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Washing machine Hotpoint-Ariston WMUF 501 B: reviews of the model. Hotpoint-Ariston VMUF 501 B: specifications, instructions

Under the brand Hotpoint-Ariston released a variety of models of washing machines. For the consumer, this is an undoubted advantage, since it is possible to select a technique in terms of a set of functions and an optimal cost. Budget options are very popular. Firstly, devices are available to many categories of the population, and secondly, they are excellent at coping with quality washing of things. Among such models, the Hotpoint-Ariston WMUF 501 B washing machine stands out. The reviews posted below may encourage doubting customers to purchase this particular equipment.

The distinctive features of washing machines from Hotpoint-Ariston

The brand appeared in 2005, when the two brands Hotpoint and Ariston merged and began to produce joint household appliances - from washing machines and dryers to freezers and extractors.

Among the advantages of washing technology, there is a high level of energy saving, which is class A +. In addition, the machine significantly saves water.

Users note not a very high level of spinning, however this does not prevent to get high quality of washing. A sufficient number of different programs are provided for this purpose. What else can boast the Hotpoint-Ariston WMUF 501 B model? The reviews indicate that the device has even such a rare mode as the washing of downy things.

Advantages of the model VMUF 501 B

Among the advantages of this washing machine are the following:

  • The assembly differs in quality and use only of European components;
  • Large selection of programs;
  • The number of functions satisfies even the discerning hostesses, who require additional opportunities;
  • Saving energy and water consumption.

Given the advantages and the affordable price, the machine justifies the expectations of its customers.

Description of washing machine

The model refers to a frontal washing machine. At a time you can wash up to 5 kg of laundry. Reviews of Hotpoint-Ariston WMUF 501 B indicate that due to the small load the model is recommended for small families, where 2-3 people live.

For many, compact dimensions are important, which makes it possible to install a machine in small bathrooms or modest kitchens. In addition, its parameters and sizes suit those who are often forced to move to a removable dwelling (depth of only 34.8 cm).

Like all brand cars, the VMUF 501 B is equipped with software control. However, the selection of the necessary programs and parameters is mechanical and is carried out with the help of rotary switches.

For clarity, a digital display is provided, which allows you to monitor the washing process and the specified parameters.

Positive feedback about Hotpoint Ariston WMUF 501 B is justified. Among them are the opinions on thoughtful programs. Users find it convenient to have a "quick wash", which takes only 30 minutes. For many, the importance of the functions of "children's things" and "delicate washing" is important. If someone in the family is inclined to skin rashes, then the anti-allergy regimen will be at hand.

For those who have two-phase meters, it is possible to postpone the start for 24 hours, which will allow the car to run at night - and further save energy.

User Reviews of Advantages Hotpoint-Ariston WMUF 501 B

Reviews about the model, buyers are willing to leave. Among the advantages are the possibility of loading. Often mistresses complain that after starting the machine, forgotten things are found. In this case, the problem is solved very simply.

Users indicate that the programs are flexible. By selecting the desired mode, you can manually adjust the washing time, which is very helpful in some situations.

For many, it is important that the machine is very compact. That's why the owners of standard apartments in the "Khrushchev" stop their choice on the Hotpoint-Ariston WMUF 501 B. The buyers' comments on the model also confirm that if you install it correctly and adjust the legs, the machine works very quietly. Despite the possibility of revolutions up to 1000 per minute, the model is completely silent and can work at night.

Mistresses mention a fairly spacious drum. You can wash the bedspread or small pillows. There is a program for down things, so the result satisfies the users.

For many, the deciding factor for buying is an acceptable price. The washing machine can be purchased for 14 000-15 000 rubles, which is quite affordable for the average consumer. And the owners appreciate the exterior design as stylish and fashionable.

A few words about the shortcomings of Hotpoint-Ariston WMUF 501 B

Reviews about the washing machine also leave those who are faced with its shortcomings. There are opinions that the program is unreasonably long. However, the quality of washing at the same time satisfies all customers.

Some people say that the additional rinse function is not enough. After washing dark things, stains from the detergent may remain, and you have to either brush things or run the program anew.

There are reviews that electronics are not regulated, and often there are software errors, because of which the washing machine pours and drains the water without end. The control panel is visually convenient, but has a beep that can not be turned off. This prevents some users from using the model at night.

The software is flexible enough, but as a shortcoming it is noted that it is impossible to set the temperature for the "quick wash" function. Therefore, this mode is recommended for slightly contaminated things.

Qualitative characteristics

Reviews about Hotpoint-Ariston WMUF 501 B helped formulate the characteristics that are important to the consumer at the time of choosing the machine.

  • Versatility . The model offers all sorts of programs - from removing difficult spots to daily quick washing and taking care of children's things.
  • Ease of operation . A convenient visual display helps you navigate through the selection of the necessary parameters.
  • Good rinsing . The additional volume of water used during rinsing allows you to rid things of synthetic remnants and prevent allergic reactions in people prone to rashes.
  • Protection against accidental activation . This feature was appreciated by parents. It also prevents accidental malfunction of the settings.

How to use a washing machine

What else can you say about Hotpoint Ariston WMUF 501 B? Feedback and instructions will help you to choose the desired mode and set the optimal parameters for washing. So, the model provides special programs for light and dark things. Follow the instructions necessary, because the "machine" chooses the optimal temperature, spin speed and the amount of water for rinsing.

Also it is necessary to remember - and the documents to the typewriter confirm this - that the first washing cycle after the purchase is started with powder, but without linen. This is due to the fact that some parts have factory grease and can stain clothing.

The manufacturer provided not only protection from children, but also accidental shutdown. So, it is necessary to keep the button "on / off" pressed for 3 seconds, so that the machine starts to work or to cancel all functions.

A round handle is provided for selecting programs. A button is set to lower the temperature. So, if the "automatic" offers a higher temperature, you can manually reduce it.

The spin button helps to adjust the speed. You can completely remove this function, which is important for delicate tissues.

Digital display

The provided display shows basic information about the settings and the washing parameters. When you select a program, you can see the estimated wash time. It can be adjusted after the program is started. The machine will offer options depending on the settings and the amount of laundry. When the start is delayed, the display shows the remaining time before starting.

When the program is selected, the maximum values of spin and water temperature are displayed. If you have set your own parameters that are compatible with the selected functions, the last entered information is displayed.

In this regard, we can say that the convenience of use, the availability of a wide variety of programs and accessibility differs machine Hotpoint Ariston WMUF 501 B. Reviews of it show that the model is suitable for high-quality washing in a small space and a limited budget.

Criterias of choice

If you are in doubt, what model to buy, evaluate its features and capabilities. Important are the following parameters:

  • Overall dimensions of the product;
  • Ergonomics;
  • A set of proposed programs and additional functions;
  • A way of loading of linen;
  • Cost of household appliances;
  • design.

What do the reviews say about the Hotpoint-Ariston WMUF 501 B? It has a front-end type of loading, which makes it convenient for use and allows you to place on a small space.

The ergonomics of the model is completely suitable for European standards. Class A + allows you to wash clothes without sacrificing power savings. In addition, the water flow per wash cycle does not exceed 50 liters, which is justified for 5 kg of laundry.

The number of programs offered by the cavity meets the needs of the average hostess, and the cost makes the washing machine affordable for every family. Stylish design - a combination of white body and a gray hatch - allows you to install the equipment in a room with any interior.

We can conclude that the washing machine fully justifies the money spent on it, it perfectly erases and has the optimal number of programs.

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