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Noordline baby strollers: review, types, features and reviews of the owners

Choose a baby stroller is not so simple. And it will have to focus on a lot of characteristics. To avoid oversights, many try to study the feedback of parents about a particular product. And this is quite logical, because no one except the buyer will tell about the advantages and disadvantages of models in the best way. What are the Noordline strollers? What are the pros and cons of having? What do parents most often pay attention to? And is it really worth giving preference to this product? About all this further. Judging on the quality will help many customers. Yes, we can not find a single opinion here, but the overall impression will definitely develop.

Types of Prams

The first thing you need to decide what kind of construction you are interested in. There are a lot of wheelchairs, they also have more than enough types. Often manufacturers try or specialize only in one direction, or at once on several.

In this area, Noordline strollers offer us universal models. That is, there are no separate cradles or "walks", only complete and universal designs for children of all ages. This decision makes many happy.

More specifically, one can find only "2 in 1" and "3 in 1" among the proposals. These are quite convenient and universal solutions for parents who do not want to think long over buying a stroller. You can buy Noordline once, and then use it until your baby grows into an age in which it needs to be rolled in a design. Very convenient and practical!


As they say, on clothes meet. This applies to many spheres of human life. And when it comes to children's things, I want to buy such a product that will look neat and pretty, so that it would not be a shame to go out for a walk or to the city. Therefore, parents attach great importance to the appearance of wheelchairs. This is not really a serious characteristic, but it has some influence on the popularity of designs.

Stroller Noordline Edel Viva (and not only it) is a stylish, fashionable and modern solution for parents and their babies. Buyers assure that all models of "Nordlyn" look very neat, well, neatly. With all this no frills or special details there. Only minimalism and the absence of "bloat."

Speaking of colors, preference is given to universality. It is the Noordline stroller ("2 in 1" and "3 in 1") offering a wide range of rich colors that will suit both boys and girls. Yes, there are separate models offering purely girlish or boyish options, but they are not devoid of universality either. It pleases, because you can buy a stroller with the expectation of several generations!


Wheels are one of the most important characteristics that stand out in any children's vehicles. They are responsible for coherence of the movement, as well as for the convenience of management, which plays an important role for parents. Strollers are initially selected with the expectation that adults will be comfortable to handle them.

In this area, the opinions of buyers are divided. The fact is that the stroller "3 in 1" Noordline (and "2 in 1") is equipped with 4 non-rotating wheels. And rubber, with metal inserts. A similar scheme is used in all models of Nordlyn.

Not everyone likes rubber wheels. The fact that they are not irrevocable, as parents point out, is a plus. This they provide a fairly smooth and smooth movement. In addition, among the advantages is the metallic component of the wheels. But the rubberized part is in doubt. On modern roads, damage to this important detail is not ruled out.

Many prefer the inflatable wheels. Nevertheless, if you have a Noordline stroller, then you may notice that it is no worse than the similar models of other brands for its maneuverability. You can not worry for such an original manufacturer decision!


Also pay attention to the frame and chassis of the stroller. They are also important characteristics. But, as a rule, they rarely look at them, and they are almost identical for all models, especially if we are talking, as in our case, about universal designs.

Stroller Noordline Edel (and other models) is equipped with a sturdy frame and chassis made of stainless steel. Such designs are not afraid of temperature changes, as well as exposure to ultraviolet radiation. In addition, the frame itself is light and does not require special care. These are very good characteristics, and they excite the customers.

The folding mechanism for these constructions is a book. This solution allows you to quickly, and without problems, add, unfold, move and store the stroller. The only thing that many parents do not like is the shopping basket. It is completely metal. This method is not very convenient. And for this wheelchair Noordline "2 in 1" reviews do not get the best. If you need a stroller with a large and spacious shopping basket, you will have to look for another product.


Since we are dealing with universal models, we need to pay attention to the blocks of these. It does not matter what type of speech it is - "2 in 1" or "3 in 1". Blocks for all Noordline are similar in their characteristics. And the differences, as a rule, are observed only in the field of design and coloring.

Lyulka is one of the most important parts. In general, parents are satisfied with her, but not in all cases. The fact is that the compactness of a structure is often emphasized. In other words, the cradle for a large child does not fit: the baby will not be too comfortable in it. But for the average newborn, it will be enough for about 6 months of use. Then you can change to "walk."

The weight of the cradle is about 4-5 kilograms, which makes the design generally light. There is a backrest with 3 levels of adjustment. This is an advantage many admire.

The promenade block also has its pros and cons. The footrest is adjustable, there is a special crossbar in front of the baby. If necessary, you can easily remove it or attach it back. "Walk" is equipped with five-point seat belts, which ensures a safe position of the child inside the structure. Only here the Noordline wheelchairs reviews do not get the best for the walking unit due to the lack of a multi-level backrest adjustment. You can put it in a prone position, but there are no generally accepted several provisions here. Trifle, which some customers are repulsive.


Not the most important, but for many an interesting criterion - it is a complete set of stroller. Many people pay attention to it, especially if it is a universal design. Do not really want to buy a stroller, which will require even after additional spending.

Unfortunately, it is precisely to this that our current product belongs. What are we talking about? Noordline Carriages do not have a baby carry. This applies to all models. In addition, raincoats have short structures. But there are mosquito nets and a cape on the legs. This also includes a bag for the mother, as well as a special warm envelope for the winter for a newborn and a sun shade.

For all this stroller "3 in 1" Noordline reviews collect ambiguous. Yes, the lack of a normal raincoat, as well as carrying a baby are shortcomings. But they are covered by other components.


Price is the moment that makes many parents think about buying any product, and it does not have to be a stroller. In our case, the price tag forces consumers to be not too happy.

Why? The problem is that the Noordline stroller, whose reviews are presented to our attention, are expensive. They are considered an elite product of high quality. On average, the "2 in 1" model will cost you 28-30 thousand rubles. For a universal stroller a little expensive. In the same way as for the "3 in 1" option. Basically you pay for brand and style.

Is it worth buying?

Should we pay attention to our current product? To be honest, there is no unequivocal solution. It all depends on what is more important to you - quality, price or brand. Nurdline strollers are not much different from their less expensive counterparts. Is that the cradle is better for them several times and the equipment is not standard.

From all of the above, we can conclude: if the budget allows, buy yourself a Noordline. You will not regret. This is a great product for use in all seasons. He will not disappoint. But when the budget does not allow, it's better not to stop at the "Nordlane". Significant differences from analogs, but less expensive, there is no. Keep this in mind!

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