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A chicken in the oven

Chicken in the oven is a truly universal dish, which is perfect for a festive feast, as well as for a home dinner or dinner. Recipes cooking chicken a great variety. How many housewives - so many recipes. After all, every woman adds something of her own and her chicken in the oven becomes special. Different versions of special composition for rubbing the chicken before baking, give it a special flavor and aroma. Consider several recipes for cooking chicken.


We take a carcass of chicken. It can be both chilled and frozen (pre-thawed). The chicken should be thoroughly rinsed under a stream of cold water, remove the remaining feathers and dry with a towel. Depending on what kind of skin we will be rubbing with spices, dry or wet, the flavors of the final dish will depend.

Carcase rubbed with a mixture of salt and black pepper. Spices are best ground before cooking or take from a new sachet. Salt rubbed, as carefully as possible and necessarily add at least two pinch inside the chicken. Chicken legs tie a thick thread, so that during baking, they do not part.

After our chicken lay for 10-15 minutes, rub it on all sides with mustard prepared. A chicken weighing about 2 kg will need 3-4 tablespoons of mustard. Leave the carcass to marinate for 40 minutes.

Prepared carcass lay out the legs in a special form for baking and put in the oven, which is already heated to 190 degrees. Our chicken in the oven will be prepared for at least an hour. An hour later, the carcass must be removed, turned over and smeared with chicken fat, which was formed during cooking, and put in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

Ready cooked chicken we get, we cool a little and cut into portions. On the garnish you can use boiled vegetables, buckwheat or rice. Chicken, in the oven, the whole baked has a special taste and aroma, unlike that obtained when baking ham or thighs.

An excellent taste is obtained in chicken meat, if the crude carcass is coated with a mixture of seasoning and mayonnaise or rubbed inside with cinnamon, and topped with honey. In this case, the tender and juicy meat inside is obtained, covered with a golden and even crust on the outside. This method does not require additional time for pickling and allows not to thaw the chicken meat to the end, but start cooking with partial defrosting. Honey needs to be heated in a microwave oven, then it's much easier to coat the carcass.

An interesting version of the preparation of the recipe "Chicken in the oven with cheese." It will require not only grated cheese of hard varieties for sprinkling, but also crushed walnuts, and black pepper for rubbing. It is this combination that gives chicken meat oriental notes.

To get more juicy meat, you can stuff a chicken carcass with sliced lemon or orange with spices and salt. In this case, meat will not only acquire a special juiciness, but also absorb the aroma and juice of citrus fruits, which will only improve its taste qualities.

If you decide to bake a whole chicken with a whole chicken, but do not want to stuff it, then you should use a special baking stand. This way to allow evenly bake the meat and get a ruddy crust from all sides. This method produces dietary meat, because all the fat flows down to the baking tray on which the chicken stand is mounted, which makes it possible to enjoy the amazing taste of baked chicken meat for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and even during a lean diet.

Cook with pleasure, and any of your dishes will become a real masterpiece!

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