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Quotes: Charles Bukowski. Examples

Charles Bukowski is an American writer, poet, journalist, representative of the so-called "dirty realism". Quotations from books amaze with their cynicism and some devaluation of all that is happening. From the books and stories of this author, it seems that he openly sneers at everything around him, looks at familiar things under a special, gloomy angle.

Sayings differ skepticism and disbelief in the creative power of love and sincere feelings. He speaks of the highest impulses of the human soul as if all these things simply do not have a place on earth. Perhaps for him they were not real and did not really matter. This is evidenced by his quotes. Charles Bukowski had a special view of the world, in which there was no sincere communication and genuine understanding. The inner world of the writer is filled with chaos and bitter experience, which formed a negative attitude towards life. Judging by his statements, it seems that to some extent he denies his own possibilities. Below are the most popular quotes. Charles Bukowski left behind a literary heritage that is of interest to both older people and young people.

"The misfortune for me is to be in the crowd"

The writer repeatedly during his life noted how unpleasant it was to listen to empty conversations, to be where he could be surrounded by fake friends and impartial public opinion. Bukowski believed that the crowd deprives a person of individuality, makes them obey the majority opinion. To be yourself meant to him to perceive your own loneliness as a natural component of life and not even try to fight it. This is also true of other quotes. Charles Bukowski emphasizes the need for inner loneliness in order to preserve personal and individual integrity.

"In twenty-five genius can be any. At fifty for this, there is already something to be done "

This statement describes a skeptical attitude to life. Bukowski says that with age, a person, alas, does not add opportunities, but, on the contrary, decrease. Indeed, as a young man, we can turn the mountains in order to achieve a meaningful goal.

In maturity, we are governed by completely different motives and feelings, and there are not so many forces left. In fact, it is necessary to constantly work tirelessly to personally grow and develop, otherwise there is a significant decline in energy. This idea is characterized by almost all of his quotes. Charles Bukowski - a romantic, disappointed in life. He at one time buried his ideals and was left alone with a depressing feeling of emptiness.

"Do you want to know who your friend is?" Get in prison! "

In limiting conditions, one begins to understand real values. With him there are only true friends who are ready to support at the most difficult moment. The rest, random people or false comrades, as a rule, turn away from him. Only in moments of difficult trials is a complete understanding of how things really are, in what relations with the world we are. It happens that the closest friends betray, the relatives say evil behind their backs, and at work, things are strangely worsening. And all this happens at the most inopportune time.

"I'm married, but without my wife. My own life has replaced it "

Amazing person was still Charles Bukowski. Quotes about love, like this saying, emphasize his own attitude towards women. It can be concluded that the writer did not have much faith in long and promising novels. He generally looked at the beautiful half of humanity not as a long-term perspective, but as a temporary phenomenon, which will soon come to an end.

This worldview severely limited him in building strong, trusting relationships, making them practically impossible. After all, in order to form a true intimacy, it is just necessary to believe in it, to put mental strength.

Charles Bukowski. Books

The writer left behind a few full-fledged works, even more stories and poems, in which he stressed the impossibility of achieving happiness. For example, in his novel "Bread with a ham" a red thread runs through the thought of the duplicity and vanity of the outside world. All the realities of cruel reality are described in such gloomy colors that even a convinced optimist will involuntarily be sad about what Charles Bukowski writes about. His books are filled with endless drama and a sense of loneliness.

Thus, the American writer and journalist Charles Bukowski left a big mark in the history of world classical literature. His works and to this day cause considerable interest, excite the minds of our contemporaries, make us think about many things seriously.

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