Nail Care - All Very Simple!

Ideal to the very tips of nails - it is this characteristic that speaks about the present perfection of a girl or a woman, shows how beautiful the woman is and how elegant. Indeed, a woman always wants to look "one hundred percent", so she tries to select stylish and beautiful clothes carefully, elegantly to pull out her eyebrows, of course, to carry out regular epilation and to undergo other vital cosmetic procedures. It is difficult to imagine how many clothes, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes are needed for a modern lady to feel beautiful and ready for anything. And in all this diversity of great importance is given to such an important matter as the care of nails.

It's amazing how much our own hands can tell us about us! Minor details left unattended, for outsiders can give a lazy woman in a girl, and graceful marigolds - a real tidbit. It is enough to give a little attention to manicure - spend a few minutes a day with a comfortable nail file and favorite scissors or visit a beauty salon - and the result will be simply stunning.

Hand and nail care should be regular

In order to achieve that "ideal to the tips of the nails" appearance, you must first observe the rules of basic hygiene, that is, use your own personal set of manicure tools, which, after each use, must be handled with the utmost care by means of disinfection. Many experts argue that, given a good heredity, nail care can be minimal, since genetics guarantees no serious problems in this area, but the beautiful ladies disagree with this statement. Careful care and several simple home remedies can work miracles - with certain efforts, a positive result is possible even for marigolds of bad "by nature".

In order for gentle female handles to look perfect, you need to regularly make a manicure. And a manicure is not a standard sawing of nails in different directions, as some girls think. The art of manicure is much more complex and important, therefore, if you do not know how to do this, you should contact a specialized beauty salon. In addition, the usual home care for the nails must necessarily include regular application of funds that are well absorbed into the nail plate, "feed" it and strengthen: various creams, oils and firming varnishes.

Home care for nails

What is needed to ensure that the nails are strong, strong and healthy? There are several simple recipes that will help bring your hands in excellent condition and restore them after a spring vitamin deficiency.

To strengthen the "sea" bath, without which it is impossible to take good care of the nails, it is necessary to dissolve sea salt (15 g.) In warm water (350 ml), then lower hands into the solution, hold for 10 minutes, then rub the skin and nails with a napkin and Smear with any fatty nutritious cream.

For a moisturizing "oil" bath it is required to take vegetable oil (70 ml) and apple cider vinegar (60 ml), mix and heat. In a homogeneous mass, you can drop the fingertips for a quarter of an hour, then dry them with a soft cloth.

In the "iodine" bath, which struggles with brittleness and delamination of nails, includes orange juice (100 ml) with salt (12 g.) And iodine (3 drops). All components are thoroughly mixed in a glass of water and thoroughly heated, after which you can lower your hands in a hot bath. After 5 minutes, the nail care can be completed by lubricating with a nutritious fat cream.

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