Ladybug on nails - simple and tasteful

Warm sunny weather not only creates a great mood, but also makes you strive for excellence, expressing it in your own creativity. What woman does not want to be beautiful ... to the fingertips? Of course, any! A summer mood and a bright sun just inspire the creation of a cheerful manicure. Ladybug on nails is a great option for those who want to give themselves and others a drop of good mood.

To whom does this fit?

Surely before you ask yourself the idea of creating a bright and extraordinary manicure, you first of all evaluate the condition of the nails and their length. Undoubtedly, some types of neil art do not allow you to fully reflect your essence on a small surface. They require space, a lot of time and certain skills.

Another thing - the design of nails "ladybug." Thanks to the simplicity of drawing and a slightly jocular image, such a manicure will become an ornament for any girl. And if a cheerful disposition and an ironic attitude towards yourself in your blood, then age will not become an obstacle for the embodiment of this idea.

In addition, manicure looks great both on short and long nails, regardless of their naturalness.

What is necessary for a manicure?

You have firmly decided that you like this idea, and now it's a little thing. It remains to learn how to draw a ladybug on nails. Before you start working, you need to prepare a place and stock up on materials.

Variations in the creation of the original drawing are great, but they all have a single base. Shades may vary, colors may be added and the size of the ladybug itself may vary.

However, among the main elements of the work process are:

1) Basic coverage.

2) Varnishes of the following shades:

- the black;

- Red;

- white;

- Green.

3) Dots (special device, similar to the pen, allowing to create drawings).

4) Finishing coating. It can be drying for a varnish, a fixer, so that the coating lasts longer, or a composition that gives more shine and radiance.

Preliminary stage

Do not rush to create a picture of the "ladybug" on the nails. It is important not only to acquire the necessary materials, but also to put your hands in order. Despite the fact that, as noted above, nail art looks harmoniously on the surface of any length, the working area still has to be prepared.

Give the nail plate a neat shape with a saw. Then, using a special tool for softening the cuticle, remove the last wooden stick or tip of the file, if any. In the absence of this liquid, you can make a salt bath and hold your hands in it for a couple of minutes. The result will be no worse.

Treat nails with nail polish remover to degrease the surface and remove the remaining particles of the previous coating.

Now you can start creativity.

First stage

The figure "ladybug" on the nails will look more impressive if you prepare the soil in the form of a basic covering. Thus, you not only smooth the small flaws and irregularities of the nail plate, but also protect it from the aggressive action of the lacquer, preventing the pigment to penetrate the interior of the stratum corneum. In addition, the coating will last longer, preserving the juiciness of the paints.

Determine with the design

It can vary depending on your preferences. Let's consider two most actual variants.

In the first case, all nails are covered with red lacquer - it will be the base one. In the second, the ring finger or any other of your choice remains untouched. The nail on it should be covered with a contrasting color, for example green, thus depicting the grass. No less nice and original will look and black color in the role of the base. The technique of drawing from this will not change.

The most important

Finally, the answer to the question of how to make a ladybug on nails is approaching. Since two options for creating a picture are considered, the techniques will differ.

In the first case on a red background with black lacquer draw a horizontal line just above the middle of the nail and completely paint over it. It turns out something like a jacket. It will be crossed by a vertical line.

After that, you need to drop a little black lacquer on any surface. This can be a regular piece of paper. Using dots, draw some lacquer, and then transfer it to the nail, creating dots. Depending on the diameter of the instrument and your accuracy, they can be large or small - there are no strict rules here.

The final stage of the drawing is the application of white droplets on the line of the jacket. They will play the role of an eye. The ladybug is ready.

The second case is suitable for those who already have a hand in the creation of nail art.

On the nails covered with red lacquer, the black dots harmoniously look. In this case, it is better not to mend, but make them large. But on a green background will be placed a ladybug.

A little advice. Do not rush to draw a torso with a red lacquer. On a green background, it will acquire a different shade. Start with a white color - it will serve as a base.

In the middle of the nail draw a semicircle. This is the future body of our ladybug. Paint it with red lacquer. Then circle the path in black.

Before the body with black lacquer paint a small dot. She will serve as her head. From her up, draw 2 hooks - the antennae of the insect. And in the middle of the black circle with a white lacquer draw 2 more points that will serve as eyes. Inside them, arrange 2 more small droplets - the pupils.

Black lacquer also depict the feet of the cow and decorate the points inside the body.

The drawing is ready!

To better imagine how the ladybug looks on the nails, the photos in the article are recommended to be carefully studied.

All that remains to be done is to cover the nails with a special remedy that fixes the result or gives an additional shine to the coating.


Ladybug on nails will be an excellent idea for spring or summer manicure, fitting into the overall atmosphere of cheerfulness.

A little skill and patience - and a good mood will please not only you, but others.

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