boy will be given a card with a constant discount. If your holiday is more than 15 people, then the services of the DJ will be free.
  • Where can I celebrate a birthday in Chelyabinsk and still get a gift? Cafe "Through the Looking Glass". The best and most refined cuisine in the city. Plasma panel, professional musical equipment. The attendants decorate the hall and give the birthday cake a birthday cake.


In Chelyabinsk, a large number of cafes and restaurants, where you can unforgettably hold any celebration. Among the numerous institutions of the city are very popular: laser center, restaurant "Malibu", "Through the Looking Glass" and others. It is encouraging that when choosing where to celebrate a birthday in Chelyabinsk, you can do it with very modest funds for the celebration.

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