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Chicken in the oven recipe - simple, fast and very tasty

You can imagine such a situation, good friends called you, they did not meet with you for a long time, and promised to look at guests, and you have nothing but a chicken in the refrigerator, and not cleaned in the apartment. This time, the chicken in the fridge is your wand's helpstock, firstly, it will not require much trouble to cook a delicious chicken in the oven, and secondly, the chicken's meat turns juicy, gentle and quite approaches the table where old friends will meet . But the main advantage is that the process of cooking this dish should not be particularly watched, the chicken is stewed in the oven on its own, and you will have time to restore order in the apartment and cover the table.

There are many recipes for cooking chicken in the oven. A delicious and cooked chicken in the oven recipe is pretty simple. To do this, the chicken should be washed well, salted to taste inside and out, and put in a glass brazier, which should be lightly smeared with mayonnaise or sour cream. If there is no brazier, a gusjatnitsa, utyatnitsa and even a glass 2-liter can be used. Many lovers of evenly salted meat do so. In 15 ml of water, salt is dissolved and the resulting brine is injected into the fleshy places of the chicken carcass with a syringe. From this brine the breast will acquire a fragrant juiciness.

Inside the chicken is placed still peeled cloves of garlic, the whole chicken sprinkled with ground coriander or hops-suneli, marjoram. Now brazier with chicken is covered from above with foil and placed in a hot oven for 1 hour at t = 200 ° С.

After an hour, removing the brazier from the oven, the foil is gently removed, the chicken is topped with lightly mayonnaise or sour cream. Smear the best with a culinary brush. The oven is again placed in the oven. After 10 ~ 15 minutes, if the mayonnaise slightly blushes, rub it again and again in the oven. So, periodically lubricating, bake the chicken until full readiness, i.e. To such a state, when after a prick with a fork or knife of the thickest place from the puncture, juice ceases to flow.

If the top of the chicken is excessively fried, but it is still raw, the brazier can be covered with foil again for 20 - 30 minutes.

As a side dish to the chicken you can serve rice with pepper or mashed potatoes.

About sauces and seasonings you can talk for a long time and a lot, since the finished chicken in the oven recipe allows you to change the ingredients to your own taste.

It all depends on the imagination of the cook and on what can be found at the moment in the fridge. You can use Adzhika, mayonnaise, a mixture of mayonnaise with mustard or sour cream with mustard, in general, you can try a lot, but with confidence you can confirm that each time the chicken will have a different taste.

Chicken today on our table is a frequent phenomenon, and the chicken in the oven recipe is simple and affordable. Here is another such one: a whole chicken carcass and 2 lemons are taken. One lemon is pierced in different places and we put it inside the chicken. Pre-inside the chicken rubbed with a mixture of salt and pepper. Now we sew the chicken, we rub it with salt and pepper from above, and cut the second lemon with circles and spread them on the surface of the carcass. Now with vegetable oil pour finely chopped green onions and a small amount of dry herbs, all this carefully mix and this mixture water the chicken before sending it to the oven. During cooking, it is necessary to periodically water the chicken with the remains of oil with spicy herbs.

As a result, the chicken meat cooked in this way will be very gentle, juicy and with a pleasant soft sourness.

The undoubted advantage is that the chicken in the oven recipe allows you to change even in the process of its preparation, so it easily perceives different seasonings and additives.

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