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Stroller "Ballerina" - the best choice for a child

A stroller is one of the most important acquisitions for each parent. After all, the child just needs walking and fresh air, and mom - comfort and convenience. So which model should I choose? Today, the "Ballerina" stroller is very popular. It has a lot of advantages along with a relatively affordable price.

Baby carriage "Ballerina" from Rico: description

First of all, it should be noted that this model is quite compact and perfectly combines classical design and modern developments. Aluminum frame is light, but at the same time resistant and withstands high loads. Inflatable rubber wheels are equipped with bearings, which makes it possible to easily and smoothly move the wheelchair even over uneven surfaces.

There is a cradle made of quality wood varieties and covered with natural cotton cloth. There is a convenient adjustable headrest. The size of the bed is 82/35 centimeters. Parents will be pleased with a convenient shelf with a glass holder, where you can keep, for example, a baby bottle. The hood folds and unfolds easily, almost noiselessly - nothing will disturb the baby's sleep.

The stroller "Ballerina" is equipped with a handle, the length of which can be adjusted. There is a promenade, which can easily be mounted both face and back to the road. The backrest, naturally, is regulated by a slight movement of the hand - it can be fixed in any of the four available positions.

The metal semi-automatic frame is covered with a soft dense mattress. All fabric elements are made from natural, 100% cotton. The fabric is impregnated with special substances that make it virtually waterproof and do not have a toxic effect on the child. There is a convenient cover, which is easily attached and covers the lower part of the child's body. Five-point safety belts.

The stroller "Ballerina" comes complete with a mosquito net and a raincoat - your baby will be protected from bad weather and bothersome insects. There is also a bag and a large shopping basket.

Stroller walking "Ballerina" and their advantages

In fact, this model has a lot of positive characteristics. Weight of the stroller is about fifteen kilograms - it is stable, but relatively light. In a folded form, it takes up very little space.

Inflatable wheels and bearings make it possible to gently and easily swing the wheelchair. The handle can be adjusted depending on the growth of the parent, which is also very convenient. The natural fabric and special design provide access to fresh air, but, at the same time, protect the child from wind and cold.

And, of course, one of the biggest advantages is the relatively low cost of this product. Comfort, safety and accessibility make this model so popular.

Stroller "Ballerina": customer reviews

Reviews about this model are mostly positive. First, many mothers note the convenience and spaciousness of the stroller. Secondly, a considerable advantage is its universal patency - it can be walked on both the asphalt road and the dirt path in the park. The stroller is easily swinging, and it can be guided even with one hand. The presence of a large removable bag is a pleasant surprise, since it is easy to get all the basic necessities for a child.

Of course, there are some disadvantages. For example, some parents complain about creaking wheels. The hood perfectly protects the newborn baby resting in the cradle, but if we talk about the stroller, then it sometimes hinders.

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