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Male scales, character characteristics

The man-Libra, what he ... Maybe this man is your dream? Communication with him takes you to fantastic worlds, from where you do not want to return ... Seduced and conquered is his main task! So prepare to improve the world if you have the luck to be chosen by him.

Libra is a man. Characteristics: the element is air, the speed of flight of thought is equal to the speed of sound. Practical, rational, tactful. In the company he is always in the center of attention, thanks to his inherent charisma, the ability to subtly catch the mood and the atmosphere as a whole. Its rationality is in the aura of mystery and mystery, so it is not always easy to understand its motives. If you are in the circle of interests of Libra, then beware, you have no chance to resist their charm. Such a man is able to melt any glacier, dismantle any small stone on any wall, just to get to you.

Scales - a sign that inherent taste.

Let's figure it out. Men-Libra, what are they? If among your acquaintances there are intelligent, talented, charming, benevolent people, then you are lucky! And, most likely, they were born under the sign of Libra-man.

Characteristics of negative sides

Many acknowledge that Libes' most negative feature is his indecisiveness. They can lie, avoid, dump their failures, but in reality the problem is that it is not easy for them to make decisions. Despite the fact that the Libra man seems very stable, he, nevertheless, will not make any decision until the issue is resolved by himself. He will pull to the last with the final verdict and because of this, his relationship with others is most often affected, so if you love a person born under the sign of Libra, then be patient. He will appreciate the support and loyalty on your part. The balance of Libra can also be apparent, inside they are full of contradictions and metastable.

And, nevertheless, no one can cheer you up better than Libra man. The characteristic of it, of course, can be very different in different astrological forecasts, and there are things directly opposite to each other. For example, the fact that Libra prefer not to be limited to the attention of the chosen one, but continue to meet and flirt on the side, even if their union is harmonious. With this, one can argue, since Libra is a sign that values the fidelity and purity of the relationship. They will take a long time to look closely, and if they are not hit by some kind of energizer, they will make the right choice, turning their ordinary existence into a pleasant journey called life. It is unlikely that they will ever stop fluctuating and they will tend to one side or the other, but this is the whole point of the sign, and from this quality one can derive quite a lot of usefulness if properly treated.

Libra is a man, a characteristic .. This is a creator or creator, it is important for him to transform the world through his vision, his ideas. To argue with him is useless, he will appreciate only wit, humor and your ability to fend off. He can easily advise how to act in this or that situation, he is always ready to listen with joy, but he will never sympathize with your experiences, since in his mind everything is controlled by logic and rationalism, and they never fail him and he always looks smart, even If his intellect is not too high.

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