Blood test for RW. Its importance for man

All people take different tests, often without even thinking about the great importance they have. So, for example, one of the most common specific forms of laboratory research in recent years has become the blood test for RW (Wasserman reaction). This type of examination is a serological study of the material (blood), which is taken directly from the vein. A blood test is performed on RW for syphilis detection. In this case, diagnose this disease can be in the very first stages. With the help of this analysis, you can also determine the correctness and effectiveness of the treatment of this disease. It is also necessary for the timely prevention of congenital syphilis.

A blood test is performed for RW by all patients admitted to hospital for treatment. The law also provides for mandatory regular passage of this research by doctors, all medical personnel, cosmetologists, and also workers who have contact with food. The remaining categories of people can take a blood test for their own volition to test the RW .

In order for the results of the study to be reliable, blood donation is recommended on an empty stomach. Refuse food costs 6-10 hours before the analysis. Especially it concerns alcohol and fatty foods. Blood is taken from the vein in a prone position or sitting.

The result will be found a couple of days after the blood test was submitted. RW can be either positive or negative. If the result is positive, then it is marked with crosses, the number of which can be from one to four. If there is one cross in the form, it means that the reaction is doubtful; Two crosses means a weakly positive reaction; Three crosses - a positive reaction; Four crosses - a sharply positive reaction.

A negative result is a sure sign that the disease is absent. If there is one or two crosses in the form with the answer, do not be afraid and panic at once. It is necessary to retake the blood test for RW again. Sometimes the result is false positive. This is explained by the fact that during pregnancy, as well as some allergic reactions, blood diseases, infectious and oncological diseases, the blood test results may be similar to the positive reaction of RW.

In rare cases, a positive result may simply be a mistake of a person working in the laboratory. However, if repeated analysis confirms the first result, the doctor should be consulted immediately with the results of the studies. After all, syphilis, as well as many other diseases, is much easier to cure at the very first stage of the disease.

In general, in order that there are no problems with the treatment of syphilis, it is best to warn him. As you know, infection with this disease occurs sexually. Accordingly, the best measures to prevent syphilis - is to be selective and permanent in sexual relations. If you are unsure of the sexual partner, you should use contraceptives, for example, condoms. If you have had sexual intercourse that causes suspicion, you can go to a blood test on RW for full confidence in your health.

Special care and attention should be paid to pregnant women. They must donate blood to the RW throughout the gestation period. If a pregnant woman has syphilis in the body, it must be urgently treated. If this is not done, then the woman herself and her baby can suffer. And in case of inaction, there will be degenerative changes that can even end in a fatal outcome. So be careful. Take care of your health and take care of yourself.

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