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When children begin to turn over

It takes very little time from the birth of your baby, and he is already beginning to learn everything. Perhaps, one of the first significant events in the life of the crumbs is turning over from the back to the tummy and back. This means that very soon your little one will stretch out his little hands and take the first step into the big world.

When children begin to turn over, parents are insanely proud of the achievements of their beloved child and eagerly await the next progress. Despite all the requests of specialists not to prevent the baby from developing independently, young moms very often try to help speed up the process, worrying that their cub "stayed" during the first stage.

However, one can not unequivocally answer the question: "What time does the child turn over?" It is necessary to take into account the physiological characteristics of the child, such as its weight and nature. Some children are rather lazy and clumsy and begin to develop later than other children. They calmly watch the father and mother, lying on the back in his crib. But we want to reassure you that such qualities do not prevent the crumb from further catching up and even outstripping the development of their peers. Therefore, do not hurry and worry in advance, especially if the child is 4 months old. It does not turn over, not because of the presence of any deviations. Do not forget that for infants such feats are an extraordinary work, achieved by great perseverance and the desire to learn new things.

Of course, there are such troubles in children as, for example, increased tone. In this case, if you do not notice and take action in time, the children can really lag behind in development. Massage will have the best relaxing effect on muscle tone and will have a beneficial effect on the nervous system of your crumbs.

When children begin to turn from back to belly, it is not at all necessary that they immediately learn to repeat this movement in the opposite direction. It is enough for them to play in this new position and do not want to return to their original position. Sometimes a month passes, or even two, before the baby learns to turn over from the abdomen to the back. Usually in such situations, moms come up with an incentive for the child: for example, put toys next to him, and do not give them right in your hands - so that the kid himself could reach them.

By the way, when children start turning over, their further development is gaining such a rapid pace that even the most impatient parents barely keep up with the new achievements of their crumbs. It takes very little time, and the kid is already leaning on the elbows, while holding his head at the same time, pulling up on his mother's hand, trying to sit down, trying on taste all new items.

Also we hasten to remind you that when children start turning over, it's time for parents to think about their safety. The child can no longer be left alone on the bed without the sides. You can build them from pillows or a blanket folded into a roll, and there are also special portable swaddling tables with fences on the sides.

A child develops much faster if surrounded by loving people who give all their warmth and care to a tiny creature.

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