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Impotents: who are these people, and how can they cure their ailment?

Impotent is a male person who has a disorder of sexual function. All this leads to the fact that his penis can not fully reach the dimensions necessary for the sexual act. It is this characteristic that characterizes all impotents. Who are these people, what are the causes of impotence, and how to deal with the disease, we learn in our article.

General idea of the disease

It should be noted that no man suffering from a disorder of sexual function in the form of impotence is able to support an erection for the time necessary to complete a full coitus. Note that if the erection problem occurs in a young person, then he does not lose the ability to ejaculate.

Impotence or dysfunction?

It is curious that now in medical practice, describing the behavior of the impotent, the above term is considered obsolete. He replaced another concept - "erectile dysfunction" or " erectile dysfunction. " However, no matter how this disease is called, suffer only impotent.

Who are people with impaired erectile dysfunction, we learned. Now let's talk about why she appears.


It should be noted that there are plenty of reasons for developing erectile dysfunction.

  • For example, it can be a consequence of diabetes.
  • In addition, impotence is able to develop with endocrine disorders, with urological diseases.
  • Sometimes a violation of potency can be associated with the use of certain medications (psychotropic drugs, estrogens).
  • Most often this disease is a consequence of neuroses, depressions, neurotic conditions.

Do not be afraid of the word "impotent." Who are real men? These are those who are not afraid of the difficulties in their path, those who do not hesitate to talk about their problem, solve it. First of all, it is eliminated by contacting a doctor.

Methods of treatment

It should be noted that all methods of treating erectile dysfunction are divided into operative and conservative, they include:

  • Drug therapy;
  • Intracavernous injections of vasoactive drugs ;
  • Itraurethral therapy of impotence;
  • Vaccine-constrictive therapy of impotence;
  • surgical intervention;
  • Psychotherapeutic methods.

What if the husband is impotent?

It's no secret that with age, the potency fades. If the trouble repeats more than once or twice, do not push your spouse. It can happen to any man in every family. How to solve this problem?

  1. You need to restore with him the most tender relationship, embrace him, do an intimate massage, try oral sex.
  2. See more often a video of erotic content, arrange romantic walks with the moon.
  3. Get some exciters, lubricants, toys in a sex shop.
  4. Buy in the pharmacy drugs to raise the potency ("Viagra").
  5. Persuade your husband to visit a urologist or psychologist. Keep in mind that it will be very difficult to do if a man refuses this idea and simply does not tolerate the word "impotent" in spirit.

Who are lovers? Those whom only divorce will help to cure! Lovely ladies, be reasonable: if your husband does not visit you in bed, do not watch him, be convulsively jealous and immediately look for an opponent. The root of evil may lie elsewhere! In what - you already know!

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