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Diet for the stomach: the basics

To make the stomach flat, exercise alone is not enough. To achieve a more effective result, you need a special diet for the abdomen and sides, due to which it will significantly change its appearance. Only an integrated approach to solving the problem will allow you to find a sexy and smart tummy.

No fiber anywhere

Diet for the stomach is based on the use of those foods that contain the maximum amount of fiber. In the beginning of autumn or at the end of summer, it will not be difficult to enrich your organism with it: try to eat fruit porridge every morning for breakfast, eat vegetables and rice every day, and cereals for lunch and dinner will improve your digestion and positively affect the results of your aspiration To a flat tummy. Remember that mayonnaise is your enemy, it is not worth it to fill salads and other dishes in your diet. An ideal solution for refueling will be olive oil - one spoon will be more than enough.

Such a diet for the abdomen is effective because the fiber very quickly fills the stomach, thereby creating a sense of saturation. Thanks to this action, you quickly gorge on eating a minimum portion of the dish. Along with this, the properties of cellulose favorably affect our body and the gastrointestinal tract as a whole. Daily use of it allows you to avoid diseases such as a stomach ulcer, gastritis and even oncological diseases of the digestive tract. It also has a beneficial effect on the skin, providing a more even complexion. Thus, a diet for the stomach based on fiber can be useful to the whole body.

The "flat stomach" nutrition system: the main provisions

In principle, if the diet for the abdomen is observed in full, then the restrictions in nutrition as such are not required, because the fiber is well sated. But you need to consider that there is a need in moderation and small portions. The organism after the meal should experience a slight feeling of hunger.

Try to eat every 3-4 hours. During the day, you need to drink up to 2 liters of water, and also drink green tea. Replace sugar with honey, but do not lean over it (no more than twice a day). Strive to ensure that your diet reduces the amount of salt, sugar, cakes, white bread and biscuits.

Salads, vegetables and fruits will serve as the best assistant in the snack. With each meal, eating a vegetable salad will only benefit you.

If you are a lover of coffee, then try to refuse it. Reduce it to 2-3 times a week. Any coffee drink is the enemy for achieving a positive result in the struggle for harmony.

In your diet should be more citrus. For example, an orange or grapefruit is the best assistant in the fight against cellulite. But do not use them on an empty stomach, because they can easily break the acidity of the stomach.

An example of a diet for the stomach

Two options for breakfast :

  • Dietary yogurt, orange, unsweetened tea or a glass of water;
  • Soft-boiled egg, a couple of crispy loaves, unsweetened tea or a glass of water.

For lunch, you can eat chicken broth, cooked from breast without skin, a serving of vegetable salad dressed with olive oil.

Dinner: steamed steak, not more than 100 grams of beans and orange.

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