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Tuberculosis sanatorium "Blue Bay", Gelendzhik: description, services and reviews

Sanatorium "Blue Bay" (Gelendzhik) is located in the bay of the Black Sea. A picturesque place, a unique microclimate and a friendly team of professionals create the best conditions for the treatment of tuberculosis in adults, as well as complex pathologies of the respiratory system. The sanatorium accepts patients for rehabilitation and medical workers of anti-tuberculosis dispensaries and their relatives, who often have to contact a dangerous disease by their activities.

General information

Anti-tuberculosis sanatorium "Blue Bay" (Gelendzhik) is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Agency for Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation. Its name is due to the Gelendzhik bay of the same name, on the bank of which it is located. The phthisiatric medical center was founded in 1921 and received visitors only in the summer. In 1951, the reorganization was carried out, as a result of which the sanatorium received a new architectural plan and the possibility of year-round activity within the rehabilitation resort.

Since 1998, the sanatorium "Blue Bay" (Gelendzhik) accepts patients not only in old renovated premises, but also in a new sleeping building designed for 320 seats. The rooms in the seven-storey building are single, double, each equipped with a bathroom, shower box, TV, refrigerator - all conditions for a long comfortable stay at the resort. Changes have also been made in the rest of the health resort: luxury rooms have been equipped for the convenience of the stay, the entire interior of the complex meets modern requirements of comfort and style. The view from the windows of the rooms pleases with the opening landscapes of marine distances or mountain peaks.

The sanatorium and resort zone is located in the closed Markhotsk ridge zone, due to the geographical location and natural protection from the northeasterly winds in the Gelendzhik bay there were climatic conditions, which are related to the Mediterranean resorts.

Infrastructure and units

On the territory of the sanatorium-resort zone are located:

  • Medical-diagnostic department.
  • Dormitory building (7 floors, 320 seats).
  • Dishclub.
  • Sports complex.
  • Wellness complex.
  • Equipped beach.
  • Administration.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Household services
  • Garage.

In connection with the reduction in the length of stay of patients on inpatient treatment, sanatorium-and-spa procedures are of greater importance in the rehabilitation of patients. Sanatorium "Blue Bay" (Gelendzhik) pays more attention to such categories of people who need medical support:

  • Patients after surgery.
  • Patients with diseases of respiratory organs and gastrointestinal tract.
  • Successfully corrected the problems of metabolic disorders and reduced immunity.
  • It is effective in helping patients with drug resistance to many medications.

Sanatorium "Blue Bay" (Gelendzhik) is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment on the basis of which the following studies are carried out:

  • Laboratory clinical-biochemical and clinical.
  • Ultrasound, fluorography, X-ray.
  • Functional. They are carried out with the help of the hardware complex "Valenta", where spirographic and electrocardiographic data of patients are examined.

The main medical direction

The main direction of medical activity of the health resort is the anti-tuberculosis treatment of adults. Controlled therapy in the sanatorium continues the course of treatment initiated in the inpatient facility of the profile direction. Patients with tuberculosis receive antibacterial, pathogenetic, symptomatic and medicinal treatment with drugs of the 1st, 2nd and reserve series. At the meetings of the medical commission each patient receives an individual program of healing measures, determines the length of stay at the sanatorium treatment. The Commission takes decisions every day.

Sanatorium "Blue Bay" (Gelendzhik) has specialized treatment and prevention rooms designed to provide effective assistance in the fight against tuberculosis:

  • Physiotherapeutic room.
  • Inhalatorium.
  • Gym.
  • The hall of therapeutic physical training with experienced instructors who developed effective complexes of physical exercises.
  • Massage rooms (manual and hardware massage).
  • Treatment room.
  • Rich in food phytobar.
  • Oxygenotherapy cabinet (oxygen cocktails).
  • Halotherapy room (effectively increases the protective functions of the body, strengthens the immune system).
  • The cabinet of aromatherapy with a wide choice of natural preparations.

On guard of health

Tuberculosis is a disease that adversely affects the immune system of the body, it is often accompanied by pathologies and complications in other organs. In time to diagnose other problems in the sanatorium help consultations, examination and treatment of the following doctors: therapist, urologist, gynecologist, neurologist, dentist, pulmonologist, etc. Psychological condition of patients plays a significant role in recovery, the service of psychologists helps to cope with many problems.

