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Actor Lyubeznov Ivan Aleksandrovich: biography, personal life. The best roles

Lyubeznov Ivan Aleksandrovich - an actor who enjoyed great popularity in the days of the Soviet Union. A talented man left this world in 1988, but his best roles have not been forgotten by spectators. "Idiot", "Rich Bride", "At six o'clock in the evening after the war" - the most famous films with his participation. What else can you tell about it?

Lyubeznov Ivan Alexandrovich: biography

The future actor was born in Astrakhan, it happened in May 1909. About how the child was Ivan Alexandrovich Lyubeznov, the information was not preserved. It is only known that the decision to link his life with the theater and cinema came to him as a teenager.

After school, the young man entered the State Institute of Theatrical Arts, a diploma which he received in 1931. After graduation, he became a member of the Maly Theater troupe. Several years later, Ivan Alexandrovich Lubeznov received an offer to transfer to the Moscow Theater of Satire, but could not part with his first job for a long time. In 1948, the actor returned to the Maly Theater, which he has not changed since.

It is difficult to list all the sensational productions in which Lyubeznov managed to flash. For example, the following performances with his participation: "The Marriage of Belugin", "Kalinovaya Roscha", "Sashka", "Summermen", "Wings" enjoyed great popularity among the audience. However, the fame of the actor gave all the same cinematography.

First roles

"Enemy trails" - the first film in which Ivan Alexandrovich Lubesnov played. Personal life of the actor was already settled, he was married to his colleague Marina Ladynina. However, on the set of this picture, Ivan's wife began a relationship with the director Pyryev. Soon Marina announced to her husband about her desire to divorce, and then went to the director, who also left for the sake of the charming actress from the family.

Surprisingly, the relations between Pyryev and Lyubeznov did not deteriorate at all. Moreover, it was thanks to the new husband of his ex-wife, Ivan, who managed to acquire a stellar status. This happened after the comedy "The Rich Bride" was released, presented to the audience in 1937. In this film, the actor got the funny role of the accountant Kovyn'ko, his character made an unforgettable impression on the audience. Ladyynina also starred in this film, she shared with Lyubeznov films and later. In addition, the actor married her own sister Valentine, that the gossip was associated with the fact that he could not forget the windy actress.

Famous movies

The peak of the actor's popularity came in the 50-60s of the last century. What kind of roles did not have time to play Lyubeznov Ivan Alexandrovich, who never was afraid of work. He could equally accurately depict a heroic marshal and a cowardly traitor, a fighter for the triumph of Soviet power and an inveterate criminal. Critics noted not only his talent for reincarnation, but also a rare charm.

The actor did not refuse further cooperation with Pyryev. He brilliantly played in his paintings "The Idiot" and "At six o'clock in the evening after the war". In the "Idiot" actor Lyubeznov Ivan Alexandrovich tried on himself the tragic image of General Ivolgin. Perhaps, this his role can be called the most sad of all that the actor played. In the tape "At six o'clock in the evening after the war" he played the role of brave lieutenant Demidov. His critics and spectators were greatly impressed by his marshal Tolbukhin, whom Lyubeznov played in the "Soldiers of Freedom."

"Meeting on the Elbe", "Good Morning", "Sailor from the" Comet "" - successful films with the participation of the actor can be listed for a long time. Surprisingly, the images he created were almost never repeated.

last years of life

"Conversations with a clear moon" - the last teleproject, in which Ivan Alexandrovich Lubesnov starred. Wives (third) in the actor after Valentine's death did not appear, but he again began to maintain relations with his ex-wife Marina. During the last seven years of his life, Lyubeznov did not act in film, because his health prevented this.

Ivan Alexandrovich did not become in March 1988, the actor was buried in Moscow. The grave of the star of Soviet cinema is located at the Vagankovskoye cemetery. His personality is dedicated to the transmission from the cycle "To Remember", prepared by Leonid Filatov.

A son

The famous actor had a son, Mikhail, who also decided to follow his father's footsteps. Lubeznova junior audience can see in the famous comedy "Hello, I'm your aunt!". In this film, Michael embodied the satirical image of Charlie Waikem. His first role he played in the film "Cross the Threshold", barely celebrating the 13th anniversary.

Unfortunately, the fate of his son Ivan Alexandrovich Lubeznova was tragic. In 1981, for some unknown reason, he laid his hands on himself. Close friends associate this with the depression in which the young man plunged after filming in the picture "Hello, I'm your aunt!". It is known that the death of his son was a huge blow for the actor, which adversely affected his health.

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