Useful tips: how to remove resin from clothing

Each hostess came across stains that are difficult to get out. Traces of resin are considered particularly difficult. They very quickly froze, and many people despair that they lost their favorite thing. But do not do this. There are some ways of how to clean the resin from clothes quickly enough.

Turpentine and flammable substances

First, you need to scratch this stain with a knife. But be careful that the fabric itself does not deteriorate. Of course, everything can not be removed immediately, so use turpentine and gently rub it pollution. First, do it in a place that is not very noticeable so that the fabric does not stain. Stick to certain rules during this procedure. Before removing the resin from clothes, place a clean piece of cloth under this place. Add turpentine so that the entire stain is well soaked. Wait until it dries. Is the spot still noticeable? Then repeat the procedure again. Each type of tissue should be treated with particular care. If it is delicate, then it is better not to use turpentine, so that it does not deteriorate. Colored things can change the picture. However, such a liquid dissolves the resin perfectly. It is also good to remove such spots combustible means, for example alcohol, vodka, acetone, gasoline. You need to act similarly.

  1. Before you remove tar from clothing, you need to be sure that the remedy that you have chosen is safe for your clothes.
  2. Then, soak them well with the dirt, until it gets soaked well. Place the napkin on both sides and place any load on top.
  3. Repeat this procedure until you achieve the desired result.
  4. Now start to remove the smell. Wash your clothes well and hang it in the fresh air.

A few more ways

Do you only have a small spot? Then try using a stick to remove the contamination.

Have you dirty your woolen clothes? Then apply the product on the sponge, and then use it to clean the stain. Acetone or gasoline should not be used for synthetic clothing. But for cotton fabrics they fit perfectly. Before you remove the resin from the clothes, try to wet it thoroughly with any of these tools, cover it with filtered paper, and put a hot iron on top. Large contamination will well remove undiluted alcohol. After handling, wash clothes in very hot water, if it is able to withstand it. Is there a stain left? Then dilute the powder, add there ammonia in the proportion of 1: 1, and then again a good wash. If you do not want to apply the above methods and do not know how to remove the resin from clothes in a different way, then use the usual butter. Just put it on the place of contamination, wait a few hours and wash it well. Also a mixture of white clay and starch in equal proportions is perfect. Put it on clothes, wait until it dries, and rub it well with a brush. Is there a yellow spot? No problem! Here, hydrogen peroxide will come to the rescue. Now we know how to remove tar from clothes, so do not make this a problem and deny yourself a walk in the forest or park.

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