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English breakfast and its features

Our life consists of a cycle of events, many of which are repeated daily. We wake up, put ourselves in order, have breakfast, we run to work, after returning home, we have supper and we go to bed. The next day, everything repeats itself. But we will not describe the situation so boring. Let's start differently.

How does the day begin? With a ray of sunshine that looked out the window. From the kiss of a loved one and, of course, with a pleasant breakfast. On how it will be delicious, nutritious and fortified, depends on how you will feel yourself all the following day. After all, it is important to get a good charge of energy and good mood in the morning, so that all the day you will be accompanied by enthusiasm, energy, dedication and a great positive attitude.

We know perfectly well how breakfasts are and what the menu consists of in the morning in our home country. But what an English breakfast is, this is a mystery to many of us.

With the word "English" we have associations with something refined, correct, strict and elegant. Does the imagination deceive us?

Traditional English breakfast has its special name - brunch.

What is it? If you translate this word into Russian, you will get a late breakfast, gradually turning into lunch. Most brunch from the British is on weekends, when you can lie around and soak up in bed, even if you are already awake.

English breakfast includes seven ingredients. The first one is fried bacon with golden crust, about 4 slices. The second - fried to black English sausages (three to four pieces). I want to note that there is practically no meat in them. Sausages consist of fat and soy.

The third one is a few fresh tomatoes, also roasted in hot oil.

And, if you did not find fresh red tomatoes at hand, the tomatoes preserved in the bank will also work. Fried tomatoes can be replaced with well-cleaned fresh tomatoes, warmed in a microwave, in which they spread all over the plate, enveloping the whole English breakfast as a whole.

The fourth is a well-fried mushroom in a frying pan with vegetable oil (home canning mushrooms can also come up in this case).

The next ingredient (the fifth), which goes into breakfast in English, is as follows. Three or four thick toast, smeared with a large layer of oil to such an extent that the entire piece must be soaked through it.

The sixth - something that no Englishman refuses under any circumstances - is white beans with tomato sauce. This yummy inhabitants of England can eat almost around the clock and at the same time they will not get tired of it at all. Probably the same as rice to the Chinese and Japanese.

And, finally, the last ingredient included in the English breakfast is a well-known fried egg. She probably looks at the Englishman every morning and silently asks him the question: "Is it possible that you can eat all this at once?". I think not one of it surprises her. Surely, many who read this article did not at first think that the breakfast of the Englishman is so high-calorie, rich, and, in my opinion, completely useless, and even vice versa. It turns out that most Englishmen who eat in the morning in this way, completely spit on their health. For them, the main thing is to eat deliciously.

You know, we have not finished the breakfast description of a real Englishman yet. After they have used all of the above, they begin to tea. Usually it is a strong tea with added milk, sugar. Naked tea is not drinkable, so toasts are added with butter or margarine, and perhaps with pancakes and sweet jam.

That's how an ordinary English breakfast looks. Are they surprised? Not expected at all? Believe me, you are not alone.

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