Minks - manicure, popular with Hollywood stars

To understand what the MNX (manicure) is, it is necessary to study it from all sides, that is, to understand how it looks like it is done, and to plunge into the history of its creation a little.

What is minx manicure

Minx is a manicure performed using the latest technology, which means attaching a special film to the nail plates. Its adhesion is due to the action of a special lamp Minx, but any other, most importantly, that it was not luminescent.

The peculiarity of the technology lies in the fact that it has no analogues. A film for nails gives such brilliance that it is impossible to obtain in any other way. A manicure lasts 4-8 days, you can take it off at home, holding some nails in hot water, picking up the edge of the film and tearing it off, or at the master in the salon.

How to make minx?

It is almost impossible to make a minx (manicure) independently. To do this, you need to have certain skills and knowledge, and also have a special lamp at home. However, for interested people, one should talk about the technology for creating such a coating.

First of all, you need to prepare your nails, cut natural ones or make a build-up, any of these options will do. Next nail The plate must be degreased with a special agent or liquid, with which the usual varnish is removed.

Now the turn comes to the film. She warms up under the lamp, but only comes a little closer to it. Direct rays should not affect the coating, as it can deteriorate. The heated film is applied to the nail, it should lie flat and symmetrical. The cover is then neatly aligned The nail plate. With the help of manicure scissors cut off excess film, do it very carefully, so that the coating is not moved and not damaged.

To make the film permanently glued, the nails are placed under the lamp. At the final stage it is necessary to process them with a glass nail file. Minks (manicure) is ready.

The history of the appearance of a minicole manx

Invented manicure Mynks (photo is shown in the article) was in 2006 by two American women. Initially, it was designed as a heat-resistant and plastic film, reminiscent of foil. She melted under an infrared lamp and easily stuck to the nail plates. Already the first copies of the cover lasted for a long time, both on narrowned and natural nails. Subsequently, the film was improved, and as a result, the minx manicure appeared, which is very popular among women of different ages and social groups, from Hollywood stars to homemakers.

And a little more about the manicure of Mynks

Minks - manicure, the price of which is quite acceptable (from about 1500 rubles), even when referring to the master. It is created for half an hour. After a few days you can not worry about the condition of the nails, but only be proud of them and catch the admiring glances of others. Yes, such a coating on the nails is simply impossible not to notice. It will appeal to all: to men, women, and even children. Incredible shine, smooth and beautiful coating - so you can describe the manicure Mynks.

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