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Regional rehabilitation center for disabled people, Ekaterinburg: review, specialists and feedback

In the Sverdlovsk Region, the Regional Center for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (Yekaterinburg) has been successfully operating for almost 10 years. It is a well-equipped center of care and assistance for those who are in dire need of rehabilitation after injuries and maintaining health.

We will find out why such laudatory reviews about the Regional Center for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (Yekaterinburg)?

Rehabilitation Center in Sverdlovsk Region

The most modern center for rendering assistance to people with disabilities and socially vulnerable groups of the population is in the Sverdlovsk Region.

All services of the institution fully comply with the requirements of national standards, which were established in 2005 by the Ministry of Social Protection of this region. The director of the institution - Onohova Tatyana Sergeevna, is responsible for observance of these requirements and always on the alert: she will sort out any controversial issue, if such arises.

Equipped with modern technology, the Yekaterinburg Center for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled has stationary rooms and accepts for treatment in a semi-stationary setting. Individual approach is carried out to the process of rehabilitation of each patient.

What services can be provided here? A whole range of services is provided for different categories of citizens. Socio-psychological, socio-legal and even socio-economic assistance is provided to all Russian citizens who really need support.

History of the Rehabilitation Center in Yekaterinburg

The discovery took place on February 28, 2008, and from that time it is considered one of the best centers throughout Russia. The Regional Center for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (Yekaterinburg) was opened by the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region - E. E. Rossel. The second building was officially opened in the winter of 2015.

To the regional budget the construction of the second building costed 521 million rubles. But now the rehabilitation center has its own assembly hall, a swimming pool equipped with equipment for paralyzed patients, its own modern library and even a beautiful winter garden.

In the Sverdlovsk Region (Ekaterinburg), the Regional Center for the Rehabilitation of Disabled People was officially registered on April 22, 2003, when the head of the region signed Decree No. 181 of the UG. And on October 10 of the same year the regional government approved the decree by its own resolution. Therefore, 2003 is officially considered the birthday of this center.

Structure of the center

The regional rehabilitation center for disabled people (Yekaterinburg), as a major regional center with an excellent reputation, conducts not only physical rehabilitation, but also psychological rehabilitation. It has several branches:

  • Department of Diagnostics and Monitoring;
  • Admission department;
  • Social rehabilitation;
  • Department of medical and social rehabilitation;
  • Social and labor;
  • Physical;
  • Stationary department.

And also successfully works the department of providing of public relations and the organization of leisure and mass actions.

How to register for rehabilitation?

What documents do I need to register to register for a rehabilitation course? It is necessary to collect a package of documents, which will take some time. The collection of necessary securities is carried out in this order:

  1. A person with a disability first applies to the social policy department at his place of residence. With you you need to have a passport or other document proving your identity, a certificate of disability and residence permit.
  2. After 10 days a special program (IPPSU) is issued, which defines an individual package of services.
  3. With all the package of documents, including a medical report on the state of health, a certificate of disability and SNILS, you can come to the regional Center for the rehabilitation of disabled people.

Similarly, a person who does not have a disability group can come and go through a rehabilitation course. It is enough to take a certificate from a medical institution about a trauma that prevents one from dealing with domestic problems on its own. In this case, the package of documents is collected the same, except for the certificate of disability.

Conditions for accommodation and treatment

In GAO "Regional Center for the rehabilitation of disabled people" (Yekaterinburg) all the necessary conditions are provided for the patients undergoing the course. There is a modern equipment, a swimming pool, a hall for adaptive physical recreation, a sports complex on the street and even a speleo- chamber. The institution is provided with many technical aids for conventional physiotherapy.

Where do the guests live? Initially, the center was designed for only 30 stationary places, but after the opening of the second stage, there are now 69. And 40 more can serve a rehabilitation center on a semi-permanent basis.

What else is known about the Regional Center for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled? The specialists here are of the highest qualification and always treat with care those who come to rehabilitation.

The city authorities are constantly trying to update the equipment and buy the latest. More recently, for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy and stroke survivors, a mechanical vertical stroller and a glove with software was purchased by the center.

In the center, in addition to procedures for rehabilitation, there are also stationary places with food. Four meals a day are organized by the chef of a medical institution, and it is made according to the needs of those who take the course.

Rehabilitation Cost

The prices for services depend on what individual program is prepared for the patient: the entire range of services and their hourly cost are indicated on the main site of the Sverdlovsk institution for the disabled and socially unsettled people. The site says that if there is a certificate of special benefits, the cost of each procedure for such a person is reduced.

But some categories of Russian citizens are served in this institution for free.

  • Minors;
  • Veterans or invalids of the Second World War;
  • Veterans of various military operations;
  • Widows or widowers who died in the Japanese war.

Free services on a semi-permanent establishment are eligible for those Russian citizens whose income is insufficient to pay for the rehabilitation course. To do this, you need to provide a certificate on the income of all members of the family on time.

Patient activities

In order to ensure that guests always had a good mood, sometimes there are exciting events here. Passing rehabilitation to the disabled is extremely necessary attention, and especially they need to get stronger in spirit. It is for this purpose that the heads of the leisure organization department invite the actors and conduct concerts.

For example, the program "We are Together" was very pleased with the audience during which the Grotesque ensemble performed on the stage. All who dance in this collective are invalids of the first group. Dancing in wheelchairs, these people preferred despair and disease, and they are ready to share their experience of overcoming difficulties.

Address and telephone number

Where can I find the Regional Center for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled? The address in Yekaterinburg: 620089, st. Belinskogo, 173, building. And, Ordzhonikidzensky district. To find out about the prices and conditions of accommodation, as well as the necessary phone numbers, it is possible on the site of the institution.

Reviews about Rehabilitation Center

Certainly, the residents of Yekaterinburg are very grateful for the beautiful center built in their city. In the Sverdlovsk region, according to statistics, about 5,000 people with disabilities live. All of them can get the necessary and timely help.

The regional center for the rehabilitation of disabled people (Yekaterinburg) reviews the service and hospitality is very warm. Particularly happy were those who had the opportunity to plunge into the pool with the help of new equipment. One of the visitors even told reporters that he felt like an astronaut in a weightless flight.

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