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The eternal fight against cellulite

Cellulite is a common problem of both "pyschek" and "lean". The cause of the hated effect of the "orange peel" is the fluid retention in the body, caused by poor blood circulation and a "lean" lymphatic system. Fortunately, there is a way out - real, but difficult to achieve, especially if the fight against cellulite occurs alone, without the intervention of specialists.

Anti-cellulite programs at home

First, let's look at how the fight against cellulite looks at home. Your best friends have always been, are and will be physical exercises, massage and healthy food. Self-massage should be carried out daily, using anti-cellulite creams and scrubs (during the massage, it is advisable to give the advantage to rubbing movements). To enhance the effect, you can use today a rather fashionable procedure, such as anti-cellulite wraps. It uses clay, seaweed, honey, dirt and coffee grounds.

This fight with cellulite folk remedies, which began with clay and honey wraps, does not end. The next step can be the use of apple cider vinegar, which, in combination with essential oils, has a tremendous effect. Among other things, lovers of home anti-cellulite SPA-procedures are advised to regularly eat oatmeal, which can not only rid of cellulite, but also completely cleanse the body of toxins.

Professional anti-cellulite treatments

The fight against cellulite by professionals looks different. One of the most effective procedures is endermology. For at least 16 procedures, problem areas are rubbed with a specially designed brush. The effect at the end of this procedure is visible to the naked eye, but it is important to remember that for its maintenance sessions need to be repeated from time to time.

Regarding the simulators: the most notable is the Hypoxic trainer, popular with celebrities such as Ashley Cole and Cheryl Tweedy. According to the famous stylist Cyril Campbell, this is a very effective tool that can win in such a difficult matter as the fight against cellulite. What is the essence of Hypoxi-coach? Three times a week for half an hour the lower part of the body is immersed in a simulator, which is like a big egg. It maintains a sufficiently low atmospheric pressure, which can accelerate the metabolism, break down fats and remove toxins.

Another simulator, ready to enter the ring with the Hypoxic trainer, is the Power Plate simulator, which is a vibrating platform. It is necessary to perform special exercises and work with breathing. The given simulator perfectly copes with such task as successful struggle against a cellulitis - responses of numerous admirers testify that Power Plate does a body flexible, muscles gives a tonus, and from "an orange peel" does not remain and a trace.

Get rid of cellulite perhaps, it is only necessary to take certain actions for this: to eat right, exercise, go to the masseur and exclude from consumed drinks caffeine, soda and alcohol.

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