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The meaning of the name Alexey: revealing the secret

The meaning of the name Alex should be sought in antiquity. It came from the Greek "Alex", which means "defender, helper". The sign of the zodiac of this name is Aquarius; The planet, under the protection of which it is located, is Neptune. Color - green or blue, stone-talisman - lapis lazuli. Alekseev's activity, will and intuition are perfectly developed.

The meaning of the name Alex: communication with others

They are very good, kind, funny and open people. However, when dealing with them, one must be careful in terms. If Alexei offended, then he attacks without hesitation. And usually wins a victory in the fight. These people have pronounced creative abilities and a flexible nature. Thanks to these features, a man named Alexei will be happy in his family life. He will not set out for anything "in all serious." Children will care more than about themselves. He has an innate attachment to his father, which is preserved until the end of his days.

The meaning of the name Alexey: kindness and perfection

Owners of this brave name are very friendly to people, and, since childhood. They are diligent and strive for perfection in any business. Ambition helps them in this. If Alex does not have this quality, then he can easily succumb to the influence of laziness and turn into another person.

How does Alexey appear?

Characteristics of the name are quite diverse, but all its good qualities are not very pronounced. He is a reliable, gentle person, but he is not meant for ordinary everyday life. Most owners of the name like ups, passions, unexpected decisions. These people have great imagination and subtle intuition.

The meaning of the name Alexey: features of intelligence

The type of his thinking is synthetic. Alexei can not be held, and he always feels what will happen next. He loves to know everything and has an excellent memory. I want to note that Alexei loves his parents very much and honors them.

Love and marriage

It is impossible not to mention the topic of sex, love and marriage. In a woman he values neatness and accuracy. In sexual games, winning wins, although not always skillful. He is cautious, sensitive, curious and wounded in this regard, but seeks to learn all the options for sexual relations in order to gain experience. Alexey is a wonderful faithful husband. He needs to be careful, because some wives can take advantage of his gullibility. He will have an excellent marriage with a woman who will bear the name Svetlana, Elizabeth, Anastasia or Anna. Unsuccessfully develop with Oksana, Julia, Valeria or Vera.


A good friend from Alexei is coming out. However, it is very difficult to become his best friend, because people with this name spend a lot of time looking at others. They may seem open, but they will not open immediately. They can always tell something and hear the words of sympathy or support. Alexei likes to talk, but will only be frank with close and trusted people.

I want to note the combination of this name and patronymic. Alexey, who have a middle name Pavlovich, Mikhailovich, Fedorovich, Aleksandrovich, Svyatoslavovich, Vladislavovich can become excellent entrepreneurs.

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