During the time of work in the sanatorium, a huge theoretical, practical and scientific base for profile and concomitant types of diseases was created. This provides a personal approach to the program treatment of each patient. In the process of passing the therapy, constant supervision and correction of prescriptions are carried out depending on the reactions of the organism. The history of stay on treatment is the basis for recommendations for further use in a medical institution to which the patient is attributed at the place of his residence.

In addition, the staff of the institution conduct clinical, expert, methodological, organizational, scientific and practical activities, participate in conferences devoted to the problems of tuberculosis incidence. The scientific work is carried out jointly with the departments of the Central Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Medical University named after Razumovsky (Saratov).

Number of rooms

The sanatorium offers patients three categories of rooms:

  • One-room standard. The room is equipped with a refrigerator, TV, bathroom with shower. The balcony offers breathtaking views of the mountains and the sea. It is designed for one person.
  • Two-room junior suite in the building. The room can accommodate two people, at the disposal of tourists is provided with TV, refrigerator, bathroom with shower.
  • Cottage. Category - luxury. In the house there are two rooms, western renovation, in the bedroom there is a double bed, TV, equipped bathroom, refrigerator.

The cost of living in the rooms includes the use of the entire infrastructure of the sanatorium, food, medical services and, of course, the best microclimate of such a wonderful city as Gelendzhik.

"Blue Bay" (sanatorium) prices for 2016 (in Russian rubles) per person offers the following:

  • One-room - 2600-2800 rubles. For one day of stay.
  • Double room - 2900-4500 rub.
  • Cottage - 3200-5200 rub.

The cost for medical staff in contact with patients is slightly lower than for patients. For single occupancy, the cost is higher.


The infrastructure of the resort is designed to provide patients and holidaymakers with a full treatment and rest in Gelendzhik. "Blue Bay" (sanatorium) is part of the social system, where everything corresponds to the profile of the institution. Part of the successful treatment is a high-calorie, vitamin-rich diet. The diet was developed by dietitians and is aimed at stimulating the immune processes, enhancing the protective functions of the body, normalizing metabolic processes. The menu includes dishes of national cuisine of Russia, Ukraine, the Caucasus, Belarus, etc.

Meals are included in the price. In addition to ready meals, a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, honey, koumiss and other products that work for recovery are included in dietotherapy. In the dining room are equipped two spacious halls with a modern interior.


Mood plays the same important role as medical appointments, especially when treatment requires a long stay outside the walls of the house. For patients, holidays are organized in which they can take an active part, concerts and competitions are held. All year round there are demanded sightseeing tours from Gelendzhik, which patients can freely use and visit local waterfalls, solve the mystery of dolmens, ride a horse or jeep.

On the sports grounds you can play table tennis or big tennis on open courts, play badminton, basketball or volleyball on equipped venues. At the disposal of tourists there is a library fund, a gym. Socially active citizens can voluntarily take part in occupational therapy aimed at ennobling the territory of the institution, because temporarily their home was the tuberculosis sanatorium "Blue Bay" (Gelendzhik).


Treatment at the sanatorium "Blue Bay" has received positive reviews. Many former patients send thanks for the help and support to the doctors of the institution, the junior medical and service staff also do not remain without many thanks, sometimes personal. The therapeutic base of the resort to many patients helped to alleviate the condition or cure a difficult disease.

Those who go to the sanatorium regularly, noted the successful repair, new equipment and access to medical treatment. Positive feedback was given to the dining room with a varied menu.

Negative responses are rare, they include complaints at once on everything: on staff, inadequate treatment, low culture of care and nutrition. Perhaps this category of patients simply needed a primary psychological rehabilitation, tuberculosis for most people and their relatives is a big painful blow that takes over the sanatorium "Blue Bay" (Gelendzhik).

Reviews of the overwhelming number of tourists, patients and medical workers undergoing preventive treatment, note the unique natural conditions, a good beach, with pleasure tell about the advantages of climate therapy. They advise everyone to be healthy and come to Gelendzhik to admire the beauty of nature and enjoy life.


If you want to relax in this health resort, go to Gelendzhik. Tuberculosis sanatorium "Blue Bay" is located along Spacious street, building 2. You can reach your destination in two ways:

1. By train: to get to Novorossiysk, Anapa, Tuapse, Krasnodar, from where you can take a regular bus to the sanatorium in Gelendzhik.

2. By air: fly to Gelendzhik, Anapa or Krasnodar airport, get to the sanatorium by bus.

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