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Cottage cheese and pumpkin pie: recipe, cooking tips

Curd-pumpkin pie is pastry, which has not only a delicate taste, but also an amazing aroma. Recipes for preparing such a dessert abound. It is worth noting that such a treat is considered useful. A combination of pumpkin and cottage cheese will appeal to any gourmet. So, how to bake cottage cheese and pumpkin pie?

Dessert with cottage cheese and pumpkin filling

How to cook a pumpkin pie? Recipes of delicacies, presented below, allow you to make a delicious and aromatic dessert, spending a minimum of time. To make a pie, you will need:

  1. 480 g of wheat flour.
  2. 240 g of sugar.
  3. 120 g of sour cream.
  4. Salt.
  5. 3 eggs.
  6. 40 g butter from cream.
  7. 17 g of a disintegrant.
  8. 470 g of pumpkin flesh.
  9. ½ lemon.
  10. 40 g water.
  11. 90 g of powdered sugar.

How to knead the dough

To prepare a curd-pumpkin pie, you need to knead the dough and make the filling. To begin with, put the butter in the freezer. In a deep container, one egg and 140 grams of oil must be hammered. The food should be gently whipped. In the received weight it is necessary to add sour cream, and then all to mix.

The oil should be removed from the freezer and then rubbed onto a large grater. The product must be added to the previously prepared mass, and then add salt. In a separate container, mix the baking powder and the sifted flour. Bulk products should be mixed, and then poured into a container with a liquid component of the dough. Components should be mixed well so that the mass of the herd is uniform. The finished dough should be placed for 490 minutes in the freezer.

Mix cottage cheese and pumpkin

Pie with pumpkin-curd filling is prepared quite quickly. While the dough cools, you can mix the remaining ingredients. Pour water into the container. It needs to be warmed up. In warm water, you need to enter 40 grams of sugar and squeeze the juice of half a lemon.

Pumpkin flesh should be cut into pieces of medium size. It must be placed in water. Stew the product on low heat until soft. After that, the container must be removed from the fire. The finished pumpkin should cool down. Then, with the help of a corolla, the pulp should be beaten. In the end, you should get a smoothie.

In a deep bowl you should lay out the cottage cheese, and then pour out the remains of sugar. The mass should be recycled. For this, it is better to use a whisk. The resulting mixture must be mixed with mashed pulp. It is worth noting that such a pumpkin-curd filling for yeast pie is suitable.

How to bake dessert

Bake cottage cheese and pumpkin pie should be in the oven. To begin with it is necessary to prepare the form. It is recommended to oil it. The dough should be taken out of the freezer, rolled out, and then placed in a mold so that the edges of the formation are slightly elevated. After that, you need to cover the dishes with paper, pour over top of its peas. Otherwise, during cooking, the pie will lose its shape.

The oven should be preheated to 180 ° C. It should place the form with the test. Bake it is recommended for 25 minutes. After that, you need to remove the peas and paper. Bake the dough for 5 minutes. It should brown.

On a ready basis it is necessary to lay out a stuffing from a pumpkin and cottage cheese. Bake the dessert for another 25 minutes without changing the temperature. In deep containers, you need to beat the proteins from the remaining two eggs with sugar powder. As a result, the air mass should be obtained. It must be put on baking. Cooking pie with pumpkin-curd filling requires another 35 minutes. When proteins acquire a cream shade, dessert should be taken out of the oven. The pie is ready.

Pumpkin-cottage cheese pie: a simple recipe

To prepare a fragrant and delicious dessert you will need:

  1. 85 g butter from cream.
  2. 165 g of sugar.
  3. 230 g of wheat flour.
  4. 2 eggs.
  5. 6 g of soda.
  6. 230 g of pumpkin.
  7. 110 g of sour cream.
  8. 280 g cottage cheese.
  9. 25 g of semolina.

Stages of preparation

In a deep container, beat the egg and 75 grams of sugar. In the mass should be poured into soda, and then mixed. Butter should be softened in a water bath, and then placed in a container with sugar and egg. Components must be carefully grinded. In the resulting mass, add the sifted flour and knead the dough.

Pumpkin pulp should be cut into pieces of medium size, and then boil until soft. When the mass cools down, it is worth it to rub it to a messy state. This can be done with a blender. In the resulting mass, you need to add cottage cheese, and then mix. Add the remains of sugar, semolina, egg and sour cream to the mixture. Ingredients should be well mixed.

How to bake

How to bake such a pumpkin pie? Recipes of similar desserts mean cooking a treat in the oven. Therefore, it should be preheated. In this case, the required temperature is 180 ° C. The form should be oiled before filling. Then a layer of rolled dough should be placed in the container. At the same time, it is necessary to make a side edge at the edges, not less than 3 centimeters high.

In the form should put a filling of pumpkin and cottage cheese. After that, the container can be placed in the oven. Bake a delicate curd-pumpkin pie until golden hue appears. This takes about 45 minutes.

Spicy cake

To prepare a spicy cottage cheese-pumpkin pie, you will need:

  1. 170 g of wheat flour.
  2. 3 eggs.
  3. 85 grams of butter based on cream.
  4. 5 g of salt.
  5. 640 g of pulp pulp.
  6. 80 g of sugar.
  7. Orange peel.
  8. 4 grams of ground ginger.
  9. 170 g wholemeal flour.
  10. 270 g of curd weight.
  11. 60 g of brown sugar.
  12. 8 g of a disintegrant.
  13. 12 grams of cinnamon.

Cooking method

In a bowl of a blender it is necessary to place 120 gram of cottage cheese and two chicken eggs. Components should be beaten, and then add a softened oil to them. The products must be mixed. In a separate container, combine whole wheat and wheat flour, baking powder, salt, and brown sugar. All you need to mix, and then add to the curd-egg mass. Their ingredients need to knead the dough.

Pumpkin should be chopped, stewed, and then rubbed into porridge. In the plate you should pour out the sugar and rub the orange peel. In the blender, you need to beat brown sugar, the remains of cottage cheese, an egg and a pumpkin. As a result, a homogeneous pulp should be obtained.

Baking process

It is worth to separate the fifth part from the test. The rest should be rolled into a layer and placed on a baking sheet, previously covered with parchment paper. From the postponed test it is necessary to cut out ornaments: asterisks, hearts, flowers and other. All this must be placed in a cold place.

On the baking tray with the test, you need to lay out the filling of pumpkin and cottage cheese. After this, you can decorate the cake with pre-cooked ornaments. Bake should be sprinkled with sugar, and then put in a preheated oven to 200 ° C. Bake the dessert for 25 minutes.

Cooking tips

If desired, you can prepare the curd-pumpkin pie in the multivark. However, in the oven this dessert turns out to be more ruddy and appetizing. In the multivark, he remains pale. To give the dessert an attractive appearance, it is necessary to decorate it in addition. For decoration you can use chocolate, powdered sugar and colorful powder.

To use the same kind of baking is recommended in a cold form. To give the pumpkin pie more piquancy and originality, you can add a lemon zest to the filling. Baking will acquire a more refined taste.

The most important thing is the quality of cottage cheese. This product should be fresh and not sour. Otherwise, the pie will not taste very good. To facilitate the work with the test, you can lubricate the hands of oil on a plant basis. The working surface is best sprinkled with flour.

If you do not have sour cream at your fingertips, you can add kefir to the dough instead.

If desired, the pie with pumpkin-curd filling can be decorated with flowers, asterisks, ribbons and hearts cut out of the dough.

Baking can be varied if necessary. It is enough to add berries and fruits, for example, cranberries, raisins, cranberries or quinces.

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